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MoneyBomb, help pay for people's trips to Tampa and support the liberty movement!

Donate to help Andy Maul, an Alternate Delegate from Pennsylvania's CD 14 (Pittsburgh).
Raised: $50

Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention; Congressional District 14 Voter Information - Party: Republican
Candidates (Vote for 3) - Andy Maul 9,495 votes 48.4%

Donate to an OKGOP Parking Lot delegate who needs to replace tires for the trip to Tampa
Raised: $58

Donate to The Liberty LiveStream Team's chipin to upgrade equipment and pay for travel.
Raised $208

Donate to two Oklahoma conservative slate delegates
Raised $320.

Donate to an Alternate delegate to the National Convention from Arizona: Ed Vallejo
Raised $50

Donate to an Alternate Delegate to the National Convention from CD 7 in Washington State
Raised $45.

Donate to a TX CD14 Liberty Delegate
Raised $175.

Donate to A military member about to be medically separated in a week
Raised $400

Donate to a National At-Large Alternate from Iowas 1st District
Raised $305

Raised $1215


Donate to 2 young Ron Paul delegates and 1 Ron Paul alternate from CD34 caucus in Texas
Raised $595.

Raised $0

A National Delegate going to Tampa

Attention Delegates
Financial Assistance from Ron Paul Campaign

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This is a bit too much to choose from. Who needs help the most and why are some of these at 0 dollars? Not sure who to help here.


Please contribute to my chip

Please contribute to my chip in. I am a national delegate and have not gotten ANY contributions to my chips ins as of yet.

this guy had Romney likes all over his facebook but removed them

when challenged at RPF, just so you know.

then he posted a new facebook page but it has zero back dated posts on anything. I dunno. vetting seems like a good idea generally, though.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

You people really are beyond

You people really are beyond stupid. You google search my name and you find some other guy on facebook who has my same name. You just assume this is the same person because you are to ignorant to even consider that there might be two people with the same name.

You claim I have two facebook pages, when the the two people look nothing alike.

If you want to vet someone, it may be a good idea to look at the link I provided to you from my state GOP where I am listed as a delegate and there is a picture of me with bright red highlights. Now the guy in that picture looks like ONE of the two facebook pages, the one I posted, and not some other guy you googled with the same name.

As to liking Romney:

1) I have never "liked" Romney on my facebook page.
2) There are Ron Paul delegates who do have Romney likes on their facebook page, as they are a bit more stealthy than I am.
3) I'm not sure anyone really likes Romney, and that includes Ann.

You don't even know how to vet someone's delegate status. You are a dumb ass. How you accidentally stumbled into a political movement that has an accurate understanding of complex inter-workings of macro economics and how central planning affects growth boggles my mind.

That said, would you kindly donate to my chip-in? http://ztsmart.chipin.com/ar-delegate-to-tampa

RP chocolate bars for Tampa

As you well know, the RNC in Tampa Florida is fast approaching. Ron Paul has asked his supporters to line the highway to the convention with signs of the R3voLution. (Consider It Done Ron). As part of these actions we are working on the project to flood the RNC (Delegates/Alternates) with Ron Paul Chocolate Bars. Doing this will have a big impact at the convention. Conventions can be long & arduous events. People get hungry & tired (we know, we were delegates for Ron Paul & due to the attempted shenanigans of the GOP establishment, our convention lasted 5 hours longer than it should have, but we swept every delegate/alternate at the convention!)

During the RNC in Tampa, when people get hungry & want a snack, Ron Paul Chocolate Bars will be there. In the hands of the Ron Paul delegates & alternates Ron Paul Choc Bars will reach out to the other candidates delegates/alternates with chocolate. A friendly, non invasive, effective approach & gesture of friendship.

Also, the fact that Ron Paul Chocolate Bars will be all through the convention will make an impact. Ron Paul Chocolate Bars were at our state convention & we had many Romney people comment on how impressive it was that RP had such a presence! It also began friendly conversations about key issues of the day.
Ron Paul Chocolate Bars are an impressive product with special quotes on the back of the bars.

Help us show our presence at the RNC, not just with signs of the R3voLution, Delegates/Alternates, but with Chocolate Love. Remember there are key quotes on the back of each bar, with liberty websites on the back. I will tell you this: RP Chocolate Bars will be the only candidate Chocolate Bars at the RNC, because Ron Paul's message is the only one that could attract such ardent, activist zeal, & dedication. We are proud to support Ron Paul (the ideas man). And we intend to share that zeal with others!...At the RNC.

Purchase your Ron Paul Chocolate Bars for Delegates/Alternates At

Put a note in the pay pal purchase "RNC Delegates/Alternates". We will get the bars to appropriate delegates/alternates. For every purchase made we will donate bars to delegates/alternates to share at the convention! We will hand deliver them in Tampa! Consider making bulk purchases of 100 bars or more for huge impact! This is our time to shine & make our presence known.

And see Ron Paul Chocolate Bars in Tampa at P.A.U.L. Fest, The Ron Paul Rally At The Sun Dome, The After Party For Ron Paul & The RNC.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

avoid foods like pizza etc, that can slow/fog the brain,,

seriously, do your homework on this.. as many of you already know, some foods "help" thought process and some foods "hamper" thought process. Ron Paul 2012!!!

Oh, and..

sometimes "lack" of food can help spark R3VOLUTION!


The campaign is helping too. Be careful with scammers

If you have proof of a scam

If you have proof of a scam let me know

Educate Romney Delegates

If you see any Romney delegates in Tampa, educate them!


p.s. Please bump/share the linked post so others can find this info as well. Thanks.

5 or 6 mos. ago

there was a passionate former Romney supporter by name of Miller who posted in "in 2008 I voted for Mitt Romney, in 2012 I'm voting for Ron Paul" may be very helpfull for educating from within Romneys own Camp

Richard K Miller to be exact

. Ron Paul 2012 !!!

I added a few new chipins.

I added a few new chipins. Thanks for all the help so far.

Can you add mine too? Thanks

Can you add mine too? Thanks bunches!

If you've enjoyed putting up

If you've enjoyed putting up with me, imagine how much the GOP would love to put up with me at the convention:

Click here to send me there (I be a delegate):


Let's not. Chris Christie is

Let's not. Chris Christie is one Ron Paul chocolate bar away from diabetes.

National Alternate Chip-in Update

This NAD is a friend of mine and has raised some money recently so she asked me to update her Chip-In post here on DP. Her new need is only $750 thanks to some local personal donations she has received. Here is her chip-in.


"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but the

Just added it to the post

Just added it to the post

This one is full, 3 from CD34 for $600

From one of the delegates:

"I'm not on Daily Paul so can you mark ours as funded? Woo Hoo

I can't fully express how grateful we are for the help from fellow RP supporters. We went into this to win without knowing how our 2 delegates could get there. They had the time, passion and willingness but not the money. They have been fundraising but it was slow going as we had local campaigning to do also for our primary. Please know that we will represent you well!

This is ours listed on DP:
Donate to 2 young Ron Paul delegates and 1 Ron Paul alternate from CD34 caucus in Texas
Raised $100."

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

They're on the list

They're on the list

For all 5 of them?

this should be a pretty easy money bomb...

What is this?

Is it a bump? Is it a comment? Is it a joke? Some questions are not meant to be answered.

Thank you Daily Paul for all

Thank you Daily Paul for all the support! Oklahoma needs it as we have a battle ahead of us!

I got $20 per night at a bed and breakfast...

right next to the Sun Dome by finding someone on airbnb. This could be a good resource for others. Here are a few listings in Tampa. The place I'm staying is right next to the Sun Dome.


Good call

AirBNB is excellent. I used them for my trip to Brazil last year. No problems whatsoever and very trustworthy and reliable (at least in my experience).

I fly out on Sunday from Nevada.

Help send me to Tampa. I'm a National Delegate and we are going to do everything we can to get Ron the nomination, and we won't back down!
I'm spending two weeks in Tampa serving on the Platform Cmte & attending the convention. It's very expensive & I'm not one of those rich republicans.Help send a delegate to Tampa to nominate RON PAUL! Any help will be MOST appreciated. Donate at the link below where you can read more about my effort:

Another link for an Iowa delegate.


I am already paying for myself, wife, two kids, and sharing our room with another Iowa delegate but I still chipped in a little for Lexy.

She already has had some contact with MSM looking for interviews. I think she would do a great job representing our delegation, Ron Paul and our movement.

Please help. :-)

The Virtual Conspiracy

Why haven't you included

Links to RonPaul2012 site? They are helping pay for delegates to get to Tampa as well as fighting legal battles.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Because they don't control the funds there.

He's connected with Steve Parent who has numerous felonies for fraud and other fun stuff. Most "recently" he has moved to scamming us. As a group, we're actually great targets.. Hardly anyone asks for proof of anything.

Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

reedr3v's picture

Your statement is controversial and divisive.

That is not needed at especially at this critical time.