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Reporter Admits Financial System Changeover: “They’re Going to Put the Old System In a Coma(Video)

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Keep This Open: BUMP

Like pieces in a jig-saw puzzle...Comatose Banking System?
............interesting...and makes sense.

Thanks for posting...will view and remark.


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I wish people would seriously look into this, smell the coffee..

Look, it's obvious a lot of you are not as naive as some would let on nor can you be this willing to put your trust in just whoever comes along in the circus.

Paul Ryan, is a perfect example. I think most of you who are actually awake now, would not allow this guy's tainted liberal ideology to interfere with the grass roots Libertarians or take down freedom.

Paul Ryan, is not and can never be one of us. How many times do people have to hammer this home? He has nothing to do with us, with state rights or conservatives.

He comes from the big city, his ideology is firmly backed in socialism and with a few winks and nods he gladly gives away state rights over to the Federal Government. His entire time in Congress has been about supporting industry take-over, versus getting away from reliance on Federal Government. These people have a VERY different path they're all heading towards, and the sooner you wake up to that, the better for all!!

For example, Paul Ryan joked that Obama's plan for the health care was even better than his. Yet under all of Ryan's proposals, the taxes are actually set to increase and move the LIBOR index up which makes all future loans even more dependent on the Federal Reserve's soft fascism. Paul Ryan and Obama wanted to increase the interest rates, do you not recognize how harmful that is for producing any kind of jobs?

Bottom line: The alleged Financial system change-over is all a pre-planned scam, ladies and gentlemen. Its to make you all believe the Federal Reserve has gone away, and its now harmless, therefore "everyone lets go live in a utopia and throw away our guns!"

Again, this is a massive deception which even Drake points out. The system of the Federal Reserve is fictitious, it is slavery and it cannot be saved because even the store departments participate in it.

Look folks, I'm not going to mince words here now. The entire Federal Reserve has to be abolished, scrapped and done away with. You go ahead and do what's right, you arrest George Soros and put some of them behind bars but that won't let you escape the NWO.

I had to wake up to the reality that not even Ron Paul can escape the New World Order, and their objective here of trying to make a 'nicer' financial system is to get everyone to put their guns away. The problem isn't going away, and everyone needs to accept it. Ron Paul was only one facet, not the solution to stopping it.

The Federal Reserve must be permanently abolished and replaced, as its a broken system we all orchestrated. It is phony, and it must collapse, no matter what kind "gentle" face it puts to the press. The only way for the failed system to be entirely stopped, is through enlightened disengagement. And that's it, as interest rate scams will skyrocket.

E.G: You need to take all your funds out of these banks, NOW, and move them to credit unions. Setup state banks and move there, and cease doing business with any of the below corporations.

Those corporations above ARE the Federal Reserve cartel, they are your government: all fifty five including McDonalds Inc. They are Agenda 21 as well as their artificial utopia. And unless you want to be a total slave or believe in puffy E.T's and entirely fraudulent government, you will obey your conscience and disengage from the Federal Reserve in all ways. Return to the states, in the reality of financial collapse the Federal Government will have no power over your states; use silver and keep your bandits out. Unless you deliberately deceive yourself into buying into the Matrix's new credit cards and fancy flying saucers, you cannot be touched by evil.

The First Post Here

That rivals the Sunday NY times Crossword Puzzle for time to be dedicated to.....LOL!

But I think we all need to see this so I've bumped it.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

List of the Federal Reserve's shareholders: Attack this...

This is your only way to disengage, stop participating in it at all.

The below are many names, some with good intentions, who participate in the failed system.
Cross them off your list in every area, if you know what's good.

What God did when the financial tyranny started in the Pyramids is he scrapped the entire system. He didn't wait for a sign, but merely scrapped it.