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I Had a Dream

In the dream I was going to ask Dr. Paul for a job with his campaign. It was so real. In the dream Dr. Paul told me that I was responsible for the condition of today's world. Needless to say, I awoke angry and very hurt.

On reflection I had to accept the truth of this statement. Now, I understand that Dr. Paul is such a good and kind man that he would never consider placing that much blame on any single individual. But after much soul searching it hit me like a lightning-bolt that this dream was very accurate, because I have never lived up to my potential and fought evil whenever and wherever encountered. Unlike my hero, Dr. Paul, who has spent a lifetime standing for good morals and sacrificed his time and energy in the pursuit of Liberty.

We, as humans, cannot ever be perfect. But I have wasted so much time and so many opportunities to do the right thing that I should be held accountable for sloth, anger, greed and great ignorance.

Dr. Paul is one in a billion, and our country, nay, our world, has been so fortunate to have him. How I judge people is whether or not the world is a better place for them having been in it. Dr. Paul has set an example which we should all attempt to emulate.

God Bless Dr. Paul and his family. God Bless All Here!

I vow from this moment on to try to be a better man, father, Freemason and American. That is all I can do. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part in this Revolution.

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