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Falling Skies Distorts Founding

Falling Skies is a show on TNT that is staged in a post-alien invasion America. The lead character, Tom Mason, is supposed to come from a background of being a teacher of history and is supposed to know his Revolutionary history.

In last night's episode, he meets his old professor of American history, who wrote a book called "Darkness to Democracy", about the Founding.

As anyone who has spent an hour reading the Founders knows, a vast majority of them dispised democracy because they viewed it as little better than mob rule, and they were also concerned if the people would remain informed (we see today, many of us watch reality shows and ignore true reality). We are a republic so if the majority want to do something stupid with liberty, they can't because our natural rights are protected by the Constitution.

The show also has the professor, who is president, saying that the founders could not see this happening and that a "new democracy" would have to be created. He shows paranoia over his leadership and displays traits of a dictator.

Sorry, just had to get the continued distortions of our Founding off my chest.

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2nd Mass, 2nd Amendment

The "democracy" thing was far from the worst bit of that episode. These people live in a reality where skitters could come running down the hall at any moment, or little alien creatures that can burrow through steel could just show up right in their room, and they just give up their guns? I don't think so. Right then and there it should have been "Thanks, but no thanks, we'll keep our guns and be on our way." That's what happens though when writers want to include a scene (the "gather up all of the now-helpless members of the 2nd Mass. and lock 'em up" scene) in the story and they force it no matter how implausible their set up. The saddest aspect is that they seem to be trying to show how political self-interest often trumps what's right and how government can be tyranny, but they are doing such a hatchet job of it.

even by Steven Spielberg's cheeseball scifi standards,

Falling Skies is the most horrendous scifi to ever hit TV, especially in a post-Ronald D. Moore's Battle Star Galactica/Caprica-era.

I really tried to watch Falling Skies. But the characters suck, dialog sucks, acting sucks, worst of all, the alien design is COMICAL! It literally looks like some bozo at a Halloween mask factory got together with a bunch of friends to bring life to a 5yr old's drawing of his favorite mecha.

And purely from a narrative standpoint, the whole notion that an alien species technologically advanced enough to travel lightyears, but not be able to regenerate resources they need on their planet, so they come to earth to enslave, is laughable. The whole 'invade other systems for natural resources' is such a human colonial mindset, though granted the 'control native beings' is slightly more workable, even if it's the gazillionth time that someone knocked off 'The Invasion of the Bodysnatchers'; perhaps PRE-Matrix scifi era, that may have been passable, but at this juncture? That type of storyline becomes more harder to swallow.

For me personally though, what truly irks me is the whole idiotic tyrannical notion that even in a post-collapse society, that humans will submit to a dictatorial policestate military rule as the ONLY viable method of fighting back, is sickening. As, THAT 'vision' is what Spielberg is essentially saying: 'only the military rule can save you!'

Now, had the story been about a ragtag group of regular citizenry, and former military and cops organizing, it'd be one thing, but in Falling Skies, it's not a militia, it's the remnants of the failed US Military Industrial Complex infrastructure who are dictating a post-collapse society with command-rule with rationing and all. This is clearly a liberal statist socialist's distopian view, as if the entire media landscape isn't replete with their vision, already.

But, if you want to gauge a plausible progression of future, pitfalls of Kurzweil's transhumanism and merging humans with nanobots, how a faction of neo-luddites rise up to fight back but are predicatably labeled 'terrorists' by the corporatist state, and if you want to plausibly envision what would happen if the bankster corporatism continues, all of which strongly mirror the zeitgeist of current geopolitical paradigm, there is a hugely underrated show called Continuum from Canada's ShowCase channel. You can find them online. If not, I'm sure it'll be coming to SyFy channel, in not too distant future.

IMO it's one of the best SciFi shows ever written, in recent memory.

Best part is, I thought I was gonna hate it, before watching the pilot episode in full. My personal gauge is, if the show is one I tried to hate, or hated, and end up loving it, it's a hit, to me anyway.

Also, to each his own, but other than maybe Moon Bloodgood, the Continuum's lead actress is a gazillion times, infinitely hotter than anyone from Falling Skies: Rachel Nichols.

The last thing a scifi show needs is a leading cast full of one-note delivery. There are no range of emotional human spectrum exhibited effectively on Falling Skies.

On the other hand, Rachel Nichols has that 'it' factor: she looks like girl next door, undoubtedly gorgeous, but you know there is some deep seated insecurities she must work through, thus she's tough and at the same time, wears her insecurities/vulnerabilities on her sleeves. And as a viewer, you're far more interested in a character to see if their journey can overcome their own personal obstacles.

Falling Skies may as well be scene 1. dilapidated warehouse, scene 2. shoot some aliens, 3. locate food, ammo, 4. bitch and whine 5. internal human powerplay, 6. shoot more aliens, 7. remind them that it's executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, and do it often, 8. recycle.

and scene! lol.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Falling Skies is a modern example of History....

The President = Barack Obama.

The story of the movie = Obama's plot to introduce a new Global Federal Reserve, "less plagued with problems" & dupe most of the population into accepting E.T/Soros as their new wise leaders.
To which he will succeed and many will fall for the scam.

This script for Falling Skies has happened before come to think of it...they called the movie invasion of the body snatchers. Only this time individual states will opt out of the system & leave the Fed behind in the dust..

Yes, I know what he was

Yes, I know what he was saying, democracy, but nothing about republic.
This is public perception and lots of hisory teachers think this too. I dont fault the writers for getting it wrong. Heck, even in Starwars they called it democracy despite the ruling government being called The Republic. I think many people use the terms interchangably.
As for the dictator part, that was obvious. I dont think that was a statement of how things are supposed to work.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Democracy means to 'mock' the people...Demock-racy...

Demonocracy is a Monarchy based system designed to mock and ridicule. One king plus subjects.

This movie is pure propaganda designed for those reasons.
A Republic has no need for any Monarchy at all, as it is the exact opposite of a Democracy.