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Dr Paul wants our help...Coordinated Signs And Message for Tampa

In a recent letter to supporters, the campaign has made announcements about the upcoming rally in Tampa. In that announcement Dr Paul has asked everyone to line the streets as the Ron Paul campaign and delegates enter the GOP Welcoming event.
See the post with the letter here:

So this thread is for people to make suggestions or submit ideas for a coordinated and overwhelming response to Dr Paul's request.

Here is my reply to the above post which prompted this thread:
http://www.dailypaul.com/248505#comment-2663688 (Thanks Nonna)

I think we night want to include info about street layout, planned routes, rally points, etc.

Also consider there will need to be a fairly large group of people willing to (at least) leave the rally early in order to already be in place.

From a campaign source "...We’ve been working with the RNC Host Committee, the Secret Service and the Clearwater Beach police for weeks to get this settled, and every time we talk, they change something. They way they have things set up now, there is just no way that’s it’s going to work to line a street anywhere near the route that RP and the delegates will take to the Tropicana.

Instead, we’ve decided the best things to do is to have RP supporters line the street RP and the delegate buses will be taking when they depart from the Sun Dome."

From this response, it appears the main party should plan to line the streets outside of the Sun Dome.

If anyone else wishes to form a second group closer to the Tropicana, it may be possible if the initial reports of not security perimeter on the Sunday hold true. Watch this space.

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Great idea!

My husband and I will be in Tampa early on the 24th with a vehicle (I will be there through the RNC) and we will help you in any way we can.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie