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I spoke to a man that (early) voted yesterday here in FL.

A friend of mine introduced me to a 75 year old man several months ago who was having problems with his wireless network. He is not very computer literate so now I get calls from him about once or twice a month to help him with something minor...like changing his default printer. lol.

He called me on Saturday and said he could not print. I was working but when I finished I stopped by his house. He was not home. (I would have called first but I ran out of minutes on my cell phone Friday and won't be able to add more minutes until tomorrow)

Anyway, last night while I was remoting into his machine from my place to his in order to change his default printer from fax to hp, I asked him where he had been when I stopped by his house. He said he had gone to vote early with his wife. I said Oh God, let me guess you voted for Romney...He said "you damn right I did". I told him I didn't see how anyone could vote for such a lying, big government establishment jerk. He then said...well, it's better than the idiot currently in the Whitehouse that you will be voting for. I said WHAT? Why in the hell do you think I'm planning on voting for the dictator in chief? He then said...well, you said you hated Romney and there are only 2 people "in the running".

I told him that I would be voting for Ron Paul or not at all. To my amazement he said, well, if Ron Paul was still running that wouldn't be a bad choice. I know there are a lot of people that still get all their info from the MSM and who still live in the illusion that is painted for them, but I honestly didn't know that the sheeple were unaware that RP is still a candidate. It makes me wonder if Ron Paul’s name was even on the early voting ballet that the old man filled out yesterday.

I wonder how many people choose to vote early and if the RNC is encouraging the party faithful to vote early so that if things turn in favor of RP after Tampa...their votes will have already been cast.

And just FYI the reason I knew he would have voted for Romney is because he is filthy rich. He praises me because he knows I'm poor but I refuse welfare and food stamps. However, most of his wealth was "earned" by securing grants from the government to provide HUD housing and administrative assistance to the dept of Children and Families. He also made lots of money from the government though his involvment of fees associated with the insurance on the HUD homes that he was part owner of.

Of course he sees that type of government welfare as totally acceptable. I just want to smack him sometimes but at his age...what's the point?

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I'll email him and find out

and post a reply. At his age who knows but he did tell me he voted for Romney....maybe he was confused.

Ballots for the August 14th Primary

Do not have Presidential Candidates on the ballot. I know. I early-voted in Florida in the Republican Primary.

So the Senior was mistaken?

Still time to enlighten him. :)

Ron Paul or Ron Paul.

How Can Voting Be 3 Months Early?

The nominees haven't even been decided for there to be a ballot?!

I like your story. Thanks for posting. :)

That was my first thought

How can u vote if the primary is not over???????

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

It's Ron Pauls Fault. I'm sorry to say the truth

In some of the recent interviews, when asked if he would endorse Romney he always mumbles that no he wont. He never comes out and says "Heck No I'm still in this to win this. Anything can happen. I'm still a candidate this isn't over!"

Nope . He doesn't say that. He did once a while back.. but not recently.