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Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’

[ Tampa Bay Online: ] - Ron Paul has announced he'll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention, and even will snub some gatherings planned by supporters because his campaign isn't controlling them.

Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn't discuss negotiations between the two camps or the timing of [Rand] Paul's speech, but said, "We have been told that it will be a very prominent time." Benton said by email that Ron Paul is not expected to speak, but that Romney representatives "are working with us (on) other ways to recognize and honor Ron at the convention.

"Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor," he added.

Read the whole thing at: Tampa Bay Online

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Benton is Ron Paul's son-in-law.


Grandson in law


yeah BUT...

While i agree with you in principal, im still going to have to put on my pessemistic tin foil hat. Do u really think TPTB would actually let RP win unless he completley sold out? You really think he even had a chance? Granted he did an amazing job waking ppl up despite evrything being thrown at him, theres still no way in hell they'd let that happen. PNAC, the MIC the central banking oligarchs? The propaganda media,the neocons,CFR,Trilateral comission and just about every other leviathan that feeds off the staus quo...you think they'd just throw up their hands and say "oh phooey, looks like he won fair and square, time to dismantle the NWO guys"...i could be wrong, just my 2 cents

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Every Time!

That little shit opens his mouth I get mad! Why does Ron Paul put up with him?


No Deals - Put Ron Paul on the Podium to Speak & Be Nominated

We're too close to start letting the media, or anyone cast doubts:

"Ron Paul has announced he'll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention, ...

Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn't discuss negotiations between the two camps... (better to not negotiate)

(Rand)Paul's speech,... will be a very prominent time." (How about "Ron" Pauls Speech?)

Benton said ... Ron Paul is not expected to speak...(really? why not?)

"Dr. Paul will not "SEEK" to be nominated from the floor," he added."


Not "SEEKING" doesn't mean not accepting, but why would Benton open his mouth two weeks before Tampa?

And why won't Paul be "expected" to Speak when that is what all his supporters "EXPECT" him to do.

Benton could have embellished more by politely stating that the Delegates will be Nominating Ron Paul, and Ron Paul asked that we wait for their Nomination that will occur early, so that those on the floor will be assured that it will be taken care of;

The Ron Paul campaign should not expect to keep the supporters in the dark.

If Ron Paul's Nomination doesn't happen early, then those non delegates on the floor will Nominate, again and again.

Call for clarification as to when the DELEGATES will nominate Ron Paul.

I really do not want to hear Rand Speak. I want to hear Ron Paul take the podium.

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Benton is a Mouthpiece for Ron Paul

If you don't like what he says then you are misdirecting your anger by blaming him - he works for Ron Paul and if Ron Paul is man enough to be president which I believe he is then he is more than man enough to control his son in law who works on his staff - Benton's statements are not made in a vacuum - the important ones are discussed with Ron Paul and are given with his approval.

"Why would Benton Open His Mouth?"


Crime syndicate

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
- Thomas Jefferson



RichardTaylorAPP - Chair - American Patriot Party.CC

John Locke #201, 202, 212 to 232; Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1798; Virginia Ratifying Convention 6-16-1788; Rights of the Colonists 1772.


Ron Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor, because the DELEGATES SEEK TO NOMINATE RON PAUL FROM THE FLOOR.

It is the job of the DELEGATES. PERIOD!!!

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Everybody hold on for a minute.

A couple thoughts:

I strongly suspect that we will not know what really happened here on this campaign trail until at least a couple years down the road. I also understand how many supporters just feel burned and betrayed and kicked in the gut because frankly so do I. I appreciate the anxiety of those on this thread that express appropriate frustration because they are speaking what is on all of our minds. But I more appreciate those that remind us that this r3VOLution has been about enlightening, not the Teacher/Leader Dr. Paul has been. Let me share my thoughts...

My first great fear here, my compatriots, is that in the possible and ultimately inevitable absence of our captain (be it now or years from now)we will lose faith in any kind of political victory. We have already begun to make a difference. My second great fear is that worse yet, we will turn on each other. Today I saw Justin Amash go after Gary Johnson on a very trivial topic. The Anarchists are touting Stefan Molyneux all over my FB feed. And then there is Rand who has succeeded in alienating hundreds if not thousands by playing the political game that perpetuates this madness.

We all love the Texas Doctor who became an iconoclast and a captain. He was the greatest ambassador that the ideals of constitutionalism, libertarian, and republicanism. But we grew to love the man for the ideals he preached and defended. Will we lose the ideals now that we may well lose the man who articulated them? Ron Paul himself said, in 2008, that in order for this to work,this has to be bigger than a "Ron Paul revolution." And (at the risk of discrediting myself in the eyes of some) Jesse Ventura recently warned his fans and followers of the dangerous notion of believing things will change immediately and for the better once someone like himself or Dr.Paul becomes president. In short, "The movement > than the man, regardless of how great a man like Dr. Paul may be."

So, to sum up. If Tampa goes south at it seems to be going, let's weep and beat our breasts at this setback in private. Let's lament the investments that came to not. We earned that much. But then let us wipe off our tears and look ahead because this is ultimately just one election. We always hear that 'this election is the most important yet' but the truth is that it never is the end of the world. We have come a long, long way since 2007 and we can grow even more by 2016 IF WE BAN TOGETHER. Also, and here is again the deeper of my fears, lets not degenerate into political hipsters trying to 'out-Paul' one another or boast we were Paul supporters before it was 'cool'. Gary Johnson, Justin Amash, Davis, and numerous others are in the national spotlights and the offices of federal and state governments thanks to this great-political-awakening. The fact is that they never would have been noticed otherwise. We will agree with some of them on 9 out of 10 issues, 8 out of 10 on others, etc. but we need to work together and not trash one another over those few disagreements. THAT is my biggest fear, folks. We are ultimately, as a movement, BEYOND such trivial things as party-platforms. We are a movement of many ideas and people, we are beyond this pettiness. Paul was a prophet, not a messiah, and frankly there are no messiahs in American politics.

And let's not be too angry with Ron Ernest Paul. He went above and beyond for 35 years. He was the mouse that roared and awoke a sleeping nation. He cured my dogmatic slumber and many others I am sure, but its our turn to roar as one.

Now, Forwar. . .! Wait, that sucks. How about ONE FOR ALL. . .

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Hold on... Period !!!!!!!!

My Father, who died in 1965, left me two words to remember,"Attitude" and "Gratitude", saying they are the two most important words in our language.

Both were demonstrated by the Founders. Hence, we never would have had the great country we've known without them. Attitude denotes persistence, and WE MUST PERSIST... regardless of anyone around us who doesn't.

Right on, MC!!

As for Gratitude, thank God for the Truth we have; for every truth-bearing Ron Paul out there. FOR THERE ARE MANY -AND THERE WILL BE MORE..


If I ever come face to face with Jesse Benton...

He is going to get an earful, and a middle finger.

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These are not the words of a gracious

and mature gentleman; these are the words of a petulant child. Go to Ron Paul and learn.

He's a

first class Buffoon. He's playing both sides.

Keepin' it real.

Benton is a complete joke,

Benton is a complete joke, and Tom Woods was 100% correct when he said Benton was not qualified to be Ron's campaign manager. Benton has done a disservice to us all, and I feel bad for those who donated large amounts to Ron's campaign when it was Benton asking for the cash to come in. Benton used us all, and I'm sure his pockets are now thicker because of it.

Just because he will not seek it

does not imply he would not welcome it. The founders considered that professing a desire to hold public office was, at best, unseemly. (That did not last long.)

The presidency - It's a crumby job, but Ron Paul's got to do it.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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the chit will hit the fan on 09/12/2012 or in late October. And Dr Paul doesn't want to pick up the pieces.......nor will NWO allow it?
Who cares what NWO wants. They are the few. We are the many.
The world is watching.

Keepin' it real.

So the guy

who really won and got punked out of his votes has to negotiate?
What's going on?

And the guy who really won but got shafted by election fraud (different from voter fraud) Might be honored at the convention.

"Ron Paul is not expected to speak, but that Romney representatives "are working with us (on) other ways to recognize and honor Ron at the convention."

HEY right now there is no nominee GOT IT?

We have PROOF that there was election fraud against RP in almost every state. We can verify this fact!

This is bizarre. Maybe it's the mainstream media meme and nothing more.

Maybe it's old news revived. It does sound like an old news story.

Keepin' it real.

For me it's about President Ron Paul

It's not some message for me, it's about taking back the GOP from literally evil infiltrators and restoring America while we still have a chance.

This is a tragic turn of events.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


What the heck does this mean?
"Ron Paul has announced he'll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention"

"Stance from his campaign".....(rubs chin)...hmmm... what? We have no intentions of being thug-like. Why is it that whenever Benton, Carol Paul or Wead comment it's all about being polite? WTF? What gives them the idea that we will be anything but polite? Jeebus Christmas.

Keepin' it real.

So does this

burn you up?
"Benton wouldn't discuss negotiations between the two camps.

What's there to discuss. Delegates took their precious time and money to win this for Dr Paul and he gave it away and let Romney steal everything in every state. What's there to negotiate?

I'm not voting for ORomney. And Ryan is a phoney. Why bother voting if it's not Dr Paul?

Keepin' it real.

All I hear

is a humble man taking a humble stance. Dr. Paul finally got me into this revolution when I saw a video of him giving a supporter thanks for allowing the good congressman to be part of the revolution. I think the die hards have lost their ways a bit, it is us, not him, that will create change, he has always preached this. Can anyone here really imagine Dr. Paul pandering for votes on the convention floor? Get a grip guys, it is all up to the delegates now, and with a little help from the 1 million plus outside,......I will be part of it. Trust the Ron Paul, the man knows what he is doing.



I find the reactions here rather humorous

Instead of taking this opportunity to accept the reality of Dr. Paul's defeat, so many people still insist he can win the nomination. Or maybe they are planning to fight this battle out of principle, knowing that it won't change the outcome. What a waste of resources!

Withdraw your consent from this entire corrupt government that no longer represents you. It cannot be reformed. Don't participate any longer. Don't vote. Don't pay taxes. Continue to educate your neighbors and make whatever preparations you still can.

Nominate from floor. "Hide & Seek" is a wonderful child's game.

Nomination comes most naturally from the floor. A nomination is a called out in open forum. A second is recognized. A motion is stated. Debate ensues. The motion proceeds to a vote.

"Hide & Seek" plays out a bit differently. The person who is "it" covers their eyes. Counts to 10. States, "Ready of not, here I come." They seek out those hiding nearby. When giving up on those not found, the child that was "it," cries out, "Olly, olly in come free!"

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Come on now..

that process was difficult and in most cases didn't work at all on the state level. They change the rules as they go. When the time comes for the GOP convention you can be sure the GOP will shutout all voices of dissent (sporadic as they may be) on the convention floor. Espeically when Ron Paul's campaign chooses not to coordinate the voices.

Sad to say, I want my money back. This choice of giving it to Romney began when his POS son thought it best for him to endorse Romney.

Fk him..

I want my money the fk back.

Am I it?

"Olly, olly in come free!"

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I know..

Its all about the message. But, his message has been constantly squelched by the MSM. President Paul, If you are reading this, Please DONT GIVE UP!!! The best way is to continue leading by example like you have been doing all these years. Your soo close, just take the nomination and become the best president ever! Your the only one who can unite the country, end corruption, and help save us from financial ruin. I believe we are at a tipping point that could lead us either into freedom and prosperity or Totalitarianism.

the delegates will be seeking to nominate him

Dr. Paul is not power hungry. Duh. Tell me some thing I don't know. A lot of in fighting and assumptions. Just wait until the RNC before you make any more judgments.