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International Space Station Hoax

Before you downvote, please watch the video!

If the lady is in ZERO Gs the shouldn't be bumping all over the place, flying up and down.

I can answer any more questions on the hoax you may have, just please watch the video with an open mind before downvoting this.

I hope you enjoy this video proving the ISS is a big money grubbing hoax, using Zero Gravity airplanes combined with green screen:


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The shuttle and the ISS were never in "Zero G"

they were in free fall which simulates Zero G.

The attempts to control the fall to maintain orbit will certainly present some issues as noted in the video.

This video is about as uninformed as one can get.

It's Possible.

They used the Zero G airplane for the filming of Apollo 13. But from what I can tell from the objects in the background that "should" be responding to gravity changes and relative plane movement, they are not. So I say this theory is busted. Nice try on the drop out of the astronaut. You can still clearly see the background in the hair. Next time, who ever made this, use what the pros use. It's called Ultimatte AdvantEdge/RT for proper keying and matting. It's a $1,500 plugin.


I would like to see the full footage. This is so horribly edited and cut up. It's like trying to watch CNN interviewing Ron Paul.


Please post unedited full version.

edit: grammar

"Should be responding to

"Should be responding to gravity changes and relative plane movement"..

WHAT THE F ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? IN SPACE? THERE IS NO GRAVITY OR "Relative plane movement" (did you just make that term up?)

You mumble some jibberish, and say that's "proof this theory is busted".. uuh.. what are you smoking?

What you made is called a "straw-man" argument (I'm sure you know that), you are a shill.

After you say this video is real, you say "next time whoever made this should use a 1,500 plugin?" What The F ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SHILL?

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if there's "no gravity in space", how does earth orbit the sun?


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because the bilderbergs made it so

That's how...

~licks window~

I am only able to upload 14

I am only able to upload 14 minute long videos maximum on YouTube, and seeing as how the original was longer than that, it's impossible without editing (especially considering I needed to explain how green screens work in movies for the layman).

Here's the original smart-ass: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdQA-pE2luQ

IF YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO (WHICH YOU DIDN'T OBVIOUSLY) you would know that I identified where the green screen was- the background doesn't move because it's a separate layer, it isn't in the airplane.

Obviously a background layer added digitally will not be affected by gravity.

I did

watch the whole thing.
I know how green screen keying works. I work in the industry. And I can clearly see that in the video when the green screen is shown you can see the actual background through the hair. The background was clearly the shuttle, not the fake green screen that was dropped in after a horrible matte job. Please I work in the Effects department. You can not con me. I actually know what to look for.

edit: at 12:11 of the full footage she kicks the cables with her right foot. Proving that they are loose. So if she was in a plane moving up and down the cables would change position due to centrifugal force. Like i said before. So this is the real deal. She's in space. Like I said this theory is busted.

Second edit: If this was to be an actual green key. The hatch on the bottom would have been part of the set. You clearly don't know how to use green screen properly.

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so how about this:

either what planet, or which maneuver would allow a vomit comet to simulate weightlessness for 17 minutes straight, as this video would require, instead of the fractions of a minute they allow?

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I agree with airplane synopsis

Read behind the scenes filming apollo 13.

The "interior" shots of the

The "interior" shots of the ISS were clearly shot in a underwater tank as the background layer, with different zero-G footage in the forground:

The Holographic projection/ rainbow blur they call the ISS is really really really bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsc80evqJ88

Here is another video on the hoax (by yours truly)

This one I call "International Space Station - Into the Deep Blue Swimming Pool Yonder" (Hope you enjoy Off-Topic readers!) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AGWROaW0Ks

New Off Topic record! Thanks

New Off Topic record! Thanks Michael and Crew.. you guys are doing a great service to America!

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I see nothing wrong with the shouldn'ts

but you don't appear to state an argument of any sort.

What makes you doubt the ISS in space?

She doesn't suddenly start floating out of control, she excitedly jumped up a little in a weightless environment, over a brief time applying a force to her body (known as impulse), which imparted it with a velocity. No force to pull her down, she kept going up (first law). She needed to stabilize herself, so she then did.

Long hair often looks like this in weightless scenarios.

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Are you kidding? She's

Are you kidding? She's flying around- That's not zero-G it's a zero G airplane, with a green screen background.

If you're in true zero g you don't fly around in all directions.

She's asked what kind of experiments they do, and she pulls out a Hobbes doll and says she's doing experiments with it?

Oh boy..

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what's the effective difference: zero-g vs a zero-g plane?


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Well, in space (A real zero-G

Well, in space (A real zero-G environment), you don't start floating up and down, and left and right.

As opposed to the "simulated Zero-G" which is not really Zero-G that you would experience on an airplane designed for this type of thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inP56-xhKu0

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why wouldn't you start floating up or down in space/zero-g

given the slightest nudge, as one would in a plane simulating zero-g?

I'm still not understanding why you think there's a difference between the simulated zero-g environment of a vomit comet vs the ISS.

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Maybe if you take this topic

Maybe if you take this topic out of "Off Topic" more people can see it and explain to you how this is obviously not really in space.

Then we can stop getting ripped off for billions of dollars a year.. or you can just hide it away in censorship ville and nobody can see it.

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if he can provide compelling evidence

that is supported by something other than one's own misunderstanding, it might be worthwhile. But I'm not seeing any. I'm still not hearing any relevant difference between vomit comet zero-g and ISS zero-g.

The answer is there isn't any. This is what makes his argument nonsensical.

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Yes, there is a difference-

Yes, there is a difference- If this was REAL ZERO G environment, such as one would expect from the ISS (like they say it is) SHE WOULDNT BE BUMPING AROUND ALL OVER THE PLACE! That's why it's very obvious that this was shot on an airplane, and not in space.

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and what would be preventing all these "bumps"?

That is what I don't get.

Say I was still & floating on the ISS while my feet were flat on a wall/"the ground". I then briefly tried "standing" on my toes. What happens?

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Space station is in constant

Space station is in constant free fall and not totally zero g.. From what I understand..