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Come on. Put your money where your mouth is. Support our delegates NOW!

$5? $10 $20 ??? they are going at great expense on our behalf and will come home with the prize if we can fund them.

Look at how much it costs...WOW!

Please step up to the plate NOW! Time is of the essence.


When I put my name in the hat to become a National Delegate, I had no idea that it would become so expensive, and that most of the entities that I thought would help, would not be interested in the slightest.
If you haven't looked, Tampa decided with the convention coming, to multiply the price of everything to extraordinary heights. The delegation of Nevada wanted to get a house together, & we found one that was perfect and around $1600/week - GREAT! The homeowner turned around & raised the rent to $10,000! Then, the RNC rented just about everything they could find in town, so availability was also a problem. Our host hotel, the Doubletree Inn is ONLY $250/night!!!! So, when you start adding up almost two weeks in lovely Tampa in August, it gets pretty scary when you can't even afford to take a decent vacation.

In Tampa, I look forward to being a force on the Platform Committee. I have been working with other RP State Platform Cmte people, and implementing their ideas. I want to be a representative for all of us in Tampa. One of my roommates in Tampa is on the Rules Committee. If it's possible (they might not let guests in), I want to go to those meetings, too, as they start after Platform. We must have FAIR rules, and get all of our delegations seated. Nevada was lucky and unchallenged.

I've had my first telephone conference call with the RP campaign. Unfortunately, it did not go well. The campaign is not optimistic about the nomination, and our delegation took great offense to that. Nevada is comprised of fighters, and we are going to fight till the end. We will not leave the hall, we will not be forced to vote for Romney. I will be spending all my time after the Platform Cmte meetings, networking, trying to find the best way to success at the convention.

I'm also a part of the suit in the 9th Circuit with the Lawyers for Ron Paul. Richard Gilbert & I will be talking. He is sure about his plan, and I want to help him implement it. Convention week, we are staying in the same place as the Louisiana and Texas delegations. We will spend a big effort trying to win over delegates. If we get the decision from the judge that everyone can unbind, we will be working nonstop on gathering votes.

So, if you have some spare bucks to send me, THANKS!!
I wrote a bit about what I want to do, so that you'd know I'm not just going to Tampa to get a tan & wear a funny hat at a convention. I have work to do, and I take the responsibility very seriously.

I am YOUR delegate in Tampa!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Cyn - How much do you need?

You don't have a progress indicator and don't give updates.

You've been on several threads and keep requesting but never respond.

I know people have contributed.

I've removed you from here:

What does this mean?

The RNC's announcement that Rand Paul will speak in Tampa, but with no mention of Ron Paul, hints at a deal between the Paul and Romney forces that neither side will confirm — a speaking slot for Rand Paul in return for convention peace.

Peace? Is that code for handing it off to ORomney?

Keepin' it real.

Bag sending

money to the peeps at the RP campaign for delegates. How do you know delegates will get it? RP's campaign peeps are a freakin joke.

Send it direct. Plenty of peeps at that site need your support. Let's give it to them. Times are tough but you can cut out a coffee or Mickey D's to help out. This is serious. They are down to the wire. ORomney and RNC has likely paid for all of his delegates. We have to do this for Liberty! This is not the RP's campaign's fight. It's our fight for our freedom's.

"Right now, my life is consumed with attending the Republican National Convention. I'm not only a National Delegate, but also on the Platform Committee. I didn't know when I signed on, that the city of Tampa would inflate everything I'm going to have to buy to stay in their city by the bay; I could have gone on a grand trip to Paris for what it's costing me to stay in humid, hot, wonderful Tampa, while fighting my best fight for our Constitution and Ron Paul.

Wish you could go with me? Well, you can, sort of. Drop a few coins in my donation basket, and I'll let you know how every step of the Liberty way goes in Tampa.

Thank you!


Keepin' it real.