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How Far Advanced is Holographic Technology?

I've been wondering, after watching the Japanese Pop Star (who looks pretty much real) How advanced is this technology and is it being used on us already?

Could it be used to project, say an alien invasion, or a spacecraft in space? "Triangular Light Formations over Mexico City?" , or fake the coming of Christ in Central Africa? (All these things have occured).

I made this video follow up asking.. could the ISS be a hologram as well? Afterall, the videos we have been shown supposedly from Earth based telescopes it isn't clear- it looks like a blurry rainbow when it appears, beginning a few questions:


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the red and blue twinges you see is light refraction

Light refraction. Or, as Pink Floyd put it. This doesn't in any way support your case that it's a hologram.

Let me demonstrate:

If you wear glasses (a medium) try looking at a high-contrast edge of light, like a lightbulb or computer monitor that's on. (it works for anything, if you look carefully enough). Tilt your head to the left or right, and you'll see one half of the image gain a red twinge, and the other a blue twinge. Tilt the opposite direction, and the colors switch. The light from the source is being bent as it passes through the medium, which disperses the light. But these things are not holograms.

Same thing happens through a telescope lens, through which the ISS is recorded. Red and blue shifts (aka the Doppler effect applied to light) in pictures from the Hubble telescope help calculate how far away a galaxy is from us. It's all measurable and independently verifiable.

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See operation Blue Beam (NASA)


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