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US police forces being Israelized: Gordon Duff


"Duff further explained that, “Every major American city and most smaller departments, and there are thousands, are being ‘retrained,’ not to fight corruption but being armed for civil war, trained to work directly with military personnel to police America in accordance with unpublished policies ...”

“What careful analysis indicates is that the groups that are training our police are, if not exactly the same, are closely related to groups suspected of being terrorists themselves, providing support for terrorists in Africa and the Middle East,” Duff concluded.

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The USSR ended after financial collapse, not because

the thugs who ran the country were peaceful decent people. It ended because the people carrying the guns for the government refused to follow the orders to shoot their fellow citizens. Remember the scenes on TV of people in Red Square talking to tank crews.

Without being able to use violence against the people, the government itself collapsed and the leaders disappeared into the dark.

This is a lesson we should all understand. Speak to any of the gun toting employees of your local government you can. Let them know what you think is coming, not in a threatening way, but in a friendly and informative way. This works particularly well if you are a pretty young woman. Ask them not to follow any orders to shoot political protesters. Ask them to help restore freedom. Ask them to consider how much better their own lives would be in a society that is free and not commanded by people thousands of miles away who mostly represent the big corporations and the wealthy and who daily trample on the Constitution that was supposed to give us limited government. Don't be confrontational.

Most of these people are not our enemies. It is those who pass the laws and issue the orders who are.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

During and after WW2...

The world's population demanded to know "why" no one did nothing to stop Hitler from establishing a police state, murdering innocents, and committing global genocides of whole peoples? The people were in the dumps, broke, war weary, prideless after WW1...They were looking for someone to save them, to make them proud and to feed them...Hitler knew what to do. Incrementally he stole their liberties, conned them into a police state, staged false flag events, and for those who didn't fall fore the charades...death camps, outright murder/assassinations, and theft of their property and values. Sound familiar? History is repeating itself in (unbelievable) our on country if we don't snap out of it and cut off the snakes head while there is still half a chance. My two cents....

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

The police state is part of the elite NWO agenda

to break the American spirit, and the police are being trained to invade places like organic farms in full SWAT team gear with guns pointed at innocent family members?

As a veteran police officer I

As a police officer I can verify that I have not seen any "Israelization” of my or any surrounding departments.

Also Curious

I am just wondering what state you are in? Also, do many of your fellow officers talk about this type of thing? Are they politically aware? Do they understand the UN, & its influence on the local level? Are there conversation about Liberty going on by the water cooler?
Thanks for posting. Always good to hear from the source.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

Texas. Most are politically

Texas. Most are politically aware although somewhat ignorant of the finer points. I only know of two people that are even remotely supportive of the UN, the rest want us out of it and the UN out of the U.S.

Curious, does your dept. have

Curious, does your dept. have a swat team? What color are your uniforms? And do you carry tazers?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I don't know of any

I don't know of any department that does not have a swat team and I think the uniforms are black last time I saw one. I personally carry a taser.

I just don't understand why we need any ...

I just don't understand why we need any other Country besides our own to train our police force. I think America has gotten away from what made us great. So many people do not have the courage to discuss why America has become such a basket case.

Until we are ready to admit we have been socially engineered to give up our sovereignty among other things, we will not turn this thing around. There are well meaning citizens who have been brain washed into adopting a philosophy that is counter productive to both them and this Country.

The deep abiding secret that no one wants to discuss is how the demographics has changed in this Country since the 1960's. We had better start wising up or we will be praying for days like this. It is hard to reshape someone's paradigm after it has been molded by these social engineers but for the survival of your own children you better consider doing just that.

This is what Israelis do everywhere, they are the biggest

exporters of war, weapons and training. Look recently to the conflict in Georgia. One of the telling signs of Israelli insurgent methodology is to create massive violence including civilian populations. This creates fear, fleeing and chaos. After which the civilian population will agree to any form of order, including a military regime. As you can see in recent dictators that have fell.
How they work is not to fight their enemy or perceived enemy, but to get someone else to fight them while providing training and arms to both. That way they get rid of two enemies at once and profit from it.
But its also a psychological aspect of their thinking. This sort of war brings them a psychological pleasure or reward. To know what others dont and have the pleasure of manipulating others confirming their superiority of themselves over the goye. Why are American election results tallied by an israelli company? Its not a matter of "Why," but politicians passing laws that they didnt write or read.
Remember the declaration of Independence and what it was for.
To declare the colonies as independent states, independent of the English crown.
Well the laws and force are in concert with the fact that America has been colonized by Israel.
The media and these wars are a living testament to this fact.

David - The UN countries are cross-training

They are doing this because TPTB realize most national police/military forces will balk at detaining witout charge their own citizens for no reason. But, bring Russians or Israeli enforcers to America and to them that behavior is all in a days work. American forces will be doing the same to the Aussies, etc.


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Israel is a military state

Israel's citizens, besides orthodox Jews, must enlist in the military for two years.

Terrorists are those who are not accepting the NWO in their nations, and that is why people don't want to talk about it as they love their lives and families and don't want a civil war and a actual police state.

Ron Paul's suggestion that we join the GOP and get involved making changes on committees is why so many of us got involved, as we don't want a police state or a civil war, but want to do what we can to prevent this.