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The Constitution, Our Rights, In My View.

The Bill of Rights is a list of rights which our Constitution affirms have been endowed to every American, by our creator. These rights were not provided to us by The State or any Government and as a result, our rights cannot be taken from us by any Person or any Government. The State and Federal Governments (or any other authority created by man) are expressly forbidden from interfering with our rights.

The Constitution is not an outdated document that is no longer relevant. It was intentionally ratified without an expiration date so that future generations will always remain free. The words used in our constitution do not have vague or ambiguous meanings that can be misconstrued, and the definitions of the words are not subject to multiple interpretations. The wording used in the Constitution is clear and it’s extremely important that the Government does not attempt to use sophistry or “poetic license’ in an effort to undermine the rights of Americans .

The signing of our Constitution was continually delayed by vigorous and bitter debates between The Federalists and Anti-Federalists precisely because the words used in our Constitution are critical for guaranteeing the individual liberties of all Americans. The founding fathers were well aware of the inherent dangers associated with all forms of Government. History indicated that time after time, no matter how benevolent the intentions may have been, almost without exception every form of government eventually drifted from its stated purpose and developed into an oppressive force of tyranny that ultimately ended up using violence and coercion to subjugate and enslave the very people it was designed to protect and serve.

It’s unmistakable that our founding fathers deliberately created a governing system that was intended to be small and unobtrusive. Personal liberty and the individual freedom of choice supersedes the governing body and it’s limited powers shall not exceed those that are specifically listed in The Constitution. The government has no control over any person and may only function to protect and serve the people using the consent of the governed to enact legislation. No laws or regulations can be passed that are not specifically authorized in the Constitution. In situations where The Government and the consent of the governed are unable to reach a consensus, regarding any issue, the Government must abandon further promotion of the issue and the issue will be removed from consideration unless the Governed choose to pursue the matter independently of The State.

Governmental authority and/or regulation can never overrule the will of the people. The Government is to be viewed as a powerless institution that is assembled for the purpose of providing Americans with a national organizational structure.