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Nearing the End of Tangible Cash

For those who haven't heard of Google Wallet, it's basically an app for your phone which stores all of your credit card/banking information in cloud storage. Then when you want to pay for something you put your phone up to one of these digital receivers and the transaction is finished. I believe the app is now available in the iphone/android marketplace.

This is where all currency, worldwide is headed: Purely electronic currency, in it's most insidious form. Right now in it's beginning phases we see cloud storage being used to hold our legal tender, but eventually there will be a push for physical implantation of RFID chips beneath the skin (there already is). The move to electronic currency has fundamental implications on freedoms. Right now if you go to the grocery store and your credit card is declined, you can say "no big deal, I'll pay cash." Well in a cashless society if your electronic payment is declined, or your chip is shut off (which they will be able to do), you don't eat. The motive behind the RFID chips is not only to centralize control over money, but also to centralize control over all people. The chips can act as both receivers and transmitters, uploading rouge information to the chip which can subliminally cause behavioral and emotional changes, and downloading your information such as location, sensory information and even thought patterns back to the central server.

Here is a video of a jewish man, Brother Nathanael, exposing the zionist plan to accustom the youth generation to digital currency and end paper and coin money:


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Jumping ahead a bit...

This is no different than PayPal or a credit card.

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