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This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like

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I distill all my drinking

I distill all my drinking water. You should see the gunky sludge that is left behind from tap water - yuk!

Yea, thats what it looks like

Yea, thats what it looks like after its had stuff growing in it for a couple weeks. Not all of that is stuff that got filtered out of the water, alot of it is mold/mildue/whatever other lifeform likes damp/wet areas thats been growing there.
How do I know this? Because I recognize that as some of the same stuff I have seen growing in various repeatedly wet areas.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Also looks like ...

Hey, there's an idea for a new competition.

Post your thoughts on what the brown slimy gunk reminds you of.

Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling:
1) the stuff I imagine Romney's head is filled with
2) the way Ron Paul leaves his opponents looking after a debate
3) GoP ethics made manifest
4) the way the economy looks thanks to the oligarchs