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Fight for Liberty

I'm not much of a public speaker, and have no real political background. The internet however seems to be the perfect medium for me, lately I have changed my line of attack. No longer do I try and convince the "Mittsters", and "Obamites" that their guy is just another puppet and lead us down a slippery road. The message I took from Dr Paul is that all of this- the elections, the parties etc. All of it is just an illusionary device for government to make you think they have the power. Reality is much more messy, the people actually own all of the power. I care not if RP is elected president, I feel that fight was just another part of the illusion, just different because there is a window in this facet of the illusion that helps folks wake up.

My new startegy is to go on political forums, fb pages, where ever I can find a mass of people arguing over which puppet they want in office, and try to teach them tolerance. We know how harsh the criticism can be, and how horrible you start to feel when you are told you are irrelevant. Well these people continue doing this to eachother, alienating one another for the sake of a corporate puppet they don't even know. My goal is to make them stop fighting, to make them realise that even if they stand on different sides of a pretend fence what they are fighting for is what they see as a potential change. Once they begin to see the truth in this it becomes very easy to make them understand that it is not a candidate they are fighting for, they are fighting for hope.

If we at the DP can use what political savy we have learned through the course of the last two election years to sway the MINDS of the American people. We can in fact create our own platform that will be recognised by the important ones, not the parties or the government, but the people. Inside of every democrat, every republican, every American is a libertarian fighting to get out, we need to teach them what they are actually fighting for, as the message has become clouded for many thanks to the msm and the establishment. The government's greatest fear realised is an awakened and aware nation. We are the new faces of our forefathers, and must conduct ourselves accordingly, we must love all of our people regardless of where they think they stand politically, we must fight unyieldingly, we must teach without bias, following the tenets of a true patriot, a true American we will have our r3volution, and we will win.

I wrote this as a comment on another DPer's thread, but after proofreading it decided to share.

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Have you

Have you gone to your Republican Central Committee meetings, seen if there is an open seat for you? Seems to me you would be great there.

I'm 50/50 on Granger's Posts

But this one, I'm all about.
Awesome post, OP. Keep up the good work.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell


I am truly honored by the reception you have given me here. Thank you very much, your comments have inspired me, and I may try and take this to the next level. For every mind I may change, or eyes I may open, know that your comments here on the DP were an inspiration to me that one voice can be relevant. Again thank you for your kind words!

Mike G.