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Decision by Netanyahu, Barak to strike Iran is almost final — Israel TV

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have 'almost finally' decided on an Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities this fall, and a final decision will be taken 'soon,' Israel’s main TV news broadcast reported on Friday evening.

Channel 2 News, the country’s leading news program, devoted much of its Friday night broadcast to the issue, detailing the pros and cons that, it said, have taken Netanyahu and Barak to the brink of approving an Israeli military attack despite opposition from the Obama administration and from many Israeli security chiefs.

Critically, the station’s diplomatic correspondent Udi Segal said, Israel does not believe that the US will take military action as Iran closes in on the bomb.

The US, the TV report said, has not provided Israel with details of an attack plan. President Obama has not promised to attack Iran if all else fails. Conditions cited by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for an American attack do not calm Israeli concerns. And Obama has a record of seeking UN and Arab League approval before action. All these factors, in Jerusalem’s mind, underline the growing conviction of Netanyahu and Barak that Israel will have to tackle Iran alone, the TV report said."

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If Israel wants a war with

If Israel wants a war with Iraq that's their business. I'm not going to try to second guess what is best for Israel's security. My problem is that 90% of congress is bought and paid for by AIPAC so if Israel does start that war our congress is certain to drag America into it. At the least we'll wind up paying for it and quite likely will wind up fighting it.

If there's one thing that Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Bachmann can agree on it is that the primary purpose of America's military is to fight Israel's wars. The very few Israel neutralists, like Ron Paul, are called vicious anti-Semites.

Bill Bonner said it best

Empires never roll back, they only move forward...until they collapse. Israel no different. US no different. Once you got a bunch of power-mad sociopaths and criminals running the state, its just one war after another, often pre-planned, until the whole brown enchilada hits the fan.

Only thing you can do is understand that all these empires die, all these megalomaniacs die, they lie and cheat and steal but they all pass. I'm glad its all for nothing for all of them in the long run.

Get a ringside seat, some popcorn, and just try to stay out of the way.

AIPAC sucks, but they will have no room for nuclear war....

This whole entire screw up will be just a small ground war, you'll see.

And it wasn't AIPAC who militarily started laying traps for Iran and sending in the troops. It was NATO, who is also controlled by Israel and the globalists who run NATO.

Unfortunately, as an American

Unfortunately, as an American citizen, I don't have the option of staying out of the way. Our congress is certain to get us deep into any war that Israel starts.

oy vey

Iran won't let the Tribe install a puppet government over it'S people like in Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya/Tunisia/Egypt.

It's like the Shoah all over again.
Young Americans (if possible, white) MUST DIE so that Israel can reign supreme in the Middle East and it's vast reserves of oil and natural gas.



If Israel were to decide to attack Iran, we would not be hearing about it in the news.

Rather, we would wake up one morning and hear on the morning news that Israel had launched an attack.

That written people need to understand a number of things:

- The Iranian Supreme Leader has repeatedly made statements making it clear that Iran wants to see Israel wiped off the map. Bluff? Not realistic?

- Hizbollah's leader recently made a statement declaring that once Iran had a nuclear weapon Israel would be wiped off the map. Not realist? Bluff?

- If the Israelis do launch an attack on Iran, it could well result in a long and protracted regional war. Do people honestly believe that is something that the Israelis want to do?

So, what is going on?

IMHO the war talk is designed to impress upon Iran that it needs to come to the table and negotiate seriously with the view to resolving matters diplomatically. So far, Iran has been simply stalling for time while it presses ahead with its effort to develop nuclear weapons and the necessary delivery capability.

Some additional points:

- A lot of people seem to believe that whether Iran has a nuclear weapon or not is not our concern. That would be true, but for the reality that roughly 40% of the world's oil supply passes through the Straits of Hormuz. As such, if Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons it could effectively have a stranglehold on the world economy.

- If Iran does acquire a nuclear weapon, that opens up the night mare scenario of a suitcase bomb ending up in the terrorist group and we wake up one morning as a mushroom cloud rises up over one of our major cities. Will that happen?

- The sad part of all of this is that Iran, Israel and the U.S. are natural allies.

The Carter administration made a terrible mistake when it decided to interfere in Iran's affairs and support the overthrow of the Shah by Iranian revolutionaries who were lead by the fundamental religious leaders. We should have left well enough alone, but instead the thinking was, if we overthrow the Shah, this will lead to a pluralistic democracy. Instead what we ended up doing is helping to overthrow a secular authoritarian Government, and replacing that administration with a Government that is controlled by an autocratic fundamentalist theocrat with a Parliament whose elected representative have very limited authority, comprised of representatives, many of whom are theocrats, such that people's individual liberty is even more severely prescribed than it was under the Shah and dissenters are brutally punished.

The Bush/Obama administration made the same mistake when it was decided to interfere in Egypt's affairs and support the overthrow of Mubarak. The result is that the Muslim Brotherhood, who has declared war on the United States is now in control through its political arm.

In turn, because of Iran's enhanced influence due to our removing Sadam Hussein from power in Iraq and driving the Taliban out of Afghanistan, the Bush/Obama administration has embarked on a policy that has resulted in a proxy war developing between the Sunni and Shi'ite Arabs in Syria.

We need to return to a policy of peace through strength, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of other nations unless we need to do so to protect our national security interests.

Okay, end of rant.

The topic of Iran wanting to

The topic of Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the map was already addressed several months ago. The whole thing was drummed up by the neocon warhawks like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman during the primary. The quote you're referring to is actually a mistranslation (that was purposely mistranslated to escalate the war propaganda by those pushing for an Iran invasion). The saying "wiped off the map" doesn't even exist in arabic and what they said amounted to "erasing Israels' history from history books". The Islamic and Israeli accounts of their own two histories have been the subject of conflict for a long time.

erasing the Zionist regime is

erasing the Zionist regime is not the same as the destruction of Israel's people

The Iranian Supreme Leader

The Iranian Supreme Leader has repeatedly made statements making it clear that Iran wants to see Israel wiped off the map.

[citation needed]

Hizbollah's leader recently made a statement declaring that once Iran had a nuclear weapon Israel would be wiped off the map.

and? it's an illegal state given to the (khazar, non-semitic) jews for the involvement of America in ww1, via the Balfour Agreement of 1917.

If the Israelis do launch an attack on Iran, it could well result in a long and protracted regional war. Do people honestly believe that is something that the Israelis want to do?

who owns the MilInd complex and the banks that finance the war on terror effort? it's those treacherous backstabbing nation-wrecking moneylending finns!


oh yeah ? then do it alone

why should americans die for israel ? want it ? then have it alone !

I support

Ron Paul position. In May 2011 RP publicly said - if Israel thinks it is in its interest to bomb Iranian nuclear cites, they should be free to do on their own.

Israel surely cannot rely on friends like Bush or Obama who imposed "Road Map" shackles on Israel and banned Israeli planes from flying over Iraq. I think Israel should retool the laser bombs for GPS rockets and be free from USA.

If RP were the president, Israel could finally be independent - it could say to Pentagon "take back your $3.5B bribe for our socialists, we could earn more money by trading with China & Russia using free market prices."

Israel was NEVER shackled!

Israel was NEVER shackled! While the Palestinian Authority accepted and followed through on its committments in the Road Map, Sharon, Olmert and Netanyahu have continuously provided conditions, simply failed to follow through, or skoffed at the notion that they are bound by their word. Israel has still yet to follow through on its Camp David committments or the requirement by the UN to allow for the return of the Palestinian refugees that it cleansed from what is now Israel in 1948-49. Israel can do as it pleases, but should face the severe consequences for its racist policies. It would have in 1973 had Kissinger not saved its as_.

Israel is unlimited in power in how much it has infiltrated....

To think it was shackled is a pipe dream.

Iran was not worth their time, they wanted Iran to get much more violent before they dropped the bombs. And when they tried to nuke Iran before, flying saucers/things deactivated their weapons.
Those are the only explanations for their reticence...

PS: All nuclear war will fail anyway, you will see ground wars.

The internet is abuzz with talk about HAARP being used to cause

the earthquakes in Iran.

There are people who think its more than coinicidental that they accur at this time.

Google HAARP and Iran earthquake and you will see what I am talking about. I had never heard of HAARP before.

The internet is abuzz with

The internet is abuzz with all sorts of silly, unfounded rumors. There is no evidence whatsoever that HAARP can be used to cause earthquakes, although that's a popular meme among the tinfoil hat crowd.

these rumors are no sillier than the rumor that . . .

Iran is a threat to anyone in the middle east or anyone in the world--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The one thing I can be

The one thing I can be confident of is that the promulgators of the "HAARP can cause earthquakes" theory have an exceedingly weak understanding of elementary physics. If HAARP could create earthquakes then thunderstorms, which release orders of magnitude more energy than HAARP, would be causing earthquakes all the time.

I've read silly claims that HAARP caused the earthquake that caused the tsunami in Japan. Never mind that Japan is on the "ring of fire" and is one of the most earthquake prone countries on the planet -- it had to be HAARP!

Likud and neo-cons dance against humanity....

Nice.. Did David Petraeus, in his first public appearance since taking the helm of the CIA make the Likud and Neo-cons Al Qaeda? Netanyahu and Barak I guess are added to the list of Al Qaeda....

WTF IS GOING ON HERE.. Interventionist war mongers. What a cluster f%^k. Foxconn is laughing all the way to the bank... I guess the economic hit men screwed the pooch... Unbelievable
"War is the Health of the State" Bourne.. and History is a weapon... Come on guys 63 conflicts since WWII... MSM amd Historians are committing acts of treason with the first amendment.

Lead the way.. RNC rule 38 and voter rights act...NO DELEGATES ARE BOUND FREE AND INDEPENDENT.

If only the U.S. were a

If only the U.S. were a soverign nation and not involved in entangling alliances...

We don't even have a mutual

We don't even have a mutual defense treaty with Israel but congress sure acts like we do.

Even though its inevitable, their war will fail....

Let them cut each other's throats off as long as they don't affect the rest of the world and we keep those funds cut back in the Senate. It will never amount to much of a war like was hoped, anyway.

why we should allow

waking up a sleeping giant we can't defeat?

Because we don't have a choice...

Look, Ron Paul is right.

I'm through stopping them from self-imploding. Let Israel and the military industrial complex be chastised by God for what they've done, let them fall into the chaos they desired.

Let their kaballistic New World Order fall, tumetues and stand out of the way as they do fall. We want the New World Order to fail.

We want it to self-implode and this way the markets in the Federal Reserve will have no further breathing room. It was destined to fail and fall anyway, so just let it go.....

Focus on defending the United States where a difference can be made. Disengage from the system, with your states and otherwise, declare new economies to replace the old and gone. Chaos or not this banking system was destined to fail, have it burn.

Remove all your ties to these corporations

I'm European

You shouldn't let the David poke a Leviathan just because he once had the legendary triumph over a Goliath and/or you want keep your facade of nonchalance.
The sleeping giant is SCO which has far superior power when compared with ours - it has already the nukes, cutting edge delivery systems and ~1.3 billion troops potential - there's nothing in this for the David to die for - there's not even a just cause - and on the other hand I think there still are some people with a bit common sense and residual morality in Israel which would be unfortunate if nuked.

and you like having European young men and women go off . . .

and fight these perpetual wars alongside Americans? I wouldn't, if I were you--

and there are at least a few Poles who are tired of these U.N. wars!

Maybe I don't understand what you are saying; you think that America should assist Israel against Iran?

Not that *we* Americans have any say; we aren't free anymore--

I wish with all my heart that Americans and Europeans could all go home and let the middle east sort out its own problems--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What I'm trying to say saying

is that for USA and all the western world would be really dangerous to side with Israel to attack Iran.
The SCO said it clearly on June 7 summit: "any attempts to solve the Iranian problem with force are unacceptable and could lead to unpredictable circumstances." which is diplomatic way how to send Israel and USA the message: forget it.
I of course don't wish any European to participate in this either.
Americans are from morning to night fed by the propaganda how their military is champion of the world, but the fact is the US military potential is tiny nothing when compared to SCO

good; then we understand each other--

and agree--


A member of our family is from Europe, and when we hear of people from that country fighting in the middle east alongside Americans we feel it very differently from what most Americans feel it--

it's wrenching--

well, THIS American isn't fed that drivel; I haven't had MSM for 40 years; there are some of us Americans who don't buy the lies the media and our government tell us--

God bless--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


I smashed the TV over 10 years ago when it repeated the 9/11 hypnosis over and over. It's again good to see I'm not alone who refuses to be spoonfed by the madmen propaganda.

Yesterday I was sitting for a beer with an american journalist who was embedded both in Afghanistan and Iraq and now lives in Europe and cut himself from the bussiness. He recounted me how he was under absolutely constant surveillance in Afghanistan to not much see what really is going on there - I bet the govts. no way could count on peoples support if people would be really informed about it.

I think the Europeans and Americans should stand united against messing with Iran - I wouldn't like to see the SCO/CSTO Leviathan being waked up by some Israel's poking or even US govt. supporting it - there's no just cause in it anyway. I lived in the communist country under russian rule long enough to see what they're cappable of when provoked and I wouldn't like to see it again reinforced by the alliance with the China.

Pfft, they won't be nuked....

They own a New World Order and thousands of Islamic fundamentalists.

Them, be nuked? Nah it will never happen. They will be attacked but big deal.

If you're really that worried about nukes, I guess you could ascertain the fantasy of little green men for the kicks & believe that a U.F.O will disable any further nuclear attack.

Bottom line is it's not our problem, and not much will happen to them when they fight. They are trading partners, in on the same scam.

mmm UFO, green men, hopefully

I don't much know how this could disable the nukes.

Iran is the strategic SCO member
(applied for full membership already on November 12 2011 on direct Putin's demand - which would indicate it most probably would lead to the Iran CSTO membership - and the ""imminent Israel military attack announcements"" could only accelerate it)
and Israel is the strategic NATO ally
- I don't much see the "thousands of Islamic fundamentalists" in this ominous picture except "if you give Syrian rebels the Stingers, we give Iran S-300"...

SCO heads already signed on the June 7 summit: "any attempts to solve the Iranian problem with force are unacceptable and could lead to unpredictable circumstances."

CSTO which explicitely invited Iran already in 2007 has in its Charter the art. 4: "In case an act of aggression is committed against any of the Member States all the others Member States will provide it with necessary assistance, including military one, as well as provide support with the means at their disposal in exercise of the right to collective defence in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter." So if nothing else for Israel time to act not bark.

...Maybe they want the NWO in Moscow and Beijing, who knows, but if then they definitely want be the rulers.