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Honestly, where do we go from here as a movement?

I saw this coming for a few months. Now that it has been confirmed that ron paul wont be a part of the RNC convention other than maybe a "Dedicated youtube video" being played. Where do we go from here?

Earlier i really was angry and wanted to see delegates go fuck up the convention , but im now just realizing that is what the GOP wants us to do. They know mitt romney cant win but its too late for them as they have invested too much money and hype to switch canidates. So they need a scapegoat , that scapegoat is us , the liberty movement.

Whats going to happen is they will try to get us riled up , they will plant people who will cause a ruckus , and they will have network cameras ready to go to film the planted people for endless replays on 24/7 news media to paint us as crazy.

Later when mitt romney loses , the footage will be aired again as "proof" that the liberty movement was to blame for the loss of votes.

So where do we go from here?

Do we

A.) continue taking control of the republican party by atrition?


B.) Abandon the republican party and start our own party that will more than likely fail due to the 3rd party effect.

Honestly i think our people in tampa should just talk to as many people as possible , no arguments , just talking. chances are half the people there dont give a shit about romney , but do care about getting obama out of office.

Just bring information , dont try to force votes that will be televised failures for the ron paul movement.

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