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Perspective on how far we have gotten

Doing reading as usual, I went down the rabbit trail on some of our history. Low and behold we have this clash between Rothbard and Buckley. Look at all what Buckley says and what is said now and days about us. Before, they could divide us and think we were all alone. Now, they cannot. We have the internet for starters. Second off, we can coordinate and network. Finally, we are growing exponentially. Our arguments stand the test of time. Theirs... well are stuck in the Cold War.

As Lew Rockwell rebuts in this article:

"When historian and journalist E.J. Dionne deciphered the intellectual influences on the November 1994 election and the new Congress, he named Murray N. Rothbard and his mentor Ludwig von Mises.

William F. Buckley's name didn't appear, and no one would expect it to. The Cold War, now over, was Buckley's life. Everyone else has moved on."

I hope the same will be said about the 'War on Terrorism'.

We can make this happen.


Also, lighthouses have been historically private. Goes to show you the free market can do whatever the public sector can better.

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