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Lew Rockwell Replies: Louisiana Ron Paul Delegates Lose Appeal

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The you tubes of the meeting should be taken viral to

Alex Jones (888-253-3139), Rachel Maddow, Matt Drudge. Remember 2/3rds voted out the chairman and he tried to keep on holding the meeting so almost everyone turned their chairs around and elected a new chair - Ron Paul supporter. Remember the police broke the first guy's fingers and dislocated the 2nd guy's hip? Rememenber Maine counties that reported -0-? But NObody knows about this! That is OUR FAULT. Please take this story AND Massachutes story to the forefront. Cause we don't need to get pushed around and neither does Ron Paul or his delegates. Justice be done.

I hope it works out....

It really sucks when the thieves are in charge of judging the actions of fellow thieves.

Hi D,

I couldn't resist posting earler :)

Who are the thieves and who are the fellow thieves?

Sorry to be so dim, but I always figure if I don't understand I better ask or I will never understand.

Hey Bear!

Glad to hear from you!

I was speaking of the Establishment RNC making the judgement in favor of the Establishment GOP in LA. It's like trying to prosecute Heinrich Himmler with Adolf Hitler sitting as the judge.

See, I knew I should ask...

I thought you might be saying the RP delegates were thieves for stealing the delegate spots LOL. Of course that is how the establishment sees them.

Thieves are going to judge for thieves against the "so called" RP thieves. LOL

I am a little upset with Lew Rockwell, He advocates non-political participation. Or at least that is what I understand. This stuff is all new to me, but non participation seems like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to me. Then again, I didn’t realize that presidencies were bought and paid for until recently. What a big wide world we live in!

I was so upset about it I created a Rant Post (I changed the title of it because I decided it sounded stupid): http://www.dailypaul.com/247633/serendipity-soapboxes-what-i...

I think many of the libertarians...

of Rockwell's age and level of participation in the movement in one way or another have probably been disenchanted with politics for some time.

They've tried to inform the public for years while most of us - including myself - have been sitting in an ignorant bliss with the wool firmly held over our eyes. Over that time, few political battles have ever been won. However, Rockwell and others have had more success through educational writing. I believe they are sticking to what they've had the most success with in the past.

In some ways, the strategy Lew Rockwell and others like him have taken are necessary. Enough people must be educated before a big enough ground swell can develop to influence politics. It's difficult to compete with the big money. The Establishment is entrenched and has deep roots. There is a critical amount of people to be reached at which the politicians must pay attention. Let's hope that number of pissed off people don't have to resort to a violent revolution.

I think the we are reaching a turning point. I just hope we can avoid economic calamity and widespread civil unrest. Sometimes I think the "leaders" of this world believe reality doesn't matter - that their clout and money can ultimately solve any problem - that they can wave a magic wand and make the problems go away that they have created - that an 80% disapproval rating of Congress is no big deal.

They will learn one day. Reality could care less about their fanciful illusions. People eventually reap what they sow - or reap what was sown by those they emulate that came before them. Some of them were lucky enough to die before it came time to pay the piper. That day is coming though - sooner than they may think.

Paying the Piper

I think perhaps we have been paying the Piper since Hamilton pushed the constitution and debt. Have you read Patrick Henry?


Part of finding out there was a wide world was finding out that the man who cried Give me Liberty or Give me Death was firmly against the Constitution.

Do you know anything about that?

I almost think the PTB want a revolution. That is how populations are cleansed and controlled. That is why my heart cries out for Ron Paul 2012. It seems a shot in the dark, but those shots are possible you know. Godspeed Dr. Paul!