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Rachel Maddow On Romney's Tax Returns

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my vent

Romney no longer cares what people think because he now knows that he doesn't need the poeple's vote. The GOP has offered him a free path straight to nomination, all on them. So now that he's cheated, cheated and cheated again and even if people scream foul they don't stop cheating. Even if poeple take it to the RNC they just win and keep cheating some more. Then he looks at our own president and sees him lying and cheating. hell, he made all kinds of promises during his campaign then did the complete opposite as president and not one person in congress is trying to stop him. So Romney sees a never ending path to doing what ever he wants. He can just keep doing this for the next 8 years? 8 years you ask. Yes, because even though he did what ever he wanted as president and paid off his big money buddies for 4 years and put some more money in his pocket without paying taxes I'm sure. It doesn't matter, cause he doesn't need to the peoples votes. he's just.....you guessed it, going to lie and cheat his way through election #2.
So, release taxes? They know that the publoc believes he is hiding something, but he can lie and cheat and get away with anything and everything and still win the nomination or presidency. Just because the GOP said so.

What's really going on?

I really have no idea why he hasn't released much info on tax returns. I suspect it's because he's trying to bait Obama into making it an issue, then he releases them and it's not and then Obama looks bad.
However...it could be that there's something to hide. So, I think the good doctor should re-release his tax returns for the last go-zillion years. What harm could that possibly do? It's not like we're going to lose points with the Mittens camp...
What do you think? Good idea or dumb?


the real story breaks within a week or so. Otherwise it wont matter anyway.

Keep Pounding on Mitt's Tax Returns

Mitt's tax returns are important. It really looks like he is hiding quite important evidence. Barry Soetero's birth certificate is also important. When we have Ron Paul and other possible honorable candidates, why do we put up with liars, thieves, aliens and perverts? What amazes me is that Maddow is bringing this up before Tampa! If she were so solidly behind Obama she would wait until Mitt gets the nomination. You know this will come up after Tampa. Keep fighting and praying until Tampa.

Good Information

There's plenty of good information provided here, a lot brought to the table.

Of course there's the usual post saying how Rachel Maddow is not "our side", however need I remind anyone that "our side" is truth - if she presents truth, then let it be said out loud, for then she is truly on "our side".

And if there is not truth, Dr. Paul has truth and integrity on his side. Any attempts at lies against him will only backfire. Also, any press is good press.

As it is right now Maddow has been doing the Liberty movement a great service and if Romney gets the boot and Paul is in the spotlight for her to chew out then I look forward to that day!

Romney is dishonest, no question

But I do not think it is normal, or safe for that matter, for the Left to constantly attack the idea of having money in offshore assets/accounts. At the rate both individuals and companies are overtaxed here, as well as the hyper-regulations in the securities industry, it is honestly no surprise that Americans choose to hold some assets overseas. I mean what do you expect when just to receive a dividend a company has to get taxed 35% and then you need to pay an additional 15% capital gains tax on that pool of money. In securities, it costs more to comply with regulations than to pay the already staggering amount of taxes and fees.

The protectionist rhetoric honestly scares me. Capital is coward, remember that.

we have enough reasons not to like romney

Speculation about him not paying taxes is NOT one of them. I would open an offshorr account and not pay taxes if i thought i could get away with it. Much of the garbage she is spdwing is incredibly inaccurate. One example: an ira is not capped at 6k and it still gets taxed at some point depending on the type.

Was she upset when it came out that our beloved treasury secretary "forgot" to pay taxes? I suspect no but perhaps im wrong. And yes what about unansweres birth certificate questions. Total hypocrite.

All that aside, Hopefully they can find a reason to force romney to withdraw!


when is lefty Rachel going to demand the Obammunists school records??

Rachel Maddow

Another segment I liked. Thanks, Rachel! :)

As for the IRA account - there are other retirement vehicles, such as a 401k, that allow for higher contributions than $6k/yr, and even matching funds, that then can be rolled-over to an IRA to keep the income taxes deferred. So, maybe that's what happened?

Thanks for posting, Alliance. :)

Also, IRAs can be inherited...

...which I suspect is the case here. His father was extremely rich.

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.


If that's the case then he must have been inheriting that from his ancient Egyptian relatives - that's 17,000 years of inheritance!

No, if all was good he would have shown the goods instead of pulling all the sleight of hand and making blundering statements like saying his Cayman Island accounts are good for foreigners so they don't have to pay taxes (as if he was a foreigner who didn't have to pay taxes).

To me, this is just one of many reasons why the man shouldn't be the nominee for a major political party to choose to run for president - it would lead to failure for them.

Maddow is like the RT of cable news

She's no friend of Liberty, she's in this for Obama.

Where in the world do you think she'll be pulling for any restraint on government? She's out to demonize Romney FOR OBAMA, not to help Ron Paul, not to help conservatism, not to help libertarianism.


the enemy of

my enemy is my friend.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


How about helping Bin Laden and others go after the Soviets? Did that work out so well for us?

Some may think it's great that Rachel is tearing down Mitt Romney, but when will they admit that she is only it to defend Obama? If Dr. Paul were the nominee, she'd be full out attacking him at every turn for any garbage she could dig up. Why encourage that kind of "journalism"?

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams


your comparing apples to oranges, everyone knows the relations with Bin Laden's camp and Saddam Hussein go much deeper. Mitts tax returns is a SERIOUS issue. Its not like he came out and said Im not concerned about the very poor, He is withholding questionable Information!

If Dr. Paul were the nominee it would probably be thanks to Rachel for reporting how bad Mitt would be as President. You think Dr. Paul doesn't know what he is doing? Lay low while Mitt set himself on fire.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Do you remember...

...her coverage of the newsletter issue? She acted like it was completely relevant and happening at that very moment. She did almost an entire episode detailing why Dr. Paul couldn't be a serious candidate. Sure she hates Mitt Romney. But she would give EXACTLY the same treatment to Ron and no one can deny that because she already HAS.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

She gives good reports- Even for all you sexists and misogynists

Why is it every time one of her videos is on someone has to say she "is not our friend", she is a Democrat, She is making fun of the GOP? We KNOW that. That is what MSNBC is all about. Why is it when a FOX or ABC reporter comes out with a good report/interview, nobody says "He's not our fried"? Go back and look at every Rachel Maddow video on Daily Paul and I guarantee there will be a post saying something to that effect. It makes Daily Paul look like it is loaded with sexists and misogynists.

Because she is intellectually dishonest

For every video posted by her on this site, there are multitudes more of her on YouTube ranting her usual warped leftist logic that flies in the face of everything the liberty movement is about. She is just as authoritarian as the neocons, just a different brand of it. These people are all the same, they are talking heads who blindly follow politicians based on the letter next to their name rather than convictions and principles. I would follow Dr. Paul if he was white, black, gay, straight, transsexual, Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest, Catholic or whatever...because none of that matters to me.

I would vote for a one-eyed, gay, paraplegic, athiest Asian female candidate if she had the views of Dr. Paul...

And chill out, look at the videos posted from Fox News and you will see that posters on the Daily Paul attack them just as harshly (male and female). Libertarians do not discriminate, we make decisions based on character not based on ethnicity or sex.

Downvoters, did you go back and see I was right?

Tell me if you found one that does not say Rachel is not our friend? How many other news report videos did you find with men and people crying and saying they aren't our "friend"?

And in the early Rachel videos, someone would always mention her sexuality. Like it was important to the piece she was reporting on.

People say she is not our

People say she is not our "friend" because she is basically the ONLY media pundit to regularly cover the recent blatant election fraud that has happened over the country, and those comments are reminders that she is not actually an ally of conservatism. The reason people don't say "he is not our friend" about other pundits is because there aren't other pundits, male or female, who serve this particular role.

Gender stuff is ubiquitous in our world, so it may be a waste of your time to scour one particular website and try to make some pseudo-feminist critique of people's comments. The DP is not concerned with your identity politics.

Personally, I think Rachel Maddow has been great for the purpose of publicity for Paul. Many so-called liberals have discovered Ron Paul precisely because they heard somewhere that the GOP hates him, and they find that appealing.

Well, lets say there's a miracle in Tampa....

Lets say he is tossed overboard and we take all the pieces.

There is still the fact Obama will, and does intend to steal it.

With the Federal Reserve, there is really only one way out to end the system for good: Enlightened disengagement.

Ron Paul showed us all the way, but it was to open the path so we could all win freedom from tyranny....not to outright end it.

The above corporations are all the Federal Reserve. Disengage from it, from locality to locality, Tea Party to Tea Party, and stop doing business with any of them especially McDonalds.

If you accomplish this and get your funds into silver, credit union accounts and otherwise with total disengagement....you will barely be touched and we will succeed in the final abolition of the Federal Reserve system. But.....everyone else will live in the Fed's matrix.

Thanks for sharing.

These videos really raise the question of Romney's honesty.

No One Else In The National Media Does This Much Research

10:00-11:00 of the embedded video above is all anyone should need to hear.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

More From Rachel Maddow On The Tax Return Issue


"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

This video shows what a fool and liar Romney really is.

Thanks for posting.