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Dr Paul wants our help...Coordinated Signs And Message for Tampa

In a recent letter to supporters, the campaign has made announcements about the upcoming rally in Tampa. In that announcement Dr Paul has asked everyone to line the streets as the Ron Paul campaign and delegates enter the GOP Welcoming event.
See the post with the letter here:

So this thread is for people to make suggestions or submit ideas for a coordinated and overwhelming response to Dr Paul's request.

Here is my reply to the above post which prompted this thread:
http://www.dailypaul.com/248505#comment-2663688 (Thanks Nonna)

I think we night want to include info about street layout, planned routes, rally points, etc.

Also consider there will need to be a fairly large group of people willing to (at least) leave the rally early in order to already be in place.

From a campaign source "...We’ve been working with the RNC Host Committee, the Secret Service and the Clearwater Beach police for weeks to get this settled, and every time we talk, they change something. They way they have things set up now, there is just no way that’s it’s going to work to line a street anywhere near the route that RP and the delegates will take to the Tropicana.

Instead, we’ve decided the best things to do is to have RP supporters line the street RP and the delegate buses will be taking when they depart from the Sun Dome."

From this response, it appears the main party should plan to line the streets outside of the Sun Dome.

If anyone else wishes to form a second group closer to the Tropicana, it may be possible if the initial reports of not security perimeter on the Sunday hold true. Watch this space.

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I sent you email...Thanks.

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...Everything CHANGED !!


I got that, I was just making sure there wasn't another thread that I had missed or something.

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Double Our Numbers

A picture's worth a thousand words, and nothing says Liberty like the image of Ron Paul.

Amazon search "Ron Paul cutout"
Two styles cardboard cutouts of Dr. Paul, one for $30 and the other for $50.

Fathead has giant heads for $24. printed on foam core.

If everyone held up one of these that would double our numbers.

That would be an impressive sight on the drive into the RNC.

For Liberty

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there either. —U.G.Krishnamurti

Very good idea

Just wondering if there is any way to reduce that cost some. The least expensive is 30.00, whilst it is not huge sum, it could add up quite quickly.

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How about this on a sign:

The 3 R's:

Romney · Ryan · Rand

You all Suck!

Ron Paul is da Man.

Dr. Paul

Still thinks highly enough of Rand to have him speak to us at the Sun Dome. I trust his judgment completely and would never to anything to undermine that.

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There is still time

to get some custom T-shirts and signs made, if there is a consenss on a really effective idea/theme.

I'll gladly contribute to that fund.

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Will you be there

Or is that something you can only contribute to financially? Do you suggest we use the campaign signs or have more made? There is a sign company not too far from me that I can get prices from tomorrow.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I personally cant attend, but

I can contribute financially to having some signs made/printed/purchased.

I know of a few suppliers that can do signs as well as T-shirts and can deliver them to almost anywhere in the world.

It may be more cost effective to simply use the standard campaign signs or other pre-existing design, however given the direct request by the campaign to line the streets to "usher in" the delegates charted buses, and the rest, I thought a coordinated message might be more appropriate.

Either way, I think a final decision should be made in the next 48 hours if the signs/t-shirts/whatever are to be ready and delivered in time.

Do you (or anyone) know of some Tampa locals that are willing to act as a depot? That is to say to provide an address where items can be delivered and then in turn organise a way to get the signs into the hands of Paul supporters?

I know there seems to be some varying opinions of "Paul Festival", but being that it is starting 2 days prior to the rally, it may be worth considering getting a vendor table/booth set up just to coordinate the sign wave, provide route maps, hand out sign materials, make signs, sign up for car-pools, etc.

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Did you take that email to mean

a sign wave? From what I understand we have to have permits for that. I took it (at least at first) to mean that we should place signs all along the routes of the delegates... not necessarily have people there. Maybe I'm wrong.

I agree with everything else you said. I know I've said this before but I will be flying down early on the Friday before the rally. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to bring very much with me but the guy who was in charge of the RP campaign for my state will be driving down on Saturday. He has a Jeep... maybe, if nothing else, we can rent a u-haul trailer to bring some stuff? Just a thought... I will run it by him asap!

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Good question, here is the quote:

"...so I’m asking all of my supporters who aren’t delegates and alternates to line the route with signs so our delegates can make a grand entrance."

When it says "supporters who are not delegates or alternates", I took that to mean actual bodies, but I could be mistaken in that interpretation.

Do we know for certain that a permit is required or what is allowed without permits? How difficult or tedious would it be to obtain a permit if it is required?

(Not suggestion you personally will know the answers, but these are the questions we need answering :))

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I think you are right...

If no one else is doing it I will make the calls tomorrow morning to see if we need to do anything extra (like permits) in order for this to be legal.

Also, someone brought it to my attention that the meeting the delegates will be attending is in St. Petersburg. Is that right? That is a LOT of streets to line. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Yes its in St Petersburg

There is a "secure perimeter" that has been set up around the vicinity of the RNC's Welcome Event. Within that perimeter, banners, signs, noise makers, and a plethora of other items are disallowed.



I think the supporters need not be within the perimeter or just outside the gates of Tropicana Field to be effective. The idea is to be a strong presence and be organised enough, early enough, etc. that regardless of where they converge, that the media, locals, and RNC attendees have no choice but to take notice.

We need to get the chartered bus route details.

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What do you have in mind?

You speak like someone with ideas (lots of them) and that's a good thing!! You can message me if you want and I can give you my number or facebook info or both. I'm more than happy to do all I can to make this as effective as possible as well as work to cut through as much of the red tape that we can to keep everyone from getting in trouble.

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write in campaign

Has there been any mention or interest on the part of anyone affiliated with the Paul campaign to pursue a write in movement if the delegate gambit fails at the convention? I wonder if there are tens of thousands of supporters that are committed to go to Tampa, if the campaign would have enough time to move with such a strategy given its resources both in man power and money.

I'm not worried

About a write in campaign right now. Let's see what happens in Tampa first. ;)

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hold up


What about a giant mock-up?

Something light weight and easy to carry using everyday items spray painted red with a screen and dials to look just like an etch-a-sketch?

Wouldn't be too hard or expensive for those who are artistically inclined or gifted. A person might even be able to do quite a few of them between now and the 26th.

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Love it!!

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Romney doesn't even know

the difference between America and USA. AND there is a difference. Do you know what it is?

Keepin' it real.

Where is the announcement from RP or his campaign?

This kind of activity is exactly what the GOP was upset aboutduring state conventions. How does making people upset influence and win them over?

I think it is far more wiser to reach out to the local non-profits and establishments, like buying Ron Paul ads on taxis, or buses, or sponsor restaurant advertizing in hotels, or buy ad space at parks, beaches, waste cans in public areas, have car washes, offer free water with Ron Paul's name at hospitals, buy ads in local weeklys, have HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON PAUL August 20 - 27th, support High Schools, community colleges and the university's student government and or program council for Ron Paul ads, buy ads at the local churches for that week, since many folks will be attending those churches, buy Ron Paul pens for hotels front desks

There are mnay things we can do to get thes message out with class.

Standing on street corners got OWS nowhere. We have a mission beyond the streets. Let us advance and be seen as a force that is above the streets.

These delegates are spending thousands of dollars and they dont want to relate to a street experience, they want stuff to take home, give them something with RON PAUL on it.. napkins, wine glasses, pencils, pens, programs... USA ad...

Hi Granger!

Clink on the first link above. We got an email from Dr. Paul asking us to do the signs all the way to the convention hall.

Well Nonna, My Friend

Unless he/ his campaign has permission from Tampa Bay/ RNC forces to assemble in the streets for a sign wave, I'd say it's a nice idea, but seeing what happened in 08, I wouldn't do it.

Tampa security knows they are doing this without a permit, you better believe they will come looking to make Tampa money arresting people... what you gonna do, sue Ron Paul for telling you to do it?

If Ron Paul said, jump off a cliff, would you?

Talk about jumping off a cliff, Ron Paul said "Join the GOP" and that has been one of the hardest things I've ever dione, talk about school of hard knocks, if not for the others like me who joined the GOP, I doubt any of us would stick with this, which is why it's become beyond Ron Paul and more about his message...


I didn't take this email so much to mean a giant sign wave as I did for us to be sure the streets are lined with his signs so that delegates realize he's still in it. I'll take that one step further and say that I think it's more important for us to focus on the routes that will be used by the RNC shuttles instead of Dr. Pauls... if they are at the rally they will already know he's still in it.

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you are just a bit dense IMO.


"This is our opportunity to show that we are the future of the Republican Party, so I’m asking all of my supporters who aren’t delegates and alternates to line the route with signs so our delegates can make a grand entrance." ~Ron Paul

That is as clear as it is going to get. Get over it Ron Paul wants that route lined with throngs of cheering people with signs.

Granger after reading your posting on this thread I am really beginning to think there is something really wrong with you. There is going to be media from over 100 countries non-stop there.We are going to take advantage of it. WE SIGN AND BANNER WAVE so get over it.

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You're beginning to think something is wrong with me?

Should I remind you of your pasts posts to me?

I was never on it to get over it.

Idiots wave signs and banners without permits. Go for it!

As long as you have permission to assemble

You need to understand that the delegates for the RNC are spending thousands of dollars, so street protests actually make them feel above the street, way above the street in chauffuered buses.

One of the things the delegates want is stuff to take home, and why I suggest it's better to find and support legitimate advertisement. Ron Paul isn't going to ask us for more money, but don't you think he would be impressed seeing his name on taxis and or buses, or on ink pens or water bottles floating around Tampa?

I want everyone to be safe and have a great time. If the campaign has a permit for assembly on the streets, that would be awesome. If they don't, then it's at your own risk. We all know how the police state comes after Ron Paul supporters, why give them that opportunity? They came after Ron Paul supporters in 08 and I don't think thousands of forces have anything better to do this RNC either.

I am going to look into

the legal aspect of us doing a sign wave all the way to St. Petersburg first thing tomorrow morning. I will post what I find out asap.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

It's not a bad idea to look into it...

but America was founded on the idea that non-violent protests would be part of any future revolution. Freedom of speech and assembly were clearly outlined so violent revolutions would not be necessary.

Stand your ground. Hold all the signs you want. There's no law in America that says you can't hold a sign on public property - unless infamously secret service is present. In any case, that law needs to be protested too.

Let any violence that the Establishment and the local government inflict on Ron Paul supporters be a clear testament to the existence of the police state and the fading freedom we once held so dear that our politicians have abandoned.

To hell with the Establishment. I say wave your signs. There's worse things that can happen then spending a night in jail for holding a sign on a sidewalk. At least, you wouldn't be alone.

I hope there are thousands! Are they going to arrest everyone? Let 'em.

You have a very good point

I had not thought of it that way but I think you are absolutely right!!

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