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In it to win it my A*! Benton and Paul. Angry rant

Something's been hugely ignored this whole campaign.

Dr. Paul is not in it to win it. Since the beginning when he would NOT attack Romney. Benton has done nothing but kiss Romney's ass the last 3 months. The job's almost done. "It's crunch time," but the campaign and JESSE will do nothing but mope around.

We've been screwed countless times in several states by the Romney campaign. If it wasn't for our supporters they're would be no lawsuits. Dr. Paul and Jesse will not even publicly back the lawsuits or stand up for the delegates. The campaign has done nothing to fight back or stand up for itself or it's supporters. The supporters have been carrying this campaign the whole way.

I've been so obsessed getting Dr. Paul elected this year, everything just seems like such a let down. Are you fkcing serious? Gary Johnson headling "DR.PaulFEst"!!! Who wanted to see GJ @ Rally for the Republic? NO ONE! Dr. Paul will not even speak at his own event? Are you fcking kidding me!!!! fck the Sundome rally. That's just the carrot in front of the horse to pretend Dr. Paul will be recognized at the convention.

Dr. Paul will be nothing but ignored at the convention and everyone's going to sit back and be happy about it. Dr. Paul will not even seek to be nominated from the floor? wtf is going on! What the FCUK has everyone been working so hard for.

I feel like all my efforts are a waste. I've been so let down and so neglectful to my family, over an obsession to Dr. Paul that it makes my blood boil. How many of you have done nothing but lose money with this gamble? Is it time to admit your an addict? I love you Dr. Paul, but i will place no more bets on you for President in 2012, unless, MAYBE (I hope) the campaign will at least stand up and back it's supporters instead of trying to distance itself from them.

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Another one

wakes up and smells the roses.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Angry rant not accepted.

You just don't get it.

It is up to US to nominate Dr. Paul. This is OUR movement.

It does not matter jack sh!t what Benton, msm or anybody else thinks or says.

"...but rather an IRATE, TIRELESS MINORITY, keen on setting brushfires of freedom..."


Delegates: get to Tampa. Stand strong and proud. Be respectful, but DO NOT get pushed around.

PS: I have a family too and in the same position as you. I will NOT let my family continue to live under corruption. Mark my words.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I understand your frustration.

However, with knowledge of who owns our country's government officials and the fact that we don't REALLY have a voice that matters as citizens of this country, I don't think it was ever Ron Paul's intentions to try to win the nomination. I feel his goal was to educate people and revive the spirit of Liberty back into us to a tipping point of no return. This country will not be fixed by one person. If he does win, he's going to be suicides by the powers that be. And I don't think it would be too far of a stretch to assume that someone has already warned/threatened him or his families' lives. I don't know what to make of everything. I'm fairly new to the revolution and reality. However, I understand that it's about spreading awareness and waking people up. If you can't stick with and trust Ron Paul and the campaign, that's your right. But don't ever give up on the R3volution, which has never been about one man saving this country. But an information war, activism, and taking over from the bottom up to restore liberty and the constitution and getting liberty minded candidates into the house and senate who will uphold heir oaths and represet us once again.


Angry Rant,

Appears you definetly are angry. I know this whole ride has been a roller coaster one, to say the least, but unfortunatly the ride is not done yet. You can surely jump if you like but it might hurt more then if you were to last to the end.

You are not in it alone, there are thousands and thousands, if not millions who are in the same boat. If in the end Dr Paul does not win, there will still be lots to do. The liberty movement can not and will not die. So be assured all your fellow liberty lovers need you. Hang in there Bro.....

thanks man. i just get so

thanks man. i just get so frustrated. even seeing romney's face pisses me off. i catch my anger getting directed towards campaign cause we had our chance to take out romney in debates but wasted debates on santorum and the newt. I feel sometimes like the campaign has helped give romney the win.

I was definitely upset that Ron Paul...

never went after RomneyCare in the debates. It was talked about in '08 during the debates but was avoided like the plague this time around.