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Surprise, Surprise: Kochtopus CATO hearts Wrongney's VP Choice, the RINO Statist Liberal Paul Ryan

No. Seriously? Really?

The KOCHtopus Beltarian Faketarians, always there to dutifully provide the LaughTracks, and further forging itself onto a path of historical oblivion:

Paul Ryan Gets Free Markets

Posted by Chris Edwards | August 11, 2012 @ 11:01 am

Paul Ryan is an excellent choice as running mate for Mitt Romney. He understands federal spending and tax policies in enormous detail. He has said that he started reading federal budgets when he was in high school. He’s also read Global Tax Revolution, my book with Dan Mitchell about the implications of globalization and tax competition. He knows that the American economy will not thrive with high tax rates, especially on business income and capital. He shares Mitt Romney’s goal of chopping the corporate tax rate to revive investment and job creation.

Ryan is an articulate defender of free enterprise, and he consistently argues not just for the practical advantages of smaller government but also about the moral imperative to cut. America will face giant fiscal and economic emergencies unless we make major reforms to the government. Mitt Romney, of course, has had a rather mixed record regarding free markets and limited government. And Ryan–as a good politician–has compromised many times as well. But if the next administration is Republican, and if it decides it wants to push major reforms, Paul Ryan is uniquely qualified to lead the charge.

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Of course he is, he is no more libertarian than Julian Assange.

People need to simply recognize that Paul Ryan, he doesn't have to be nefariously evil to drive an agenda or anything else.

He's just another one of them, a big city liberal who only knows how to do things by big city rules and that means he supports bank takeovers. He supports bailouts, he supports federalized healthcare.

He is NOT your ally, will never step foot inside the rural country and laughs at Ron Paul.

Paul Ryan is an establishment bought and sold Liberal, whatever you do make sure he has no mistaken connections with Tea Party or any of the libertarians for that matter.

reedr3v's picture

No reason to take a swipe at Assange, who has

taken huge personal risks for the cause of freedom and is fighting for his own life as well as free speech.

Assange is certainly one of them too

Whether you want to admit it or not, he does applaud globalism.