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Boston Globe Declares "Paul's Their All"

Great MSM coverage of Chicago rally. Kudos to the Boston Globe. Neither major newspaper in Chicago saw fit to adequately cover this event.


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And a Special Thank You to Michael Nystrom Too!

Michael, thank you for providing and maintaining this excellent forum for us. It is a resource for information, ideas and intelligent discussion. Congratulations on its success.

Write Lisa a "thank you" email

I just wrote the reporter, Lisa, a nice "thank you" email for a good piece of honest JOURNALISM (remember that word ?).

Please do the same. We need to make FRIENDS in the MSM to further our cause, yes, but also those who are truly doing their jobs by "reporting" the news vs. "editorializing" the news should indeed receive a well-earned pat on the back these days.

If enough of us wrote a sincere thank you response, who does not think this would go a long way to a follow-up should the opportunity arise with another RP visit to the area?

There is a proverb which says, "If a person wants friends, they should show themselves FRIENDLY ." Ron needs friends in the media, so when the opportunity avails itself and can be done honestly, let's make friends :-)

Excellent Boston Globe article