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Apple's Co-founder thinks Congress gives us our freedoms.

Steve Wozniack says the conservative and libertarian types are wrong. People are not born with rights, they are given to you by government.


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He's as misguided as most Americans on that.

It's a key distinguishing character of this country that we believe that the right to free speech (among others) was endowed to us by our Creator. As the government did NOT grant us that right, the government has no right to take it away. Only our Creator would be able to do that. What we did was grant to the federal government the right to enforce our rights. In today's politically-correct climate, I wonder how many Social Studies teachers clarify that point with students.

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He's 100% correct. We were

He's 100% correct. We were all born slaves unless you were fortunate to be born into the Kennedys, Rothschilds, Bush's, etc.

I think Wozniack is just mad

I think Wozniack is just mad that I have never bought an Apple product.

the government gives rights the same way

a serial killers spares lives.


That has got to be the funniest bit of logic, I've seen for awhile.

Truth in humor! :)

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How can the government give something...

that preceded its institution.

Property rights and the right to one's own life arose before the creation of government. Governments were instituted to protect those rights - not infringe upon them.

Wozniak is obviously wrong.

The Constitution is a contract.

Government made an offer to govern. At the Constitutional Convention the States ratified the contract.

The Constitution then created the Congress.

Government Officials swear to uphold and defend the Constitution in a timely fashion. Failure to do so is treason.

Carl Miller says they are your rights. Stand up for them if you want them.

Free includes debt-free!

Seems to me he is saying that

Seems to me he is saying that you have any rights at all is only by the grace of the government. True to an extent, but not how it should be thought of or seen.(as in they take them away if they feel like it)
Most governments throughout history have restricted rights. So when people think of rights while having that in mind, they think that rights must be granted by the government. The proper way to think of this though(and the way I am sure most people here think) is that governments only take away rights, they do not grant them.

A good comparison here is that this is like saying that you only have the ability to speak because the government says its ok. If the government were to suddenly decide otherwise, you suddenly would lose your ability to talk. That is of course non-sense.

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Woz illustrates EVERYTHING that is wrong with

historically/Constitutionally/Natural Rights-imbecilic "educated" idiots.

And, this is coming from a guy who holds the Woz in high esteem, for all of his historically significant technological contributions to/for the world.

Literally, it's like WHY do some 'smart' people find it such an insanely unrealistic concept to actually read, study and research topics outside of their native comfort zone, before commenting??

Would the likes of Woz assume it to be prudent, for some non-techie to challenge him, on short falls of C++, or HTML vs. XTML, or Adobe Flash and SunMS' Java, or whatever?

Not to say that 'outside'-professionals shouldn't comment, as let's face it, much of the world's problems are precisely due to the gullible and pliant sheeple blindly following 'prudent' advice of "professionals"... you know, like Krugman/Bernanke/Jamie Dimons of the world?


That said, one should familiarize himself with rudimentary basics of the topic in question, prior to yapping, no?

Oh the hypocrisy... then again, one wouldn't be a L vs.R false paradigm 'liberal,' if cognitive dissonance weren't their first native tongue.

Predictions in due Time...

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It's the same with Gates. These geniuses spend

their lives focused in a narrow specialization and presume they are among a knowledgeable, successful elite who know better than the average guy how everyone's life should be ordered. It gets back to the fundamental problem of government & cronies using coercion for "the general welfare."

Well it can overturn laws that pretend to infringe Rights.

Laws that use force to suppress them.

Free includes debt-free!