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To my fellow DPers.

I'm not sure how to start this post, so I'll start from the beginning. I'm also not sure where to post. My bad if it's in the wrong forum.

I got introduced to Ron Paul and The R3VOLution a few months ago while researching marijuana legalization. I had got arrested for possession of less than an ounce of cannabis, got put on probation, and now had to take a drug test once a month to be in compliance. I just couldn't comprehend why a plant that is way harmless than tobacco and alcohol is illegal, and even if it is harmful, as is the case with tobacco and alcohol, who is to say what I can and can't do to my body, other than God himself.

While doing my research online I came across my first video of Dr. Ron Paul and I'm extremely happy that I did. He was putting forth his argument for the legalization of cannabis. I asked myself who is this man putting forth a highly logical and very intellectual argument, to say the least, for cannabis legalization. I had to do research on him, to find out who he was and if he was credible. It amazed me to find out that this great man was running for president, and as countless hours of research into him through Google and Youtube came to show me, I figured out why I didn't know anything about him or that he was even running for president.

And lo and behold that opened up the door to a whole another world and mindset I didn't even know existed. “An Idea whose time has come” to quote Dr. Ron Paul. Before that I didn't know about the federal reserve, I didn't know about unconstitutional or preemptive wars, I didn't know about our rights slowly decipitating, or even about the true meaning of Liberty. Before the message of Peace and Liberty, war seemed normal. Like if it was a part of living life. That it was necessary in order to sustain a free life. Before the message of sound money the always rising cost of living also seemed normal. A hardship placed on us by ourselves for being the highly complicated, intelligent beings that we are.

I wasn't a complete “sheep” because I always had a nagging feeling in my head that there has to be more to life than poverty and despair, than never ending wars, than big government intrusion into our lives. There has to be more to life than the constant stress of paying forever growing bills, the fear of what would happen if one day me and my family were not able to afford the cost of living.

Then I heard the message of Peace, Liberty, and Prosperity and it all made sense. At that very moment I felt that I had found my calling. I felt like that was the nagging feeling I had gnawing at my mind, and my plan of action was to try and reach as many people as possible with this beautiful message of Liberty. So off I went starting with those closest to me first, my friends and family.

Sad to say that there's many people who just don't understand the message, or just don't care and are happy being “sheep”. Like one friend once told me when I was trying to explain to him the intricacies of big government, “Ignorance is bliss”. LOL. I couldn't help but rage at such dumb logic and began ranting to him about everything from the R3VOLution to “conspiracy theories”, but he just didn't care. Another friend of mine came up with the argument that even if we wanted to do something about, there's nothing that we can do about it because the powers that be have been there way before us and they're not just going to give up that power so easily and they have the bombs so why pursue such an idea. I told him he better read the constitution. He told me, “Stop stressing about it, you'll live longer.” How frustrating! I have to say, I lost my patience so many times trying to explain to them the message that I resorted to yelling. Of course with no positive results.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have tried to reach those closest to me first but I'm pretty sure there's a large majority out there with this same type of rational. I've told them about everything from the federal reserve and their money manipulation, to unconstitutional wars and the possibility of staged/ and or false flag attacks, but to no avail. My family has been sort of understanding but like my friend they believe the problem is too big to tackle. They think the liberty movement is a minority and that the majority knows and understands that that's just the way things have to be in order for us to be “free”. I think the T.V has them brainwashed. When I bring an argument to the table they counter with something along the lines of, “Well, I was watching the news on T.V the other day and......”. I tell them they need to stop believing everything they see on T.V. They tell me I need to stop believing everything I see on the internet. Lol. We go at it back in forth like that.

As much as I love my friends and family I am now convinced that some of them are happy being sheep or at least being ignorant is blissful to them. I'm not trying to put my family and friends down, and I don't live or hang around dumb people. I just believe they've been fed the wrong ideas for so long that they're convinced things are the way they're “supposed to be”, and to say otherwise is a conspiracy. Maybe they're too preoccupied with with other of life's problems that opening up their mind to this idea is not their top priority. I have not gave up on them yet and I will never give up on the message of Peace and Liberty, but every time I try and sneak in something about the Liberty Movement they say they're tired of hearing about it. Maybe I took it too far or maybe I haven't took it far enough ;P That's why I'm putting my faith in God. I hope one day he pops out the blue and teaches all the evil doers in this world a lesson for fucking with freedom and smashes all of them into a pulp.

So that's where I'm at right now. At the Daily Paul venting it all out. I hope you guys are understanding and what I really want to say is THANK YOU. It's a great feeling to know that I can come to the DP and be around a great community of like minded patriots who understand the true meaning of LIBERTY. Thanks to all of you for your commitment and contributions to my liberty and the liberty of everyone else, even for the ones who don't know that there's a group of individuals who have their best interests at heart. For Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Thank you.


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Oscar, I felt like I could of wrote nearly all of that. Same thing happened and is happening to me. I felt liberated when I found Dr. Ron Paul. He has changed my life. Everyone I know & meet, everyone who sees me in my car and my bumper stickers, my signs and my words---know they aren't leaving without some words of enlightenment from me! I do not care who thinks I'm crazy, because WE KNOW, they are the crazy ones. I just want them to be free, and find the truth. I want to liberate their minds, because it is so worth it. You have hope. But it is an easily discouraging place we inherit once we know the truth. We see how many people don't, wont, and can't stop being programmed. But I think we can sympathize, knowing we all must have been sheep at one time or another, and have HOPE they will wake up to Liberty. As we all did, and HOPE it is by our efforts and words. Keep on trucking, Dr. Paul says they can never unhear what we tell them. ;) Your post is my favorite. It made me all fuzzy inside. :)

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

Recently I have changed tactics

I'm not much of a public speaker, and have no real political background. The internet however seems to be the perfect medium for me, lately I have changed my line of attack. No longer do I try and convince the "Mittsters", and "Obamites" that their guy is just another puppet and lead us down a slippery road. The message I took from Dr Paul is that all of this- the elections, the parties etc. All of it is just an illusionary device for government to make you think they have the power. Reality is much more messy, the people actually own all of the power. I care not if RP is elected president, I feel that fight was just another part of the illusion, just different because there is a window in this facet of the illusion that helps folks wake up.

My new startegy is to go on political forums, fb pages, where ever I can find a mass of people arguing over which puppet they want in office, and try to teach them tolerance. We know how harsh the criticism can be, and how horrible you start to feel when you are told you are irrelevant. Well these people continue doing this to eachother, alienating one another for the sake of a corporate puppet they don't even know. My goal is to make them stop fighting, to make them realise that even if they stand on different sides of a pretend fence what they are fighting for is what they see as a potential change. Once they begin to see the truth in this it becomes very easy to make them understand that it is not a candidate they are fighting for, they are fighting for hope.

If we at the DP can use what political savy we have learned through the course of the last two election years to sway the MINDS of the American people. We can in fact create our own platform that will be recognised by the important ones, not the parties or the government, but the people. Inside of every democrat, every republican, every American is a libertarian fighting to get out, we need to teach them what they are actually fighting for, as the message has become clouded for many thanks to the msm and the establishment. The government's greatest fear realised is an awakened and aware nation. We are the new faces of our forefathers, and must conduct ourselves accordingly, we must love all of our people regardless of where they think they stand politically, we must fight unyieldingly, we must teach without bias, following the tenets of a true patriot, a true American we will have our r3volution, and we will win.

Mike G.

TV vs. Internet

I've had the same conversation with my sister "Oh you get all that from the internet". To which of course I respond "and you get all your information from the TV and radio". I then tell her that these are just technologies, implements of communicating information. One is push the other is pull. The TV is pushing the ideas of people who want to convince you to buy something even if it is just a narrative of what is going on in the world. The internet puts you in charge of what information you receive and there is a huge amount of it to choose from.

Yes there are people on the internet with an axe to grind but you have the freedom to look into any subject to any depth to check out if it is true or not. You don't have that freedom with the TV or radio. Yes you can change the channel but how often have you heard it said that there are 500 channels and nothing on. That is because the same mindless pap is being fed to you on every channel.

Just some thoughts that might help in dealing with the nearest and dearest.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Although drugs of any kind are not my thing,

if getting arrested is what it took you to discover Ron Paul, then I'd say the reward of being awake far exceeds any punishment you received. As to those around you who are asleep, some are more receptive to Judge Napolitano and his writings; you might try one of his books for a Christmas or birthday present.

Great to have you aboard.

And no worries about God sorting it all out -- God hates injustice. He will eventually provide the judgment necessary; in the meantime we must persevere.

Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. Truth is most powerful, and will ultimately prevail.

Osca thank you for using you own mind and joining with us...

Most of us came with some baggage or other which we had to correct. I found that reading the nonfiction woks of Ayn Rand as well as her novel Atlas Shrugged helped to identify mistaken premises and to help me to crystalize my own ideas on many subjects.

Atlas Shrugged was recommended in the bibliography of Ron Paul's The Revolution: A Manifesto with reservations. Ayn Rand was one who was unwilling to believe anything was so unless she had rational evidence for it. So she remained an atheist all her life. She developed a philosophy in order to create heroic characters in her novels. She opposed the idea of man as a sacrificial animal rather as having heroic potential.

She meant that if someone had a realistic career goal and worked hard to acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve competence in his field of productive work that his success would be possible. The moral standard used was simply Man's Life On Earth. She realized that in order tosucceed man must be free to act as long as he only dealt with others my mutual consent without the initiation of force or fraud.

Please read Atlas SHrugged before a movie of part two of the three part book comes out October 12.

Welcome to our little endless movement to restore our free limited constitutional republic.


No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Spreading the word to future liberty fighters.

"They think the liberty movement is a minority and that the majority knows and understands that that's just the way things have to be"

This quote seems appropriate:

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." -Samuel Adams

"I tell them they need to stop believing everything they see on T.V. They tell me I need to stop believing everything I see on the internet."

The solution to this debate is for information from both sources to be critically examined. For anyone with the necessary thinking skills and an open mind, it will then become clear that TV is not presenting an accurate picture of reality. (And of course one shouldn't believe everything one sees on the internet, there's more dis-info on the internet than the TV can possibly manage. But there's also more truth on the internet.)

However, I think there often also needs to be a motivation aspect (especially for people whose lives are already quite busy). There needs to be something that affects one personally that then drives them to solve (or at least understand) that personal problem and drags them to the truth. For you it was the drug issue. For me it was money (losing money because the market did not work the way the TV said, and having inflation eating up a bigger and bigger fraction of my income as my savings grew) -- an intense search for answers to these issues resulted in the unraveling of the entire fake reality I had been raised in.

Like jscottb15 says below:

"Once they are effected, they will act, it's not enough to see, it must happen to them. They must feel the strife and at that point we must be near them with our message."

I think the key for you, if you want to influence them, may be to see how the system is messing with them, and be there to point it out to them, to explain to them how they are being wronged. (E.g., if they notice prices are rising again maybe interject something like "I guess the Federal Reserve must have printed up some more money and driven down the value of the dollar again. Did your boss get the memo and give you a 'raise' to keep up, or are you just going to get less real pay from now on?".)

ConstitutionHugger raises an interesting point:

"Some people are already under so much physical and emotional strain that facing a whole new world- much worse than the one they're already struggling in, isn't doable."

It may be that those of us who can take on the truth are "fighters" at heart, and would rather face a challenge head-on than see if we can just avoid it for the rest of our lives and leave it to the next generation.

Spread the truth.

"It may be that those of us who can take on the truth are "fighters" at heart, and would rather face a challenge head-on than see if we can just avoid it for the rest of our lives and leave it to the next generation."

I got into this a little late, sometime in January, because I just didn't know. I've been learning and fighting ever since.

Brother, I haven't even begun to break a sweat.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

So you took the red pill,eh?

My brief history - been a libertarian most of my adult life. Liked Paul in '08, but listened to my husband who said he was unelectable. Between '08 and '12 found Peter Schiff and other similar economists that made sense to me and my experiences. When Paul entered the race last year, that was it. Followed him to another state to hear him speak, donated money regularly, went to sign waves, joined meetups, delegate conventions, etc.

I was able to convince my sis-in-law, sister, brother, 2 cousins (one of which is very dem) to vote for RP in the primaries, and I didn't push or yell at a single one. And I didn't win w/everyone.

During the revolutionary war, 1/3rd of the population wanted our independence. One-third were loyalists, and 1/3rd were apolitical. All it takes is a small tireless minority. If you get a chance go to youtube and look up "greatesttruthnevertold". A guy there named Chris Duane had a similar experience and has produced some amazing videos. My suggestions: 1. Do what you need to to take care of you. 2. If someone seems to be open, find their issue and how Paul's principles would work for them, doing it unemotionally and logically. 3. I think as things get harder, folks may come to you asking questions knowing you've been paying attention. 4. Support the youth. Groups like, Youth for Liberty, Students for Liberty. These kids were Obama supporters 4 years ago and became quickly disenfranchised. 5. Have patience, his support has blossomed so much in 4 years. 6. Find a few Paul videos that might apply to family/friend's situations. 7. Visit dailypaul frequently.

Good luck - you're on the right path!


A prophet is not welcome in his home town... (“The only place a prophet isn’t honored is in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own house.” Mark 6:4 - and Mathew 13:57)

The year was 1776

And our founders wrote-

"...and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

Our founding fathers had the same problem, I would say you're in good company!

"A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man" -Jebediah Springfield

Right there with you Oscar

My journey was pretty much identical to yours! I think the wide span of people being directly effected by the government provides us with fertile ground for our liberty message. If a person is getting screwed over by an unjust system, they're likely to want to figure out what the problem is. There's a lot of FOX news conservatives who see the problems, and are enraged by Obama because he's part of the system, but the information gatekeepers direct their attention to the man obama, instead of the system which he is a part of. In this way, Romney is a solution to the problem, because he is not the man which is the singular enemy. The TPTB may place Romney as the president, just swap out the faces. Then this will neutralize the people who might have been looking too far into the system themselves. The "right" will be pacified, then it's the "lefts" turn to get angry. So you just switch them back and forth and pursue your agenda incrementally and selectively ;). We can actually take advantage of this turn taking system by focusing our resources and energy on whatever "side" is angry. "fill the vacuum" as the doctor calls it.

So that's a good game plan, but I think the most frustrating part for us is to see those we love being misled, lied to and even being happy about it. The influence that they have on their minds is incredible, but they have that kind of influence on them because they view Rush, Levin, hannity and so on as their friends. It's not that these people are dumb, it's just that this is what their "friends" are saying. And they can even have really great points, showing truth and exposing dirty stuff, which gives them credibility, but it's actually manufactured dissent, because they always lead them BACK into the fold. The goverment is spending way too much damn money, and that's why we have to vote for Romney!

But anyways, I feel you bro, we're in this together! We see the light, and it's an idea who's time has come, and cannot be stopped!

Welcome Oscar.

Now please tell me why your profile picture is that of the biggest big government president we ever had,Lincoln holding a Ron Paul for president banner? Seems like a direct contradiction.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

I don't know. I guess I

I don't know. I guess I haven't done enough research on Abraham Lincoln. Honestly I liked the idea that he helped emancipate the slaves. Freedom is popular, so when I came across the pic of him holding a Ron Paul sign I thought it would be cool to post up and I guess I could look at the pic now and come to my own conclusion that even an ex big government president knows that Ron Paul is the only answer to our country's problems. So even Abraham Lincoln endorses Ron Paul for president 2012.

Its easy to believe that

Its easy to believe that about Lincoln freeing the slaves since that is what the propaganda hammers us with all through school. No, he did not free the slaves for human rights reasons, nor was the civil war fought over slaves. Rather there were economic concerns in Lincoln wanting to keep the South from seceding. Lincoln actually thought blacks were inferior and that it had been a mistake to import them; that they could not live alongside whites; and that they should be recolonized back to Africa or an island somewhere. Read Thomas Di Lorenzo as he is an expert on the topic of Lincoln having written several books on him.

Dear Oscar,

Thank you for posting this 'rant'... which is your word of description, not mine. I would call it an "encouraging and personal testimony".

The story of my awakening has many similarities, especially relating to my attempts to speak to family and friends back in '07 and '08. Boy oh boy, the Email exchanges I could show you!

I have one uncle who I am convinced will not respond again, even if I continue to write him for a thousand years. He is retired from the Air Force and did intelligence gathering there (trained in Arabic, no less). As far as basic intellectual horse power goes, he's at or close to Mensa level.... but has zero credulity when it comes to basic human nature and his career long employer (and retirement financier) - The Federal Government. His advise to me in what turned out to be his final private Email was to simply 'trust' the government because I simply do not know all the details involved in our foreign affairs. But when I tried to discuss what I do happen to know - things revealed during hours of personal research and reading - he gave no response or rebuttal, not even an attempted one. In fact, some of my response was to point out basic errors in interpreting historical events. He described the 1953 Coup in Iran as "Iran begging us to help them", and subsequently described the overthrow of the Shah as "the Iranians turning on us after we helped them"!!

Now I ask you, if one can say such things with a straight face and zero credulity, what can be said in response? Make no mistake, I did respond with plenty of references to back up my corrections... and got zero from him for my trouble, and no contact since (almost 4 years now). This is not a problem of IQ or a complete ignorance of history (though perhaps we can describe it as the disease of historical revisionism). This is a problem of the will, captured in some sort of jingoistic glory hole of puffed up pride.

I was at the 1988 Libertarian Convention...

where Ron Paul first ran for President on the Libertarian ticket. I had previously written the following essay trying to persuade my fellow citizens why they should support Libertarianism. Please read, and comment, and explain to me why these opinions are nutty, outside the pale, and never to be discussed. Please, I am serious. I have been waiting for twenty-six years for someone to explain what is so objectionable about Trust between human beings....

I Trust You
Originally written December 11, 1986

I trust you to be the most competent person to run your own life. I presume you can judge for yourself whether or not you should partake in recreational drugs, gamble with your paycheck, hire a prostitute, or engage in any other personal non-violent activity. If you find that any of these are manageable vacations for you, then no harm is done. If you find instead that vice is becoming your entire lifestyle, then the most important advice that I, or anyone, can give you, is to point out that you, and you alone, are responsible for the consequences of your actions. Vice does not have volition. You do. If you wish to accept the aid of others, who voluntarily offer it, no one can criticize. If, instead, you continue to engage in self-destructive activities, until you forfeit your life, I will grieve for the lost opportunity of your life, while recognizing that you had to be free to make your own mistakes. To assume that the mere offer of temptation is the same as offering aggression implies that you cannot be expected to behave responsibly in the face of such temptation. That may be your honest self-assessment, but it will never be my presumption about you. Would you want it to be?

I believe you can choose what charities are worthy of support by your own moral standards. If one person would aid an unwed mother by offering her a subsidized abortion, while another would offer to adopt her child, who has the right to insist that only one or the other is acceptable – that support for the one standard of compassion will be compelled upon everyone, while the other is criminalized. You, and you alone, know how much you can afford to share with others after seeing to your own needs, and the needs of your family. Further, you, and you alone, know best how you can help. Do you really believe that love can be scaled up in size by coercive charities? Is the value of charity in the wealth that is given, or in the thought with which the wealth is given? Are you only concerned with the food in a man’s belly without a second thought about his soul? Can you only offer the poor the affection and esteem one would give farm animals? Does coercive love beget genuine compassion, or its antithesis, apathy and guilt? Is not government charity to voluntary charity as rape is to consensual sex? Do you really believe that institutionalizing government in the role of Robin Hood is a good idea? Robin Hood was a thief! But, at least, he was a thief because he had to be. There was no private property in King Richard’s England because ALL property was owned in the King’s name alone! And remember, Robin Hood’s enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham,… THE GOVERNMENT! You and I would have been called serfs back then. Why, in the name of love, would anyone want to bring that life back? Do you regard others as only fit to live as serfs? Is that all you want out of life for yourself and your family? Is the only measure of charity you care to be tested upon to be your willingness to vote yourself (and everyone else) higher taxes? What are you saying you believe about yourself?

Why shouldn’t everyone be free to accept any job offer at whatever wage is mutually agreeable between employee and employer? Should you not be presumed competent to decide for yourself what wage is fair? Is it exploitation to be offered a low wage, or is it exploitation to be compelled to accept no wage rather than a low one? Is the need for pride in gainful employment something only known by adults between the ages of eighteen and sixty five, or is productive activity something sought by us all, regardless of age, sex, disability, or the paternalistic good intentions of strangers?

I trust that you know best what is a fair business risk for you to assume. I certainly trust your economic rationality when looking out for your own self-interest more than I would trust that of an anonymous government bureaucrat. Am I wrong for placing such trust in you?

Should others tell you what standard of morality you will hold? Should strangers forcibly take your children and teach them what the strangers choose to teach? Not what you choose, but what strangers choose? Strangers do, you know. Should others tell you how many children you may have? Why not? Why do you object to one and not the other? What inalienable right do you invoke in one instance that does not apply in all instances?

I trust you to be willing to fight to defend yourself and whatever else you value as much as you value your life. I trust you not to fight in unjust causes. When someone resists the draft in America and another in Russia, is one a coward and the other brave? The greatest distrust that all reasonable people seem to have is the distrust of using force themselves. This is a natural and wholesome thing. But self-defense is also necessary. I am not stupid or willfully naïve. I am not suggesting that we all become Pollyannas and not defend ourselves from evil people. So long as people have free will, there will always be evil. No generation of men will be without it, ever. But how to administer the force necessary for self-defense? Vigilantism? Voluntary committees of citizens organized to suppress and punish crime when the processes of law appear inadequate? And without government, there can be no law, right? Government is law, isn’t it? What happens when mistakes are made? Doesn’t vigilantism mean lynch mobs in practice, inevitably bringing with it constant fear and mutual suspicion for everybody as a consequence?

So then, in honest self-doubt, reasonable men said, “Let us put force in one place, and then guard it by keeping it in one place. Let us call this place, Government.” But are we really safer for creating a monopoly and institutionalizing force? Could any mob be as dangerous as a society in which people say, I am not responsible, the government is!?

As bad as the abuse of force can be, what is far worse is the abdication of self-responsibility. Any time that force is used, these principles must be invoked to weigh the justice of the action:
1. Force may only be used in response to force. Need, compassion, utopia, or fine dreams are not sufficient reasons.
2. Force may only be used against an aggressor and not innocent bystanders. It is not enough for society to claim that it needs to regard everyone as guilty until proven innocent (which is precisely the premise of all regulatory government). It is not enough to be fair by leveling everyone with equal injustice (which is the method of all compassionate socialism).
3. Force should only be used to gain restitution and not vengeance from aggressors. How can the world be other than impoverished when it tries to reduce criminals to the same sorry state as their forgotten victims? How long can criminals continue their self-denial of responsibility if they are required to repair the damage they are responsible for inflicting?

We must always remember that it is not the pomp and ceremony of government that make it just. Justice does not lay in government, nor in law, but in principle alone. Force is not (nor can it ever be) a creative power. Force is impotent to make anything. Force, at best, can only protect creative processes. It can never be a substitute for the source of all productivity, the sovereign individual mind.

In all argument concerning the integrity of others, and ourselves, trust is an axiom, and it’s mine. But ultimately, trust is not something that I can prove for you. Trusting in yourself first, and then in others, is something that only you can do. I cannot do it for you. Neither can the government, or your parents, or even God. Do you hesitate because you want an omnipotent guarantee of your continued existence? If you are trying to insure your survival by chaining my life to your welfare, are you not saying, in effect, that you trust me to keep you alive because you do not trust yourself? What does this do to enhance your celebration of life? What does this do for me? What does this teach our children? Do you hesitate to trust because you believe that justice requires that no innocent individuals suffer through no fault of their own? Then there will be no end to your mistrust and suspicions because reality is indifferent to your beliefs about justice. There will always be misfortune and pain in the world. Utopia is not an option. It never was, and it never will be. Is it not probable that the maximum expression of good must always become evil, and that the minimum expression of evil is our best attainable good?

The reason the Soviet state continues in power is that the Soviet citizen is sincerely frightened of others having more liberty. They know that their government is brutal, but they also know (that is, believe) it is better than their best-expected alternatives. Be very careful when you consider what you know. The German people, for centuries, had been among the most tolerant of the Jews, but even they could be loyal and obedient when told that all virtue is synonymous with obedience to authority. When people act only within the moral alternatives that others give them, they then make horror inevitable! The state is not our parent. Whether one is talking about Mother Russia, or the German Fatherland, or Uncle Sam, one is talking nonsense. Grow up, and be responsible for your own life, and for your own chosen values. You must not remain a child forever while leaving your own children with the debt of your folly.

I trust you to be the most competent person to run your own life. I am trusting my life on that fact. I am trusting your life to that fact. What other basis for social intercourse would you substitute? Why would you want to prove me wrong? When you believe that your fellow man is only fit for human society when living under the constant threat of initiatory force, aren’t you necessarily implying that he is just a stupid, incompetent, irresponsible, nigger slave, who is kept within bounds only by his fear of the whip and chain! Or is it that you are a willing slave whose real ambition is not freedom, but to own slaves of your own?

I am sorry, if I offend you. But the most powerful way to elicit responsible and productive effort in you is to let you know that that is the only way I ever intend to deal with you. I know you are capable of living up to my expectations. Why do you doubt yourself? I trust you. Rather than considering myself a Pollyanna, I believe that only by such trust can there be any sound hope for a better world and a brighter future. Trust is not something that large anonymous institutions can give to you by fiat. At first meeting, it is a premise between two individuals. Later, trust is usually recognized as deserved. When trust of someone is not deserved, act accordingly. But putting everyone in prison, gilded or otherwise, is not a way to build trust, either in yourself, in others, or in reality. I think you deserve better. I know I do. And most important of all, what kind of world do we want our children to inherit?

Yours in Liberty,
David R. Hunt
-- End of Essay --

Today's votes demonstate that the Republican Party's Primary voters do not value liberty as much as the illusion of state given security. Voters don't believe in magic,... they just believe in government. I am afraid that those my age are cannibals who feel safer in a world where we are taken care of because everyone is communally owed by everyone else. Where plutocrats can create wealth out of thin air without it being regarded as theft because ...?

I was born NT (http://www.dailypaul.com/183947/knowledge-of-psychological-d...) Self testing by Daily Paul readers shows than some 70% of us are NT personalities, which is only true of some 5% of the general population. Basically, we're born distrusting any authority higher than our own sovereign wills, while the 45% of the population, who are SJs, look to authority figures to think for them.

Also check out "The Declaration of Liberty" for a moment's thoughtful reflection on the world today.

I am sorry to say, but Liberty will win only after all the alternatives have been repeatedly tried and failed. If someone said you could go to heaven, and you didn't have to die first, wouldn't you at least hope they were telling the truth? American today is a patient with a broken bone that has set wrong. The doctor needs to break the bone again, in order to reset it. The quacks are saying their snake oil will work without the pain of submitting to a painful cure. Are we talking about resisting brainwashing or courage to face the truth?

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thanks for trusting me.

No, I can't explain why those ideas are nutty because I don't believe that they are. I believe every human being is highly intelligent, they just have to set their mind free. Free of all the restrains put on us by today's society. I believe every man and woman can make their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions, and something engraved in our brain tells us there's more joy in being good than in being evil. So as long as that individual makes his or her own decisions with good intentions, and gets positive or negative results, he or she should hold themselves accountable for their own actions. I'm pretty sure if people were faced with a reality, that if making a bad decision could mean the difference between life or death, more people would be prone to not make bad decisions. Yes, I occasionally smoke cannabis and cannabis only, and if one day I realize that my occasional use becomes habitual and interferes with my enjoyment of life or the life of those around me, I know 100% that it is time to move on an another direction for the better. Thanks for your post and for your great essay. With your permission I would like to copy and share.

Copy and Share to your hearts content...

I would also appreciate anyone's reaction to my essay at (http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2654207) called Who Loves God more...

Within my essay, I Trust You, there are several metaphysical points that cause good people great trouble.

1) So long as people have free will, there will always be evil. I am always amazed at the number of people you see this as pessimistic, where I see it as simply true. And from this follows...

2) Is it not probable that the maximum expression of good must always become evil, and that the minimum expression of evil is our best attainable good?

When one sees other people as something to fix, then one no longer sees them as moral ends in and of themselves. Start with fixing oneself rather than with fixing others. For more on this, and one of the best resources for introducing progressives/leftists to Libertarianism, see Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart at (http://www.ruwart.com/healing/)

"The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own."
Sir Richard Burton

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Bravo! Wonderful essay on the wisdom of entrusting

ourselves and others with the Liberty to choose non-aggressive free lives.

So it took three years from your prediction of the demise of the USSR system to the actual implosion. I hope we are equipped to survive ours intact and to promptly rebuild our communities with the revitalized Constitution.

Kudos for keeping the libertarian messages alive throughout these lean years, David RH!

I apologize for our state

You got a bum deal. I'm glad you've learned that there is so much more to Dr. Paul than a stance on use of herbs and such. Welcome to the liberty movement.

Whenever I need inspiration I pull out a Morgan and look at lady liberty.

Then people ask what I'm looking at and I say it's real money. It's a good conversation piece. Just a cheap morgan but worth .714 oz of silver, hehe :) It's also good to illustrate how much that dollar is worth compared to 1964!


Welcome to the Rabbit Hole of Truth. I have arrived here based on circumstances similar to what you describe but I am now nearly 2 decades into this at this point. You will find your journey is like layers of an onion as you continue on your path of truth. Everytime you think you have finally woken up you then find there is even more than you could have imagined before. And when you finally give in to the nature of our own individual ignorance you will become enlightened to not let your own ego decieve you into believing something that may not be true. While the frustrations you speak of is something I think all of us here are experiencing there is really good news. We are now winning!

The truth in time will reveal to you prosperity, efficiency, and security beyond your wildest dreams and you will become even more amazed at how brainwashed people truly are from the television. You will also find the answers you seek about how can a plant be illegal and you will find out that while it may be 'illegal' it is not unlawful and the knowledge of this very important difference is waiting for you to find it. The liberty movement has already found the the path that exists for you not only to get off probation but get all "charges" thrown out and possibly even get your property (weed) back that has been stolen from you.

The liberty movement is the real deal because it is based in an enlightened logic that is fundamentally rooted in the Laws of Nature. When your logic becomes clearer in this fact you will find that liberty logic literally has the ability to effect the biochemical processing signals in the human brain to the point where the physical stimuli of proper logic and reason presented by you can induce physical manifestation by those who operate ignorant of the truth. Truth and reality is what is lawful and these are laws of nature that cannot be broken. Codes and Statutes are strict interpretations of rules for individuals under contract to the people that may or may not be lawful for its application upon you. The powers of justice is entirely based on the consent of governed even if that consent is yours and yours alone. Don't let the ego decieve you into thinking you know what is actually happening or that you understand anything that is happening around you as you might find out later that your understanding was not based on hard facts anbd is in fact not correct. Freedom means you are responsible for yourself and our enemies worst fear is that we become responsible for the elimination of our own ignorance. When the masses find out our justice systems are operating on a foundation where we are presumed to be our own accusers for any 'charges' against us this nightmare of warfare by government on us will come to an end and the ensuing tidal wave of prosperity will arrive. I have worked for overn a decade trying to wake people up around me who will not listen and I have now taken the ultimate path utilizing the logic of liberty in the courts and winning every "charge" the state tries to throw at me. Small things of course because I am not a criminal and I am not negligent. Things like seat belt, drivers license, registration and others. I win in court everytime and collect transcripts and case records to show the people around me that they have been decieved into believing something that is not true. Exposing the court to themselves and others is a long way from protesting or arguing with other people about what you know. Winning in court is totally effective and it at least provides rock solid 100% fact that there is real tangible benefits to becoming awareof the derivation of our laws directly from the laws of nature all while nipping away at the precedents to ensure the change in the mindset soon to sweep the masses. Welcome to our march to freedom.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

We've all been where you are, Oscar

It's like a bolt of lightning when it happens. It is WE, who are teaching "all the evil doers in this world a lesson for f*cking with freedom and smashes all of them into a pulp." Keep spreading the word!


To be truly free we must understand what Liberty is. "Free your mind", is waht Morpheus told Neo in the movie Matrix. I understand your frustration, but what is important is that you make the choice to speak truth to power, as our Lord Jesus Christ, and keep on keepin on.

As you have experienced, the Truth is a long and arduous process that entails a decisive and deliberate search. Plant seeds, and do not become frustrated. Seeds take time to root, as we all have experienced, and they will once planted, though perhaps not as soon as we would hope, but they will grow.

I am overcome by your honesty and eagerness to communicate. This is what the Liberty movement is all about, sharing and truly caring and no one can take that away from us, whether it be in one on one or through the internet.

Be strong, be resolute, be the Truth that you seek and all shall be Well.

Peace Brothers and Sisters.

It's a Matrix moment.

I believe we all have went through the blue pill-red pill experience (like in the first Matrix) without even knowing it. If you put in a little bit of research on the internet, and stumble across something incredible that takes you to a whole different state of mind, the amazing world of technology has proven itself worthy. I only wish we were in a country where Ron Paul had the fair chance to speak to the whole world at once and make them understand his message. Can you imagine a prime time debate with Obama? It would just be an unfair battle of intellects, which we all know Ron Paul would dominate. And after that people would see so clearly what we all know to be the reality of the life we live.
Think about the election itself too. I can't imagine Obama would go down in a fair fight either. All them computers would be rigged. Ballots getting lost left and right, no matter what state, ethnicity, or monthly income. The people sure did put their fists up for George W. when he got elected, but nothing happened, everybody was made to just forget and get over it, change the channel, read a book.
Oh wow, I started typing away talking about what might never even come close to happening, but it's nice to think about. Too much typing. I'm out.

You know what...

I'm right there with you. It's difficult to handle, and it's hard to understand why they are not getting it. But then I realized that it's because when I learned about Ron Paul I was open to a change in my life.

People are hanging on to what's left with all their might, but once it's all striped away they'll awaken as well.

Sadly their ego must crack first and for the majority that has not happened yet. The awakening is happening though, they are slowly seeing the effects of their actions but it's in their periphery.

Once they are effected, they will act, it's not enough to see, it must happen to them. They must feel the strife and at that point we must be near them with our message.

I came to the the rEVOLution by means of ending the WAr on Drugs

Now that I am awake I am prepared to leave on a stretcher or in a casket...If that is what it takes to insure the freedom of my children....And I swear that I mean that with all my heart....Thank you for your post I am glad to see you post...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

i just keep repeating the

i just keep repeating the message of liberty and slowly it starts to grip. they have heard the media message of collectivism for decades so it is hard to break them out, you have to be super repetitive. these people are brainwashed, and unless they suffer some kind of trauma that wakes them up, like going to war, then the only other way i found that works is being super repetitive. any conversations those types have with me, usually involves some kind of complaining so i am quickly able to remind how following the constitution and hard work is a solution to any problem bestowed upon this nation. alot of the problem with the economy is that people want "jobs" but they dont want to get their hands dirty or dont have the discipline to save up enough to open their own business. everyone wants a loan that they will never pay back or just straight up welfare. people need to thinking about what they can produce with what they have already and start producing. we need to increase our GDP if we are ever going to get out of this. we need to stop buying the crap from china, and stop taking stupid loans out for everything. people in america have their car house and education all on loan. that is the problem. people in america thinking they are entitled and not wanting to pay attention and do their own dirty work. i had a funny feeling about what was going on in this country as a teenager and i was feeling wild so i figured i would join the infantry get the training i need to survive any event and also i would find out whats really going on overseas. well the people in iraq are pretty awesome. they are able to get by on very little and much more crafty then the average american. i actually liked my interpreters more than most of the people in my platoon. the american people are the real problem that they are lazy and stupid. its alot of work to unbrainwash these fools buts repetition is what got them there and a way to get them out.

" I think the tv has them

" I think the tv has them brainwashed" You certainly said a mouthful there. The first step to becoming a Ron Paul supporter is realizing that the tv is just a mind control box. Once a person accepts that, the rest is easy.

You might consider

Moving to a place with like-minded people. There's the Free State Project going on in New Hampshire, and there are a few ex-patriation options. I'm eying the border myself.

I guess you've touched on a

I guess you've touched on a nerve I've felt from New Zealand. It seems like the American people are pre-conditioned to be pro-active in war, trust in the Government that everything (economically) will be okay, and that you should be worried about what's happening within the Kardashian family right now. I'm sorry if that grates anyone, but that's what the world is becoming fearful of.

The rest of the world accepts the US paranoia, the cornered dog mentality. What scares the hell out of me is that the American people accept it too. :(