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The Globalists' Worst Nightmare Self-Sufficiency: a universal solution to the globalist problem.

*I recommend bookmarking this article/site to read in full, it's long, but well researched with additional links within. "Agenda 21 in reverse." In part:

Thailand's Answer to the Globalization
by Tony Cartalucci

"Thailand's answer to the IMF, and globalization in general was profound in both implications as well as in its understanding of globalization's end game. Fiercely independent and nationalistic, and being the only nation in Southeast Asia to avoid colonization, Thailand's sovereignty has been protected for over 800 years by its revered monarchy. The current dynasty, the House of Chakri, has reigned nearly as long as America has existed as a nation and the current king is regarded as the equivalent of a living "Founding Father." And just as it has for 800 years, the Thai Monarchy today provides the most provocative and meaningful answer to the threats facing the Kingdom.

The answer of course is self-sufficiency. Self-sufficiency as a nation, as a province, as a community and as a household. This concept is enshrined in the Thai King's "New Theory" or "self-sufficiency economy" and mirrors similar efforts found throughout the world to break the back of the oppression and exploitation that results from dependence on the globalist system."


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Interesting article..

Interesting article..

Yes, worth a read in full

so I bump for those that like to bookmark for weekend reading. I also want to share this video, I am staring this method of gardening and want to teach it to others, please watch:


Don't shop at McDonalds, Verizon, Texaco or any like Kroger...

Break the back of the Federal Reserve by ending participation.

I only shop at dollar stores, Albertsons and many local charter areas now. None of those are in the Federal Reserve.

I also decided I will never get an AT&T account and will gradually stop any/all shopping at Walmart.

This can be done, support your local economies. Whip out your silver dollars. Pass the law in your delegation and break yours away.

If we could coordinate a mass effort

to boycott the globalists corporations and move en masse toward self sustainability, while exposing the criminals and their crimes, we would be not just naming the problems but offering the solutions.

Keep this list bookmarked it's not complete but pretty thorough: