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International Space Station Billion Dollar Hoax - Part 2

How many billion will we have to spend, before people realize it's a scam?


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your space hoax theory has already been riddled with holes

it's unwise to run away from what you don't understand. There are a number of questions posed to you in your previous post on this which will go a long way in explaining what is unclear:


If you continue to ignore them, you're not seeking truth, just safehavens of ignorance.

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budget has been slashed by Obama dramatically and most of the rest of the funding 90% or so goes to secret operations. You can say all you want about space exploration, but it is necessary and responsible for many of the technologies we have. We spend $670 billion on war but 4/10ths of a penny of the tax dollar goes to NASA. With the recent budget cuts thousands of engineers and scientist have lost their jobs and the communities around Cape Canaveral have seen mass amounts of job loss. The ISS being a hoax is just plain dumb you can see it with your blind eye at certain times when overhead or with a telescope. What we do up there matters down here. Here is one of the leading Astrophysicist in the world talking infornt of the Senate about the NASA budget. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ndhxdDgSgI and another one from him just cause he is one of my idols like Ron Paul, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbIZU8cQWXc

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So there is no space station?

I'm all about the truth. I find this hard to beleive but if you guys are convinced this is accurate, I'll spend some time and research the issue.

I would rather have money

I would rather have money spent on science stuff than all this war shit. At least the space program yielded actual results. All the wars did was waste life and money.
Besides, the budget Nasa and space stuff gets is a tiny fraction of everything else.(official public budget anyway, Nasa is an adjunct of the DoD, it is NOT civilian)
DoD funding isnt good though, they do lots of secret science only they get to benefit from.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Well, apparently this comment

Well, apparently this comment wasnt received very well.

I agree that we need to cut spending but I think that certain things can be cut before others.
The one thing I think government should spend money on, if they are going to spend any at all, is science; if the money is going to be spent anyway, spend it on something worthwhile. If they get rid of the tax for all this stuff, great, but while they are taking more in than needed to run the government, science is a much better use than most. While Nasa may not be efficient like private companies, there is no denying that different technologies have come about because of it.
Including the fact of university funding, much of that comes from the government and without that, they wouldnt have nearly as much research take place.(I swear, the one I went to spent loads on a new sports stadium but wouldnt update the equipment in the engineering building) No I am not saying that the government is absolutely needed here, but we certainly wouldnt see as much progress if funding was suddenly cut.
There is also the fact that many companies are not willing to devote the funding to research needed for many things because of the amount of risk involved versus profits obtained.(now explain why no one is willing to do any research on hemp to prove to people what we all know about it already; why would any invest in research into a cure?)

In the end, if the government has the ability to cut things, there are far better things to get rid of aside from science related stuff. I know plenty of people think everything should be cut and we should return to every man for themself and therefore my position isnt that popular(as can already be seen). However, if they are taking in more tax than needed to run things, like I said, science is a much better choice. This is my position and if you dont like it, "insert general statement here".

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Oh bologna, are you a likely infiltrator?

The space exploration program doesn't serve to do anything but drain the federal budget, which in turn drains everyone else of any type of revenues, living, etc.

NASA's over-flaunted space program costs just as much as Lockheed Martin costs, year and year out, while we have schools being closed across the board. Also it produces little except for blurry images. If you can't understand that NASA's obsession with U.F.O's and other tricks is just part of the Global Government's next level of running an obvious scam, than I don't know if I can help here much.

The only people who care about this waste of space are Paul Ryan's friends the dazed channelers, psychic crackpots and the Federal Reserve cartel who wastes untold billions on this every year.

It is a waste of space and not everyone cares about it. In fact as the states go back to deciding what budgets they support, they can transition to hard currencies easier than ever & include vetoing budgets for wasteful NASA so that we balance our economy.

Why are we wasting untold billions & time on space research..?

Why are we wasting untold billions on the federal DARPA and space research program to begin with, anyway?

When we can barely put gas in the car, this needs to set off alarm bells for half this entire country. We should not be funding any of this garbage. The 60% of Republicans we control need to cut ties to this madness, stop funding the programs, stand the line on states.

The Tea Party needs to call these wastes of time out. What good is it going to do if we spend over a hundred billion on some telescope program, we aren't even going to use when our States don't have gasoline?

Cut the heads off this farce.

Why waste everyones time by posting this crap here

If you honestly believe this, you'll believe anything.

There are plenty enough *real* issues to uncover here, without floating this kind of stupidity as a distraction.


I agree with you but depending on how long it's been since the OP "woke up" I might have a little sympathy for him. When I first starting learning what the heck was really going on in this world compared to what I had been told and thought was true all of my life, I went through a period where it seemed EVERYTHING was a scam or a hoax.

I've read some pretty convincing documents that have caused me to question certain aspects of the holocaust but at this point I just attribute it to me still questioning everything all the time.

I've seen the shuttle lift off and have seen the space station with a telescope before so I'm not buying this post, but again,...if you think back to when you were making the trasformation from illusion to reality, I suspect you too went through some confusing times.


Critical thinking applies in both directions

By not accepting everything at face value, we are also responsible for not believing every hair-brained alternative explanation offered.

In a complex world like ours - there is a certain amount of reasonable "common sense" that is mandatory to finding anything even close to the truth.

ie. "The destruction of Building 7 - based on the evidence - is almost definitely 100% the result of a pre-planned controlled demolition"

... is an intelligent conclusion to come to.

"The destruction of Building 7 - based on the evidence - was the result of office fires"

... is not. No matter what NIST or Corporate Media says.


"Regardless of all the available evidence - the Earth is flat"

... is idiotic. It just is.

And so is all of the speculation that our space program is not real.

That conclusion is a result of a complete lack of critical thinking, logical reasoned thought, and complete lack of common sense.

Having an open mind does not = leaving the barn door wide open so any random critters can walk in and poop all over lol.

Posting that kind of thing here also reflects poorly on those of us who *do* have the ability to look at a situation and the available evidence and come to a conclusion.

This is what annoys me the most about it.

Space program is a waste of space..

Just another long list of abuses in this country's history.
That's all and its time to cut off the spigot.

Actually the OP just knows a

Actually the OP just knows a Green Screen, zero-G airplane scam when he sees it.

Folks this entire thing, is a one hundred percent scam

Read their voting records as they've been hiding a slush fund to nowhere for years and years.


Look at how they all voted for this program which is a bunch of nonsense. Its like Obama, Ryan etc. care more about seeing little green men from Mars than they do about anything to do with America...