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A " Real " Victory On The Battle Against The Unconstitutional Real -ID In WV

we have been fighting this fight against the real id for at least five years with the help of pastor Butch Paugh , and finally we won that battle ,this is a groundbreaking victory that not only a win for us hear in west virginia but for the whole country , if anyone needs a copy of the letter just let me know!!!


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Its very interesting

At least it's no longer conspiracy theory and that is a victory.

Is this a victory?

"Additionally, DHS has provided some flexibility to satisfy individuals who may object to the digital photograph provision for religious reasons. Many States now issue non-photo credentials based on an applicant's religious beliefs. States may continue to issue these driver's licenses and identification cards to such individuals and DHS recommends that these credentials be issued in accordance with the rules for non-compliant driver's licenses and identification cards enumerated in § 37.71 of the REAL ID regulation."

Did your state already do that type of license? If not, the above does nothing at all. That's the case here in Florida, where we are pushing the REAL ID Elimination (RIDE) Act to give us some relief from scanned documents, international photo standards, "electronic authentication" (to include RFID), and residential address requirements.

Google Floridians Against REAL ID to read more.

Any background info on this?

Forgive me, but as a non US citizen, this has slipped under my radar. Can you provide additional links or a brief explanation as to what the objection is/was based on?

From the letter it seems as though some individuals were objecting to a (digital) photo on the ID or driver's license on religious grounds.

Why the objection to the photo, and what religious grounds? Is there more to this than alluded to in the DHS response letter?

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