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MoneyBomb, help pay for people's trips to Tampa and support the liberty movement!

Donate to help Andy Maul, an Alternate Delegate from Pennsylvania's CD 14 (Pittsburgh).
Raised: $50

Alternate Delegate to Republican National Convention; Congressional District 14 Voter Information - Party: Republican
Candidates (Vote for 3) - Andy Maul 9,495 votes 48.4%

Donate to an OKGOP Parking Lot delegate who needs to replace tires for the trip to Tampa
Raised: $58

Donate to The Liberty LiveStream Team's chipin to upgrade equipment and pay for travel.
Raised $208

Donate to two Oklahoma conservative slate delegates
Raised $320.

Donate to an Alternate delegate to the National Convention from Arizona: Ed Vallejo
Raised $50

Donate to an Alternate Delegate to the National Convention from CD 7 in Washington State
Raised $45.

Donate to a TX CD14 Liberty Delegate
Raised $175.

Donate to A military member about to be medically separated in a week
Raised $400

Donate to a National At-Large Alternate from Iowas 1st District
Raised $305

Raised $1215


Donate to 2 young Ron Paul delegates and 1 Ron Paul alternate from CD34 caucus in Texas
Raised $595.

Raised $0

A National Delegate going to Tampa

Attention Delegates
Financial Assistance from Ron Paul Campaign

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I am a military member about

I am a military member about to be medically separated in a week and really wish to take my family to Tampa for this rally...and to support Ron Paul and the community. I have created a chipin..anything helps...thanks.


I can verify my service, and who I am via FB. You can email me at:



Donate and bump...

...for Liberty!

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Before you donate

Before you donate, remember that P.A.U.L. Festival not only has NOTHING to do with the RNC, but is actually competing against Ron Paul's event on Sunday.

Hotels are INCREDIBLY expensive, and the "Camp Liberty" campsite has been cancelled...so every dime spent to get people to P.A.U.L. Fest is wasted money. It will have zero impact on the RNC, it will not help Ron Paul in ANY way, and it will be money spent so a few people can party for three days instead of more people getting travel and hotels for the actual convention covered.

I agree.

I think it's counter productive to have this festival at the same time Ron Paul's rally is going on. Everyone should be at his Rally.


I thought that P.A.U.L. Fest

I thought that P.A.U.L. Fest was busing everyone to the Sun Dome for the rally on Sunday?


They announced that they WILL NOT bus people to the Sun Dome. Instead, while Ron Paul speaks and has his after party, P.A.U.L. Fest will just keep on going...

You know...to honor Dr Paul...


I received an e-mail confirmation stating that they WILL be bussing in to the Sun Dome!

Thanks Janice

Could you post a link to that to clear this up?

That would be a good way to "verify" this....there has been so much disinfo posted lately and we all need to be careful.

Nice to see your alternate approach to hotel/lodging...Good work.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
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There is nothing to verify...

With most things about P.A.U.L. the truth can change by the day...

Susan Wolfe, the very person in charge of the Ronvoys, made a public post on her own account just a few days ago announcing that P.A.U.L. Fest would not be shuttling people back and forth to Ron Paul's event on Sunday.

Here's the quote: "We sent an email to the Delegates and Alternates to let them know that, with nearly zero support from the Campaign, we will not have the number of Ronvoys available in Tampa we thought we would originally, and we are unable to Ronvoy people to Dr. Paul's event on Sunday."

I THINK that this means that the people who do pay for Ronvoys will have a vehicle that they can use, but there won't be extras. Of course, the Ronvoy agreement states that people who pay for Ronvoys must make themselves availale to shuttle performers and speakers back and forth to P.A.U.L. Fest, so I would imagine that at least a few of the Ronvoy ticket buyers would be forced to stay at P.A.U.L. Fest.

Thanks for the input but this

Thanks for the input but this is mainly delegates and Liberty Live stream, not directly related to P.A.U.L. Festival

Sunday, I'm flying to Tampa from Nevada!

Help send me to Tampa. I'm a National Delegate and we are going to do everything we can to get Ron the nomination, and we won't back down!
I'm spending two weeks in Tampa serving on the Platform Cmte & attending the convention. It's very expensive & I'm not one of those rich republicans.Help send a delegate to Tampa to nominate RON PAUL! Any help will be MOST appreciated. Donate at the link below where you can read more about my effort:


Newly Destitute Delegates

A big part of the vetting process to be on the delegate slate in Nevada was that you would have said you already had funding to go to Tampa. There were many other competent and qualified state delegates who volunteered to be included on the Ron Paul National delegate slate who would have paid their own way to Tampa, but were overlooked in favor of a growing pool of increasingly destitute delegates.

What's up with that? I find it a little unseemly that so many RP campaign-approved delegates are now asking for donations when they have long since proclaimed that already had the means to pay their own way to the National Convention.


I just made a small donation and hope to be able to donate more next week... I want you to know that when I click on your link using my phone I don't see the donate button. IDK if it's like that with all mobile devices or just some of them but I thought you may want to know.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Here's one for an alternate delegate from my state


and more info so you can verify who he is.



Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

good idea WE NEED TO GET


Is there a way to verify

Is there a way to verify these people are who they say they are? I want to help delegates out as much as possible, but anyone can make a website and try to capitalize on our patriotism... Not that I'm doubting anyone in particular, I just want to know. There has to be some form of accountability here...

I tried to donate but..

wont even accept my "valid" card w/ "sufficient" funds..what to do?

Here is the link to my

donation page. It details what I plan to do in Tampa. Any donations are MOST appreciated!


Have You Responded to USA2012

He is verifying actual RP Delegates:
You need to do this, but haven't...why?

Thank You USA 2012 for vetting these requests.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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Thanks for posting


Critical Bump


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