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La.’s GOP delegate count being challenged

Dore and state GOP Chairman Roger Villere said Saturday they hoped the decision by the broad-based committee would end the protest.

But Charlie Davis, Louisiana’s Paul campaign director, said the challenge will continue. He asserted the decision by an RNC contest committee was based on “fraudulent” information submitted by state party officials.

“We are going to take the fight to the convention,” Davis said.


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Fight to the very end....

When there's nothing to lose, Why not?
The cartel has not a single curtain to hide behind.

Nominating Ron Paul is not about some election.
We get him in there, that will shock Obama so single-handily he will never underestimate us again.
So lets do this nomination...

It will scare him to pieces to find out he's lost control and shock him at the same time that the GOP has been seized back.