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Benton: ‘Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor.’

[ Tampa Bay Online: ] - Ron Paul has announced he'll seek a positive, non-confrontational stance from his campaign during the convention, and even will snub some gatherings planned by supporters because his campaign isn't controlling them.

Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton wouldn't discuss negotiations between the two camps or the timing of [Rand] Paul's speech, but said, "We have been told that it will be a very prominent time." Benton said by email that Ron Paul is not expected to speak, but that Romney representatives "are working with us (on) other ways to recognize and honor Ron at the convention.

"Dr. Paul will not seek to be nominated from the floor," he added.

Read the whole thing at: Tampa Bay Online

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Don't tell it like it is

Don't tell it like it is here. Some people can't take it...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...



First, it's unlike Ron to

First, it's unlike Ron to 'Snub' any supporters ever so it's extremely odd to start now. Second, go F yourself Benton!


Is not Dr. Paul's style. I'm sure just msm hype.


Tampa Bay Online is partnered with The Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV (NBC Tampa/St. Petersburg)...all owned by Media General. And Warren Buffett, the American George Soros, has had his eye on Media General.


And WFLA gets noted by Infowars...


For The Power of The Republic!

Why are people mad at Jesse Benton?

Jesse Benton speaks for Ron Paul. He's says what Ron wants him to say. Ron Paul is in agreement with every thing Jesse says because they are Ron's thoughts, not Jesse's.

so everything Benton says during an interview...

is completely scripted and Benton has an earpiece with RP speaking into as to how best to answer those questions??? Don't be ridiculous...Benton speaks out of his own heart.

You need to get a reality

You need to get a reality check. When has Benton EVER said anything that wasn't true or that Paul later came out and corrected?

I know it's painful to hear, but don't be foolish and believe otherwise..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

you're not getting what I'm saying

besides...Benton's word have been reality checked by Swann before. The facts have proved otherwise in regards to Benton's words before.

Benton while he may be a representative of the campaign does still speak for himself and speaks from his own heart. He doesn't have RP telling him everything to say...it's impossible. Which is all I said above.

Give me an example of what

Give me an example of what you sare saying. I don't recall Swann gave him a reality check. Your post implies that benton is some rogue guy who goes on these sprees and says things that is against what Ron Paul wants or going to do.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

When Benton came out and discussed

Ron Paul and the delegate count when he stopped actively campaigning, Benton gave all sorts of facts and numbers using mainstream polls. Swann did a reality check because he thought it was weird he was using those numbers and pretty much disproved what Benton was saying if I recall correctly. Benton/ the Paul campaign went to extremes by saying they had a lot more delegates than the media said amd then said they only have the delegates the media said we did. It made no sense.

And no one truly speaks for anyone, it's impossible. They may attempt to, but why do you think so many people have to recover from what their PR person said or something. Benton did not have a prepared answer for evey question at any interview. He's bound to still put his foot in his mouth even while doing what he can to represent the campaign. He can't 100% speak for Paul. Only Dr. Paul can truly speak for himself.

can you back it up. give me a

can you back it up. give me a link to the reality check.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Jesse does what Ron Paul tells him to do.

Ron Paul speaks VERY HIGHLY of Jesse Benton, loves him very much. Ron Paul is not a violent man as to him, that is weak. He would fire Jesse in a heartbest if he didn't appreciate what Jesse is doing. Jesse is protecting him and being a fall guy for delivering a message that many don't want to hear.

Food for Thought

Someone should suggest to Jesse Benton that while he is pontificating and collecting money, other supporters are being arrested and having their bones broken.

When Jesse Benton can show this kind of commitment we might listen to him. Since he hasn't, ignore the dope.

Because it is convenient

To have a scapegoat - someone to blame when one doesn't get what one wants - Ron Paul didn't win the nomination because he didn't win enough delegates. It is my understanding that the delegate strategy employed in the conventions that were so successful was the brainchild of Benton but Ron Paul didn't win enough votes in primaries and caucases to go with the delegate grabbing strategy to make it possible for him to win. Now he doesn't want a ridiculous and hopeless display put on in his name in Tampa so he sent out Benton to tell everyone. Benton is not the bad guy.

yeah, that's the thing

Ron Paul knows what the outcome will be if he comes out and spends 15 minutes attacking Romney and pleading with delegates to vote for him. His final vote total will be between about 300 and 400. He will lose, and it will not be close. Since everyone already knows that this will be the outcome, his failure to sway delegates will make him look very small and somewhat delusional. That's not the impression he wants to give, and he knows that would have a negative effect on his movement in the future.

From Ron Paul's statements, it does sound like there are certain things he would want to say at the convention that the RNC doesn't want him to. If he were to get the 5 states, which is still very possible, he would be allowed to speak uncensored for 15 minutes. But he is currently acting like he won't be speaking there. I suspect that there's some kind of deal that he's got with the RNC that involved Rand getting a prominent speaking role in place of him taking his time and saying what he wanted. Maybe RNC support for his rally and this supposed "tribute video" are some other things that Ron Paul is getting out of that deal. And if he does still get nominated, he may just automatically turn it down or send out a surrogate to give a statement. At this point it's seeming somewhat unlikely that he personally speaks at the convention.

Who Knows

Ron Paul may still speak at the convention but not so long as he is still technically a candidate - if the most adamant supporters don't tone down their rhetoric a little, maybe Mr Paul will be forced to formally concede in the next two weeks and then Romney can gracefully give him a speaking spot. It would be good for Ron Paul to have a final big moment on the national stage to talk about his ideals and policies - that would be much more inspirational and perhaps historical than a campaign speech in a hopeless and ridiculous bid to win a nomination that is already in the bag for Romney.

If this is how Ron wants it...

Then all will have been for naught. The 1st campaign was bad enough, but this along with Rand Jack Hunter and Austin Peterson excommunicating Ron Paul supporters from the "Rand Paul movement" effectively ends everything we have been working for, for the past eight years. What a waste! So tragic, so sad... We are on our own now...

If Ron doesn't want to be nominated...

He better drop out.

He just did

This is as close to saying that he no longer wants the nomination as one can get. I wonder if he will be forced to have one of his surrogates state it even more bluntly than this.

Et tu, Benton?

Back Stabber. Oak and Nylon scarcities expected.

Et tu, long, long time ago...

Benton never was.


But, But, But, It's a strategy to win. (send more money)
Cousin Eddy lost his farm at Christmas and had to go stay with the Griswalds partly because he kept giving to the TV preacher hoping for a miracle. I wonder if it was before or after the VA replaced the metal plate in his head with the piece of government issued plastic because of what happened when they used their microwave oven. Do your Christmas shopping now. Stock up on Ol' Roy for Rin Tin Tin.


Benton has none

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
- Thomas Jefferson

Do You Really Think RP is Such a Pantywaist?

That he would allow Jesse Benton to go out there and make comments that were contrary to his instructions. I don't for a second - Jesse Benton is a Ron Paul mouthpiece who expresses the thoughts and sentiments which Ron Paul wants him to express. PERIOD. Because otherwise Ron Paul would be too weak to be considered for any executive position, much less president.


to describe the backstabbing that has been done by this campaign. this Jesse Benton MFER has always been bad news.

AFTER ALL THE WORK!!!!!!! ALL THE DAYS SPENT SUPPORTING THE CAMPAIGN AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS INEFFABLE


ron paul 2012

This is appalling for those who have already invested

$2,000 in attending Tampa and countless donations. WT%^& is wrong with you Jessee Benton? He's not going to speak. He's going to trade his son. Sounds like crazy talk to us.

We can all make a video "tribute to voting for Romney"

Then go ahead and actually vote our conscience. Let them count the videos and regrets.


I knew a long time ago he was bad news and it's finally coming true.
How did Paul get involved with Wead and Benton to begin with???These guys were just money grubbers/parasites along for the ride.If they did their JOB Ron Paul would be in Tampa being nominated this month!


Benton is Ron Paul's step son... When you are Ron Paul, it's hard to find people that you can trust outside of your family, who wouldn't trust their own family?

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.