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Be mindful of "plants" in Tampa, masquerading as violent RPers.

Title says it all. Don't be surprised if you see alleged Ron Paul supporters who even have Lovelution t-shirts on, acting in a disrupting or violent manner. I have it on fairly reliable authority that some antipaul groups will attempt to disrupt events, and frame Paul supporters.

You'll notice them if they're being obviously disruptive, and not really following directions from anyone else. If you see them, follow them and see where they go, film them if you can. It will not be surprising if they suddenly change clothing, etc.

The guy in this video describes plants pretty clearly. Don't mind the video's title. The guy gives great insight into what to look for. Watch:

Edit: The discussion on plants starts at about the 4 minute mark.

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Or a can of oven cleaner.

That stuff works well, too, and it's easy to find.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

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I'd worry that could cause lasting damage

especially to eyes.

As the video maker advocates, if EVERYONE in the crowd is armed with a vid. camera, and ready to record ANY disturbance that will discourage trolls and protect more than anything else, given that police will arrest everyone in sight for actual or imagined disturbances.

Stay peaceful and respectful so you can ENJOY the festival among freedom lovers instead of spending days in a jail having no fun at all and being rendered ineffective at winning hearts and minds for the r3VOLution. Not just Tampa but the world will be watching.

Now THAT is the best weapon of all in this situation!

Thousands of video cameras all over the place.

Got the idea about oven cleaner from a police officer friend many years ago. Never tried it myself, though. Stregga nonnas use other methods.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Raid works too

Raid works too

And it's not a Weapon, per se.

..But you still "blew my mind" with that...WOW!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

a few things to consider

Unorganized events/marches etc seem like they would have the most potential for problems so most energy and concern about disruptive plants might be best focused on those.
As far as I Know, Dr Paul is not calling for any unorganized events and his rally at the sundome sure would be an unlikely venue for a disruptive plant.
One of my favorite things that occours out of this movement is that many very different poeple actualy come together for the same good cause.
I assume that true Ron Paul crowds will consist of many very diferent people and we can expect to see that agian in Tampa.
Lastly , we should be non-violent, be peaceful, be on the lookout, and be sure to "ENJOY" the historical moment.
RON PAUL 2012 !

Flashback to January...

Paul-Haters Caught Planning To Dress Up As KKK, Pose As Paul Supporters

The plot, which was being hatched over Facebook, involved dressing up in hooded Ku Klux Klan (KKK) robes, posing as Ron Paul supporters (complete with Ron Paul signs), and "follow[ing] Paul around South Carolina", making "sure to get photographed by the media."

Read more here: http://www.theendrun.com/paul-haters-caught-planning-to-dres...

Agents Provocateurs

Is what they are called.

They had them in Toronto.

There is the word for it.

I REPEAT - a counter-operation:

I'm repeating my above post as I believe it will be a great plan of peaceful defense:

- do your best to track said groups, their plans, activities, everything

- coordinate WITH police/authorities on response to said groups. Political media is only one factor in this. police/authorities would be grateful to keep this event as peaceful as possible, should be willing to cooperate with you and definitely would at least listen. Simply recording the happenings and/or becoming a mob of "civil arrests" of said groups is not a good plan. You would become part of the renegade fray the police force would have to respond to: you lose.

You see how this could not only thwart but possibly cause backfire completely on the Progressives at the RNC. Ron Paul supporters working with the authorities to maintain law and order at the RNC. Wouldn't that also be a good way to represent the peaceful theme of the Ron Paul movement?

Ok, as much as I have expected this

It still makes me a little nervous. To the point that I have told my family that if anything happens to me don't believe the story they are given by the "authorities". Still, I am not backing down... I am going to Tampa to spread our message at whatever cost.

My husband is having to fly home early on Monday the 27th but I will be there alone until the 30th... I am a 32yo female who is not quite 5' tall LOL... I hope to meet some of you who will be there through the duration of the RNC ahead of time so that I feel a little more at ease...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Just stick close to the rest

Just stick close to the rest of us.

I have been praying for those

going to Tampa. Rumors abound of what might happen there. I know the Ron Paul crowd will be peaceful, but be sure to film everything. Also, consider taking real video cameras rather than relying on cell phone cameras alone because I think they have the technology now to turn those off.

I am Ron Paul.



never know what will go down. Just know the media will definitely report otherwise.



I was going to school in Pittsburgh when they had the G20 conference. My ex-girlfriend's dad was a cop and for the whole conference he had to dress up "like an anarchist" and mingle with the protestors. My ex basically dressed him up like a punk rocker (stereotypes, I know...) complete with mohawk. He didn't act outspoken or try to incite anything, he just tried to blend in for as long as possible.

There WILL be plants, and you won't be able to pick them out at first glance, maybe not at all. What should you do?? Talk to everybody, be very friendly. You'll learn more about them. Hostility warrants and provokes hostility, so use your head.

Holding a "witch hunt" for these people is completely useless and will have the opposite effect intended. Don't give the Feds the slightest excuse to abuse their power...

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civil arest them!

If you see violent so called ron paul supporters and they are creating havoc make a civil arest on them. Let people know we are not violent, we are peaceful and good people.



NIP IT IN THE BUD, the minute you see something happen arrest the dude on the spot and call police and make sure you have witnesses around. The rest of them will be wary and the local police will be greatful and might actually positively influence them.


Subdue them and arrest them on the spot!
That is our duty to do so!
This will also expose these criminals whoever they are!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


No Ron Paul supporter would ever wear a mask, so pay close attention to that as well. We need to make friends with the police or make sure that Ron Paul supporters who are officers be there to look for people like this topic describes. It would be to our advantage, and a huge blow to the powers that be, if even some police were on our side at the convention. Also, may I suggest we keep media sources "friendly" to the paul people close at hand, we may need them, especially liberals who hate Romney, and have been "somewhat" kind to us (Rachel Maddow, young Turks, and a few others). We can't take any chances of being isolated from the rest, cause then they can make up whatever they want about us. The RNC and Mittens know we are going to be there, so you can be sure they will have several traps set up for us.

Simple solution: FILM EVERY F*ING THING!

As sure as you wear shoes on your feet, pants on your legs, and a shirt on your back, you should also have a running video camera at your side! If you don't have a video camera, go out and buy one! Bring it with you to Tampa and film everything!

If you are going to Tampa and you don't have a video camera with you, consider yourself ill-prepared! As Judge Andrew Napolitano said, video cameras are the new guns. Every RP supporter and delegate attending the RNC in Tampa owes it to themselves to bring/buy a video camera and record the goings on there.

The mere sight of a person bearing a camera brings pause and/or fear to those who might be looking to cause trouble. The trouble makers (agent provocateurs) have to think twice about the actions that they have planned to perform for fear of future repercussions.

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

I don't plan on being in

I don't plan on being in Tampa.


Sorry Ron Paul, your message got through. I make my own decisions and my liberty is my own. I won't be there for this dog and pony show. I was at the state convention in TX and I've had my fill of the GOP for life.

See you at the polls. I'm voting for Myers and Johnson.

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I also heard from a person who used to work in Tampa that

some sections in Tampa can be VERY dangerous, even in normal times. He was mugged on the way to his work. Rental car drivers were targeted for assaults.

** We just need to have a common sense vigilance against regular variety of street hoodlums (on top of possible agent provocateur). . . in Tampa. . . in two weeks!! :-)**

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a photo lineup of some of them you might recognize.


Seriously, the OP has a good point. The local Tampa news reported that they are expecting around 15,000 "anarchists" for the RNC.

Anyone who is familiar with what happened at the WTO protest in Seattle (1999) knows that these groups are either used and protected to cause enough mayhem to start cracking everyone's heads.

We've already seen reports that they are going full bore on the police state apparatus in anticipation of this event.

Here is something I found when looking for an article. A group called TBAG.

I don't know how prevalent they are, but it is important that we do our best to watch out for each other, and make every effort to distinguish ourselves from these knuckleheads. I won't be able to make it to Tampa as I am currently hospitalized, but will do what I can to try and get info out to our folks in the trenches.

Its simple

Civil arrest, I watched a video the one time where anarchists were running around breaking property, and no one did a thing, there were thousands of poeple peacfully demonstarting, but literally a group of about 30, as small as that were breaking things and no one did a thing, some tried to talk to them, but other then that NOTHING WAS DONE. The police deliberately did nothing and the property owners demanded action and then you guessed it, free speech zones were put up and every peacfull protestor had his head bashed in by police.

NIP IT IN THE BUD, the minute you see something happen arrest the dude on the spot and call police and make sure you have witnesses around. The rest of them will be wary and the local police will be greatful and might actually positively influence them.

What if they notify the police ahead of time and lie...

about who they are so that when and if the police show up, they think they go after the innocent victims instead? Even worse, what if some of them ARE the police or Homeland Security?

What if...

What if we just sit there and do nothing and be afraid of our own shadows? Why don't you grow a pair?




Excellent False Flag warning!

Try and be Gandhi-ish people; just like our dear friend, DR Paul suggests.

Sincere warning: Just as in the film "Gandhi", if the mounted police threaten, remember that horses wont trample over prostrate people.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I got a thing from someone a few weeks back telling Romney

people to wear RP shirts at the festivals. I posted it on DP and people were down voting it.