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Be mindful of "plants" in Tampa, masquerading as violent RPers.

Title says it all. Don't be surprised if you see alleged Ron Paul supporters who even have Lovelution t-shirts on, acting in a disrupting or violent manner. I have it on fairly reliable authority that some antipaul groups will attempt to disrupt events, and frame Paul supporters.

You'll notice them if they're being obviously disruptive, and not really following directions from anyone else. If you see them, follow them and see where they go, film them if you can. It will not be surprising if they suddenly change clothing, etc.

The guy in this video describes plants pretty clearly. Don't mind the video's title. The guy gives great insight into what to look for. Watch:

Edit: The discussion on plants starts at about the 4 minute mark.

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Caution....Cheating Charlie and the like.

We had provocateurs in Vancouver during the last Stanley Cup causing havoc. These people looked like they had a free pass to incite chaos. It was like staged photo-ops. Police cars were left unattended in the streets and lines were held without intervening while windows were being broken and property was being damaged. There's footage of suspicious people being let through police lines and citizens defending their city on youtube, but the media was front row and center only to show the destruction and general mobbery. They did the same thing in Quebec during a G20 protest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce5GZQbb1pQ
I think they use plants to provoke bad conduct, then they can push back harder to force their agenda. It's part of crowd control tactics and I think they use it to paint the picture the media and law enforcement want. These guys have to be outed to be discredited. Anyone breaking acceptable conduct should be suspect. Intervene and record everything. Either they're a wayward libertarian and Paul supporter or their a plant. Either way, intervening might be the difference that lets Dr.Paul speak to a receptive crowd.

Test their knowledge...

Ask the suspected "plant" some things that only true Ron Paul supporters would know, e.g.:

Which 5 Federal Departments does Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America eliminate...oops?

What is S202 or HR459?

Who did Ron Paul say he would choose as a VP?

Which states does Ron Paul have a majority of delegates in?

Which medical school did Dr. Paul graduate from?

Who wrote the book, "The Law"?

Name a few books written by Dr. Paul.

For Liberty,

The Anomaly
"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." -Plato


I will make some Romney and Obama shirts and give them to homeless people, recently released criminals, racists and ANYONE WHO COULD ACT AS AN EMBARRISMENT IN PUBLIC...hopefully in front of a camera!

Label Jars, Not People!

I think most

DPers would prefer to play fair even if the game is rigged. Besides, homeless people deserve better than to have to wear a Romney T.

Also be mindful of plants in

Also be mindful of plants in Tampa masquerading as peaceful Ron Paul supporters. They are easy to recognize, they are the type who like to be sprayed with prepper spray and tear gas and want you to join along.

Just remember to bring your pet rock since they didn't ban pets from this event. EVERYONE should have a pet rock just a little smaller than your fist. Maybe even two or three pet rocks. Because you never know when you'll need your pet to help defend yourself against some unlawful government employee. I'd advise keeping your pet well hidden since government officials might try to say your pet could be considered a weapon since they can pretty much say ANYTHING can be considered a weapon to them.

Everyone might also want to consider bringing a walking cane, this way if a government official tries to confiscate your cane as a weapon you can sue the city later when you fall and hurt your back for not having it. And if they don't confiscate the cane then it could come in handy as a nice defensive weapon should one be needed.

And didn't I hear that they couldn't ban guns in the city of Tampa, so remember folks, if you got em, carry them for your protection. You've seen how these unlawful police act against unarmed citizens. Don't let yourself become another one of their victims.


should also be made of THICK WOOD just in case you need to "stand your ground." Canned food is also as good as a pet rock.

Label Jars, Not People!


I am still....hoping that a Jesse Benton or SOMEONE will step up to the plate and coordinate an identification code phrase to be given to the Ron Paul State Coordinators/Leaders who will then pass this phrase down to the ranks who are also attending Tampa. Secrecy of this code phrase is vitally important---no spouse, friend, etc. should know it. And, DO NOT WRITE IT DOWN. Good Luck!

But, I don't and haven't seen a major coordinated effort tops down ever really from Jesse Benton or anyone in the Campaign.

Still, let's hope that all you RP STATE LEADERS can come up with a unique code phrase to preempt a "plant" of someone trying to impersonate a RP supporter at the Convention!


WE ARE WINNING, RON PAUL IS GOING TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, BUT WE MUST PROTECT HIM AT THE CONVENTION, My worst fear is they have someone dressed as a Ron Paul Supporter, and attack him or assassinate him and they blame it on us, THE GOP IS SICK IN THE HEAD, THE BANKERS ARE SCARED TO DEATH HE'S GOING TO WIN!!, RON PAUL MUST NOT MEET THE SAME FATE AS OUR PREVIOUS PRESIDENT JFK, OR MLK, I am optimistic as ever that we are going to win, but we must record and show everything, STAY CALM, STAY UNITED, STAY STRONG!,

SONS OF THE REPUBLIC, LOOK AND LEARN, THE WORLD UNITED WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST HER, Let every Patriot and Foe of the Republic know Liberty burns bright, Let every child who've descended from freemen know it is in their hands to shape the destiny of the United States

What have you been drinking?

He won't even get nominated..

Ron Paul cannot be touched, guaranteed.

No one knows what's going to be coming down soon....

But one thing's for sure, JFK when he got assassinated he was in the wrong party. The DNC where the whole shadow conspiracy began.

So he was doomed from the get-go.
Ron Paul is in the opposing party, so he has a lot more protection for basically any policy decision. And I can tell he will always be a Republican. They could try any trick out there, and militias would ride in to protect and remove obstacles from Paul's way.
I don't think any of these safety concerns are the real issue or obstacle to taking care of the clean-up.

hmmm you must understand its going to be a big

F--- You to the government and especially the Bankers who are shitting themselves, by doing this we are taking their power, they are getting vicious, were corning them, and I wonder in what way will they snap, its never wrong to discuss these things because just were reversing a 100 years of scum bullshit in our nation

Violent news reporters masquerade as themselves.

Be mindful of "violent news reporters" in Tampa, masquerading as breaking news!

Here is what to look for when you seek to isolate violent news reporters: Best TV fight - TV anchors fighting - Live fight on TV - Studio Fight 2 minute newsreel clip.

"Don't be surprised if you see alleged news reporters who even have been acting in a disrupting or violent manner. You'll notice them if they're being obviously disruptive, and not really following directions from anyone else. If you see them, don't follow them."

~ Change the channel. ~


Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Be prepared to record every thing possible
Your Iphone can save you!


Put everything on Record, have camera's rolling all the time, preferably with a live feed!

These are the first things the forces try to take down when they try to break up a PEACEFUL protest, they cause the trouble and then crackdsown, they dont want the world to see thier brutality, they dont want evidence showing blatent voilations of rights, they NEED to do these things, but they CANT afford to get caught.


and force agent provocatuers out of the group, and label them as infiltrators!

how about

some ROMNEY SUPPORTER UNIFORMS for security. Let them see brutality and violence associated with the name of Romney or the other "choice"

Label Jars, Not People!

I would Respect Gary Johnson

If he would announce his full support behind Paul before the convention. And than say if he loses take a second look at me please. Than I would respect Gary Johnson.

He told all of his supporters...

to vote for Ron Paul when he exited the race for GOP - when he was actually competing with Paul. Currently, Ron Paul only has one opponent for the nomination, Mitt Romney.

keep in mind that provocateurs can also be planted by govt

security agencies of one kind or another, from local police on up. example:

'Police Provocateurs stopped by union leader at anti SPP protest':



Rombama standard mode of operations... But then the

CIA has Likud and Neo-cons as al qaeda when it suits there interventionism... Actually spoke to some one that thought Ryan was good as the pitch on the military welfare state of police interventionist on the military offense photo opp ship yard. All I can say do is quote Thomas Gray "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."

Oh, I'm Sure This Is Very Possible!...AGENT PROVACATEURS

Romney and the stinking GOP will have Homeland Security and the trained killers in Tampa waiting in the wings to keep the peace and restore order should all hell break loose..

Exactly guys, we'e seen this before, it's predictable

That's why no group or orgaization but Adam and his disciplined detail is even gonna show up around the RNC. If you are thinking about showing up and stirring up trouble out there, well, you could really end up hurting us.

Walking into a prepared trap is NOT good tactics.

Get your preps together! Learn historic food storage and preservation methods and the science that makes them work now, start saving money and the future


But there is a difference between me and you Paul Delegates. I am not going to sit their and take the abuse. I am not a loser. I don't let people take advantage of me especially old ass hags, so be prepared for war.

I was at the "Rally for the Republic"

in August 2008. We did a march to the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis. This one particular guy with a Ron Paul shirt was trying to convince a group of us to go with him because he knew of TV news people that had no one to interview in a parking lot at the convention center (I suspect that he had operatives that were going to make us look like fools in front of the camera). None of us went that direction and later when we went to continue the march to a park - he became very disruptive calling out things that Ron Paul did not stand for. Be on guard! Always stay with the Ron Paul group.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


I didn't know where to post this, but I'm so freaking annoyed! On the front page of Drudge "over 10,000 greet Romney/Ryan at high point NC". Ya, they'll report that, but not the 11,000 that showed up at several of Ron Paul rallies! Such BS!!!!!!!!!

Assume this will happen!Fake

Assume this will happen!

Fake Rand Paul supporter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4bpgnkNN7Q

When you see people like this: Call them out as being fake. Better yet, have "imposter" signs ready to go and surround them with them for when the media points them out.

Great post and great idea

Slander is a tough nut to crack, but I think you're right. A plant would have a hard time causing problems or providing media sound bites if he/she was followed around with an "impostor" sign once being successfully outed.


Fake Rand supporter. Now, we will have to worry about fake Rand haters. Hahahaha! The irony of it all.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
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May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Duly qualified & verified RP supporters NEED a code word or

pin or something to be identifiable by all of us. A certain identifying mark, clip, lapel pin, color scheme, or something, etc. (or maybe use a code word/phrase) could be given to all RP supporters AFTER verification, so that we will know who is who!

These identifying pins, etc. should be put on INSIDE the convention only, not outside. Or, BETTER YET~~~some code word or phrase could be used if you are a legitimate RP supporter. Perhaps a code word or phrase is better, because the RINOS might take a lapel pin away from us as we enter the auditorium.

Enough of this nonsense. Let's use our heads & think ahead to prevent this kind of mess from happening. It is obvious the RINOS would do this to expel any & all supporters, but it WILL NOT WORK, if a RP supporter can unequivocably prove he is a legitimate supporter & that the imposter is a liar!

Friend or Foe? WW II training prior to contact w/ the enemy.

Clicker. Whistle. Code-name. Password. "Who was Popeye's girlfriend?"

Learn from history: "During WW II some Germans who spoke excellent English were sent behind enemy lines. The Americans couldn't detect them by accent, and of course they looked American, but anyone they suspected they would start grilling on who won the World Series or who was Popeye's girlfriend.

Another example was back in the 1920s the US needed some spies in Egypt, so they got two Egyptian American guys, obviously they looked the part, spoke flawless Arabic, even had a village dialect they learned from their parents. Only problem: neither one of them had ever ridden a camel before."

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

interesting idea...

do all of the delegates to wear name tags? If so, perhaps putting a symbol or something under you name.