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CIA & intelligence agencies have a vested interest in maintaining a global drug problem.

Excerpt from American Free Press Interview with “Top Undercover Cop” on CIA’s Control of the Drug Trade:

According to Levine, colluding with criminals is a standard procedure the CIA continues to practice. “You can be the biggest drug dealer in the world,” says Levine, “but if you have any political influence in your country, which most drug dealers do, the CIA will hire you.”

When asked why the U.S. government allows this criminality to go unchecked, Levine replied: “The CIA and other intelligence agencies, right down to the Partnership for a Drug Free America, have a vested interest in maintaining a global drug problem. That’s what they live for. They pretty much rely on drug proceeds to fund their operations.”

And these operations are not just confined to countries south of the border. According to Levine, “Take Afghanistan for example, where all of our [CIA] assets are tribal leaders who are allowed to traffic in heroin because they’re anti-Taliban. The CIA is supporting these people, and making sure they don’t get arrested or indicted.”

Entire Article:

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The DEA and CIA are not about stopping the drug trade.

It is about controlling the trade routes and distribution. When the job is too big for these agencies to deal with we send in mercenaries and/or the American military.