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Interesting interview with attorney Richard Gilbert yesterday...

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Had a 2nd Interview with Richard Gilbert Yesterday. Just thought I'd include a link to the more recent interview. He updated us on progress of lawsuit (good news not bad) I was surprised how many turned out to listen, double the amount form the first interview. And how many seem to be coming around to the fact that this is another part of the process to get Paul elected. ( I say we need as many plans as we can get, Im working on plan Q as we speak!) But making sure our delegates can vote there conscious is a pretty damn big win in my view!

My little radio show is every night (yall should know that after 3 years on here) I am just a girl that loves liberty trying my best to represent the libertarian ladies out there. And you better believe there are a ton of us and devoted as hell. (one link) I'm not getting paid, I pay for my own 3 our show everyday so that there is another platform (among the many others out there) to spread the message. I just seek the truth and have no alterior motives. The more people that are just real the better in my opinion. this one show is consistent and is in itunes with 500 episodes if your ever so inclined to find out what a female thinks. Ok, they said provide a summary before my link, so there it is! And here is link:
(could of made that link shorter sorry)

I'm doing a short little show tonight at 12 AM CST (same link just shortened )to talk about damn Paul Ryan for a minute and the subconscious games the RNC hopes we are dumb enough to fall for

I'll see you in Tampa! I have my ticket to inauguration day too! see you there with the weed brownies! Especially any neo-con trollers on here! Got custom made Ron Paul boots for kicking your ass.

Don't worry, the women in Tampa will always (be used as last resort,) but will make sure no delegate enters that room not convinced to vote Paul. And trolls out there, bite me. Bring it on. I can see why yor worried about us, we are women on a mission and women are relentless, but don't bug us while trying to experience a true revolution (love aloution) in Tampa. Please!
And I'll have carol Paul back again on show this week again! My fav person in the world next to Ron Paul. She is our only source to the inside, love her! Every week she lets us know the truth. Peace.
Ne0-cons : its not too late to come to our side. Promise Libertarians are more fun too. Try freedom on for a chance, please :) I promise once you go libertarian you never go back. (only go a little more anarchist every day. lol) Libertarian Ann (Ron Paul Girl) (RT showed to Obama Girl (Amber,from last year, who was paid) my clip saying Im going to kick her ass, kinda funny) Remember Ron Paul has more women supporters than any candidate in the history of America, and I can prove it. Remind those with weak backs that fact too.

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