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Aimee Allen on Ron Paul

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Ha, some things never change...

I see yer still screaming Jdayh... =^..^=

Loud BUMP for more noise & front page. : }


If more people screamed and yelled... for the right reason....

our nation would not be in so much peril..


And Aimee Will Stand Tall 4 RP at the Rally

...that's right at the Ron Paul Rally and after party. That is where you will hear her. And for anyone who doesn't know what all she has been through for Ron Paul:


She went away for awhile. But she is back and wouldn't miss this chance to honor Ron Paul and help motivate the delegates at his Rally.

Thank you Aimee...we love you!!!!! Everybody has to be somewhere and some know exactly where they want to be. Aimee is one and Justin Amash and Barry Goldwater Jr. are two more.


A president can't end the Federal Reserve by executive order...

It is interlocked into too many corporations.

The only way out, to beat it for good to where it does wind up prosecuting itself, is to completely disengage from it.

This umbrella syndicate is only beaten that way.
Cease doing business with those corporations, with Verizon, and anyone else tied into the Fed and they'll gladly leave you alone. Cease any activity with Pfizer, GlaxosmithKline & cancel simply all credit cards.

It is a voluntary contract and they know it, since the start.
Disconnect and you'll gain freedom. Disconnect and they will toss themselves into jail, but you won't notice them any longer.
(PS: No one ever said you have to go to Disneyland, McDonalds or the rest)

perhaps.. or perhaps not ... however.. HERE IS WHAT HE CAN DO!!

He can issue competing currency. ie.. debt free money. He can issue 1 billion silver certificates, into circulation ,or even gold certificates. (if he so chooses.) via the executive order.

JFK did it. (only RP would be wiser in his release of it..ie news conference, etc..)

Be the change

you want to see in the world.

Hands down the best Ron Paul

Hands down the best Ron Paul song ever. Aimee is awesome.


She is cute!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Very nice...

Very nice, I like her Ron Paul song, it is the best one, IMO.