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Delegates on Platform Committee: Use Marriage Amendment Issue as a Bargaining Chip.

I am not a delegate and have no idea what proportion of representation each candidate will have on the Platform Committee. But, I do know that there will be a significant number on that committee who will most likely push for a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman incorporated into the Republican platform. I, as do most Ron Paul supporters believe that the federal income tax should be abolished. Therefore, the federal government has no business telling the states what definition of marriage they should have or how they should fix up their tax code.

However, putting a marriage amendment into the GOP platform will only be for show since no marriage amendment would ever muster the two-thirds support required in the Senate to be submitted to the states for ratification.

The Santorum delegates on the committee and other social Conservative delegates would be willing to compromise and accept a foreign policy position close to that of Ron Paul, auditing the Fed, ending the TSA, protecting internet freedom, and probably much, much more in return for support of one of their sacred cows - a federal marriage amendment in the platform. Just a thought and a suggestion.

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GOP neocons' bigest problem

GOP neocons' bigest problem with Paul IS his FOREIGN POLICY. They would rather become gay, themselves, before accepting Paul's foreign policy.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

The delegates aren't going to be able to get Ron Paul's

foreign policy lock, stock, and barrel into the GOP platform. However, as long as Santorum delegates don't believe it would hurt Israel or the United States, they would be willing to trade support for a marriage amendment for a position of scaling down our occupation of countries that are capable of defending themselves like Germany, Japan, and South Korea. The argument could be made that it would help our national security because once we're out of those rich countries, they would be forced to beef up their militaries and it would keep us from having to defend us as well as them.

The marriage amendment issue is something that will be pushed for and pushed for hard. A "deal" could easily be struck with Santorum delegates, if not on Ron Paul's foreign policy, then perhaps on civil liberties like the NDAA, Patriot Act, use of drones, or the drug war.

I don't believe it.

Did you see any of the debates!
Santorum was destroyed by Paul on foreign policy!
There is no way we will see a Paul style foreign policy in the platform this year.

Gay marriage is going nowhere at the federal level right now and everyone knows it.

If this bargain is true, its no bargain. Something smells fishy

They don't start hammering out

the platform for another week. This isn't something I'm claiming is going on, it's just a suggestion I'm making to any Ron Paul supporters on the platform committee that may be reading this. Santorum's delegates will insist on including a marriage amendment into the GOP platform to counteract the Democrats' inclusion of support for homosexual marriage in theirs.

I agree. Gay marriage is going nowhere at the federal level and Lord-willing never will - all the more reason to use it as a bargaining tool to get the Santorum delegates to support putting some of Dr. Paul's positions in the GOP platform.

The Ron Paul delegates tell the Santorum delegates, "we'll support you on putting the marriage amendment in the platform if, and only if you support putting what we want in the platform.