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Libertarian do-nothings

As we all know the journey for liberty has been very hard. We have been hit from all sides. But times are a changing. I have seen this locally and I hope you have as well. Our local candidates are pandering to Ron Paul's message and our grassroots presence has defined the platforms of all our local, state and national candidates.

But we have the "libertarians" who did nothing to help Ron Paul during the primaries. Now they are on the DP saying we should support GJ?... ok, maybe secretly at the ballot boxes but do not let these "do nothings" fool you into thinking that our main vehicle (republican party) can't be fixed and that these stay at home lazies offer an alternative.

We can still rule the GOP. Stay focused. Get involved. Don't give up, the future of America depends on us.

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Another half-wit...

... planted by the GOP Politburo to denigrate and instigate dissension.

"But we have the "libertarians" who did nothing to help Ron Paul during the primaries."

Clueless, unsubstantiated comment. Nobody more Libertarian than the Judge and Stossel. As for us in the trenches, we don't care much for labels, we just do the task at hand. Ron Paul's biography was written by a Libertarian. (Reason magazine could have done more - which is why I cancelled my subscription - but seeing the anti-Johnson comments here on Daily Paul, perhaps they did too much.)

All I know, after three indeterminable days of agony at my state's convention, I came to the conclusion that the GOP is a crock of horse poop, not to mention their treatment by the Politburo of Ron Paul and his supporters.

Plano TX

I don't understand the hesitation to reform the gop either

I swear, people think their dna and eye-color is going to change if they register R. Typical that right when we are on the verge of winning/reforming/setting agenda - is when the calls are greatest to give up - and noticeably from people who weren't even trying in the first place.

Choose Your Words Wisely

I'm a Libertarian, a recently elected Republican committeeman and will be running for city council in the next election (this election we had a Libertarian run under the title of Republican running for every electable seat and we won all the committeeman positions, 1 city councilman, etc. with just 2 months work), we have started a Young Republican Party in my County 285 strong in an urban Democratic stronghold (its a really a Young Libertarian Party but we use Republican because its hard to get on the ballot for now in my city it will change when we take all the councilman seats and we use the title so we can use Republican political resources), created 35+ conservative business coalition that now accepts the GOLD dinar as a means of exchange parallel with the dollar, we do voter registration drives every month (368+ registrations and counting I got 2 this morning at McDonald's) and we do community workshops every month. 2 months ago we did an Austrian economics workshop and had 50 attendees, this month we are doing a urban farming workshop and we already have 50+ registered to attend.

Ron Paul is not the end all be all but I’m still writing Ron Paul in. That’s my personal chose. There are those who may think differently and would rather take a 2 pronged approach by also pushing Gary Johnson. It’s OKAY because we are ALL fighting for the same thing and that is FREEDOM. Those that want to bash Johnson on substance and his own contradictions I support you because this type of critical thinking and questioning is what is needed in the Liberty movement to keep it 100 but this should be used with all candidates not just Gary Johnson better yet we need to look at ourselves first critically to remove our own individual and collective biases. We should really look at Rand critically and even Ron Paul himself. No one should get a free pass. So you all have a chose go down the same path as the Tea Party or really stand for something. Don’t talk about it do it. Don’t say I’m only for Ron Paul because he could die tomorrow say you’re for FREEDOM. I ask people the same question all the time are you here for Ron Paul or are you here for what he represents. Let’s see if DP subscribers are just a quote “cult” of semi-awakened semi-collectivist individuals that just talk shit about Liberty all day online or are we true FREEDOM fighters that actually put in work.