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LA Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal UPDATE 8/13/12 It is not over

Louisiana Delegates have already appealed the RNC Contest Decision within the deadline
THis post got lost in the body of the thread, but it is important


"The LAGOP executive committee again submitted false information in an attempt to mislead their fellow Republicans," said Charlie Davis, who led the Paul campaign in Louisiana. "I'm not really surprised by the preliminary ruling and I'm looking forward to finally presenting our case in Tampa. The wheels of justice move slow and I remain hopeful that when all the facts are presented the truth will win

So, how are the other states doing.

Came home from a terrible day and 2 funerals to find this in my mailbox. It was a letter from Dore saying, "see, we told you we didn't do anything wrong." They actually assigned delegates that didn't even run in the election. Sorry, that is wrong. I am posting the letter, followed by the Opinion.

For Immediate Release | August 11, 2012
Contact Jason Doré | 225-389-4495
RNC Ruling Favors State Party Delegate Slate

On Friday, August 10, the RNC Committee on Contests issued a ruling in favor of seating the national convention delegation elected and certified by the Republican Party of Louisiana. “The Committee recommends that the contested delegates and alternates certified by the Republican Party of Louisiana be credentialed and seated for the 2012 Republican National Convention,” read the Contest Report.

On July 28, the leaders of the Louisiana Ron Paul Campaign filed a Notice of Contest with the RNC seeking to unseat the entire delegation elected and certified by the LAGOP. According to the Contest Committee, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Louisiana acted appropriately.

"This decision simply confirms what we've been saying from the beginning...that we followed the rules," stated LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dore. Following the decision, the LAGOP has moved its focus towards the Republican National Convention later this month and the November elections.

“After yesterday’s ruling and today's announcement of Paul Ryan, we are ready to move forward with electing the Romney-Ryan team and defeating Obama in November,” said LAGOP Chairman Roger Villere Jr. “We must work together in order to make sure that Obama is a one-term president.”

To view the opinion:


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Establishment Chair Duncan

It is not surprising to see Robert Duncan's ruling on this matter. He was the founding chairman of George Bush and Karl Roves Super PAC in 2010, American Crossroads, that practiced fundraising for anonymous donors to the Republican Party. Go figure. We must push on, we must prevail, we must take over many more GOP chairs in the future. We also must not take our eye off the ball. Do not listen to anyone about the convention. All delegates must push for Paul's name to be on the ballot for nomination, and all must vote for him on the first round. Do not be afraid of the establishment, federal law is on our side. I have not heard any updates on the lawsuit, anyone here have any information?

Unbelievable, how I despise

Unbelievable, how I despise the mainstream GOP because they hate the grassroots and true freedom. That this is happening so blatantly out in the open, as if they have nothing to worry about, is absolutely astounding. My blood is boiling. I get so sick and tired seeing all the money put into bombarding people with Romney junk in the mail, sometimes I get three mailings asking for donations in one day. How repulsive to promote such a cheat as Romney, and partially with our tax dollars and with our election system as if it's theirs to manipulate.

Here is how to productively vent:

"I get so sick and tired seeing all the money put into bombarding people with Romney junk in the mail, sometimes I get three mailings asking for donations in one day"

If they are pre-postage paid, put sovereignjanice's comparison sheet of ALL candidates into the envelope and mail it back. You know, the one that has MittRickNewt on there too, along with Dr. Paul.

Here's the link:


Btw, that goes to show you how non-conservative flip flop mitt really is. He even sends posters of himself.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

If they are pre-postage paid......

send them a brick.


MODS CHANGE THE DAMN TITLE, LA lost the first appeal THIS IS NOT OVER in fact this is quite common.

How to set up a dictatorship 101:

"In its 15(e) Filing, the RPL submitted the following rule contained within the State Central Committee Rules regarding the state convention:

See Rule 15(e)(1)

The Chairman shall promulgate the call in a manner consistent with these rules. The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Louisiana (hereinafter “the Executive Committee”) shall be authorized to provide supplemental rules not inconsistent with these rules, or to make such provision or amendments to ensure that these rules operate in accordance with the Rules of the Republican Party as adopted by the most recent Republican National Convention and in effect as of January 1 in the year prior to the Republican National Convention."

SCC Rule No. 1(b).

"Pursuant to the call to the convention issued on September 30, 2011, the RPL convened on June 2, 2012, to elect delegates to the national convention. Shortly after, Louisiana State Chairman and Convention Chairman Roger Villere called the convention to order, motions were made to elect a new chairman. As Chairman Villere had been appointed by the Executive Committee under the supplemental rules referenced above, any attempt to remove him as chairman was deemed out of order."

But are the "supplemental rules" really consistent with the governing rules, by-laws and laws?
If so, then what was the point of holding a convention at all?
How would the convention floor remove a chairman who blatantly called votes to favour some pre-arranged agenda?

LA delegates have already appealed the RNC contest decision

"The LAGOP executive committee again submitted false information in an attempt to mislead their fellow Republicans," said Charlie Davis, who led the Paul campaign in Louisiana. "I'm not really surprised by the preliminary ruling and I'm looking forward to finally presenting our case in Tampa. The wheels of justice move slow and I remain hopeful that when all the facts are presented the truth will win



Get new Judges

Get rid of corrupt judges, get rid of ballot machines get rid, get rid, get rid EVERYWHERE and replace with honest, freedom loving, patriotic AMERICANS!


If Ron Paul does not get the Nomination

There are only 3 choices: Write in Ron Paul, Vote for Gary Johnson or maybe Ron Paul could be the Vice President for Gary Johnson. If any of you read: The Creature from Jeckyll Island you may remember in 1912 Woodrow Wilson was a Shill President and a banker named House had rooms reserved inside the White House and made all the Monitary Decisions because Woodrow Wilson was ignorant of economics. This is how the FED was started. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson could work together and END The Fed the same way the bankers started it.

First of all, Ron Paul would never run with Gary Johnson...

And neither would anyone he has endorsed such as Jason Chaffetz. They don't trust Gary Johnson and frankly I don't blame them.


Well, Johnson's voting record says he pretty clearly supports advanced A.I research, enlarging DARPA, and loan relocation programs. Also Johnson voted in favor of the stimulus packages, increasing the highway insurance industry and free handouts to Northrup.

He has also offered his support for bailouts in his own state, even when he said on TV he voted against it! How can he have it both ways?

What are we meant to think of the real Gary Johnson?

And the answer is triple NO; I do not foresee most people voting for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul is there to keep him in check. Johnson is asking for divisive trouble.


Enough of this fear mongering!

Read the rules! They ALWAYS deny almost every contest, from the counsel of the RNC, on BEHALF of the contest committee...



You have three, THAT IS THREE (3), days only to appeal the ruling of the counsel which is always based upon the OPINION of the state party!! Then you come back with your appeal refuting the usually obfuscating and lying denial by the respondents! This appeal has to be done within the prescribed time limit... which is three days!!


Get that?

Remember ... you are the 'Contestant'... the state party selected fraud delegates are the 'Respondents'... they have the right to respond and they will through some attorney of the state party!

THEY WILL ALWAYS SAY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU SAID! Then the counsel for the RNC, Washington D.C., will write up a denial based upon their response!



The contest committee will have to hear your appeal! After their decision it will be up to the delegates on the floor to fight it out!

oh it isn't over, it will go before the entire Convention

They have a right to bring their seating to the entire convention floor, and have it voted on. In addition, they will be allowed to have a 10 minute speech with evidence as to why they feel they are the legitimate delegates. So I think it will be great to bring the video of the debacle to the floor of the convention for all the reporters to see and report on, not very good publicity for Romney.

I would 100% say there will be a compromise before that happens. And thats what they wanted all along.

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Are you saying that the poeple (delegates and alternates) will get to have some sort of vote on things like this at the convention?
I'm just trying to figure out how it could end up different at the Tampa convention compared to what just happened with them regarding the appeal.
Also, these votes that are going to take place at the convention, do you know if they will be counted out in the open, or once again behind closed doors? What kind of voting system will they have?


tbey need to follow procedure and don't miss appeal deadlines. Its a step by step procedure.

It will be by voice vote, unless someone appeals, then by count of hands, unless someone calls for division, then recorded vote. The trick is to get a hand vote out quickly, then it's hard to fake a recorded vote.

By the way, it's a numbers game, I have seen the convention body overturn the contests committee recommendations.

It's a numbers game, if Romney forces think they have enough delegates to win, they will throw Paul a bone and seat his delegates, if not, it will be a floor fight.

I truly believe that Romney people see some problems on the convention floor with non-Paul, but anti-Romney delegates going for an overthrow of Romney, maybe not with Paul, but someone else. I know there are some Palin activists posing as other delegates wanting to overthrow the convention. Then you have a couple Christian groups pushing their delegates to kick Romney out.

Did anyone truly believe the RNC would side with us?

Their rules committee is now headed by former Senator from New Hampshire and former Chief of Staff for GW Bush, John Sununu. Did anyone truly believe we ever had a chance taking this approach? The only chance we have is at the Federal level. To have our case heard before a Federal Judge like the L4RP are doing. An extremely lawfully well written Federal Injunction Lawsuit may succeed where relying on a non-bias decision from the RNC will never be forthcoming. We need to be realistic about how things operate in the real corruptive political world in which we live.

No, that's why we joined the GOP and took seats

The lawsuits should be made in the courts where the preceived crimes happened. Cpounty/Parrish courts, because the County/Parrish GOP central committees have by-laws established Within those counties/parrishes.

Not why I joined the GOP!

Speak for yourself Granger. I'm walking down this "Lets save the GOP!" road as a Louisiana Alternate Delegate (for what that is worth) because it is the ONLY option that RP gave me in the end.

I view this effort has so far not only decimated the momentum of the real Ron Paul Movement (which was NOT populated by republicans as there were NO Repubs at my meetups and sign waives and sign paintings etc etc in 2007) but has probably given us a self inflicted wound which will stop any chance at a return to Liberty in my lifetime.

Full steam ahead on any and all law suits, local, state and Federal.

Personally, I think the whole "Change the GOP" effort has wasted a "Once in a Century" opportunity to have changed the world. It should have been an effort to defeat both the GOP and the DNC once and for all.

Not why I joined the GOP either

After 33 years of spinning my wheels in Libertarian Party and Indy, Ron Paul's invitation to the GOP was brilliant strategy to stop being marginalized. Ron Paul never promised us a rose garden, eh?

Thank you for stepping up and doing what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. Now that you have the paperwork done, why not apply for a committee seat?

Paul was not out to save the GOP

Ron was right to try to work within one of the major parties. Think of the party as just a machine. The people controlling the machine produce its results. Indepedent and third party runs have *always* lost in American politics. Paul wasn't out to 'save' the GOP, he was just using it as the best vehicle available to attain the presidency. That the people running the party are so corrupt as to cheat throughout the entire nomination process, only goes to show us all how much trouble we are in. I think it also ensures another Obama term. The R party controllers may have won the battle over the nomination, but by cheating to do so, they have lost the war for the presidency. I will be voting for the best next alternative who WILL be on all 50 state ballots, and that's Gary Johnson. Write in votes are never counted unless no other candidate has a majority. American political history teaches us that the best way to effect change is to vote 3rd party, for as soon as one begins to poll double digits, one of the major parties changes itself to attract that voting block. This is why the Democrats went hard left in the 30's, as the Socialists and Communists had started to poll 10%+ in various elections. If we want to still have an impact this election cycle, the entire libertarian wing of the R party needs to vote for Gary Johnson. And sure, Obama wins, but that's a good thing, since we really do not want a Republican 'in charge' when the SHTF. We can effectively stop Obama's agenda merely by stale mating him with an R Congress.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601


When they released the delegate names I checked the actual caucus results and it seemed like the majority of the people they assigned as delegates didn't even get 1 vote at the caucuses.

I almost wish I was in such an evil gop district as we have so much strong RP supporters here locally. But our local GOP have been gracious to us. I think it is because they see that we are the future of not only the presidential pick but that every single republican candidate will have to go through us first :)

We had a meeting with our local congressman candidate and I went over our economic theory and he was not only receptive but he even voiced an interest on Ron Paul's chances in Tampa.

It is sooo on!

We also have a liberty fest here in Colorado Sept 1st. So if you are in CO at that time we would love to have you attend this event.

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What a bummer. BUT this and other trashy underhanded

treatment RNC *may* dish out on us will ONLY help to showcase the dysfunctional ugly nature of our R&D club system and will help spread the LIBERTY message exponentially throughout the nation & the world.

I look forward to be in the world and NOT of the world. . . to witness firsthand how RNC behaves in Tampa & beyond.

Keep telling me politics matters...

And I will tell you politics only exists to control YOU! What did you expect? That a party would go against their own self interests to accommodate yours? That is a fallacy at best and lunacy at it's worst. Take your power back! Do not comply!

Yes, Politics Matters

The Founders substituted politics for war. Think about it: You can have a total revolution, totally change government and everyone in it, and you don't have to get shot at, or shoot anyone. You just have to work the political process, study, and vote. The Founders made it very easy on us to have a revolution and not have to go through what they went through. You had better control politics because politics will certainly control you.

"The more laws we make, the more snares we lay to entrap ourselves."
- Sir Francis Bacon, Nov. 1, 1601

Your assuming that we should demand through obedience...

I disagree. We tried that the last two campaigns. We were abused, assaulted, and left behind... We should instead each demand autonomy from the government, and demand that they be held accountable for their aggressive actions against their own people. That are unprovoked and necessary.

You can't beat somebody who has a monopoly on force at their disposal and can cut your resources to pay for it... The only answer is blanket non compliance to grind the system to a halt and replace it with something that respects individual right's to associate freely without force or violence...

its like a theif when caught

proclaiming that god forgave me. Discusting blatant and down right vile.




November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

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It's time for us liberty

It's time for us liberty minded poeple to somehow come together. We need to be counted and know for real what kind of #'s we have. I'm not saying I want to full out get into a civil war. All I'm saying is, for now, we need to take a step forward in doing something to protect ourselves. We can't wait until something like marshal law goes into place and we lose all communication with each other. If it is hard to do now, imagine how hard it will be when they have already made thier check mate move.


Get a committee seat and outnumber them.

It's true, gotta have

It's true, gotta have something in place in the physical world if they crack down on the interwebs. We've got YAFL and free state project. I think we've got a solid crew who's willing and able to do amazing stuFf.