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I can't stand counting calories. What should I do?

It seems whenever I count calories I end up eating too little or too much. Do you think it's simply enough to eat until your satisfied? I am trying to get in shape and lose weight in the process. I always worry that when I add the exercise component my body might be breaking down muscle and that is partially why I am seeing the weight loss I am seeing.

Your thoughts please.

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Watch this powerful video...

No counting calories, just back to the basic principles....

Here is the trailer:

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If counting calories is too much you can stop, but it's best to keep a more vigilant eye on what you're consuming. AKA, a steak would not be on the menu. Eat fruits and vegetables and have one meat per day (whether it be chicken or fish, beef and pork are okay on special occasions, but not if you want to lose weight).

Where exercising is concerned all you have to do to maintain your muscle gains is consume lots of protein. Body builders typically eat their body weight in grams of protein daily. You could probably reduce that by half or a quarter. Meaning that if your weight is 300 lbs, try to eat 150 or 225 grams of protein a day and your muscles won't deteriorate.

Make sure you include nuts and grains in your diet. Almonds and oatmeal are excellent examples.

Try to reduce your intake of butter, sugar, and starches as much as possible. No more toasted bread smothered in butter with your eggs.

Eating smaller portions more frequently also helps reduce your stomach size (not the outside, but the inside) and increases your metabolism rate. Experts suggest changing from the typical 3 large meals a day to 6 small meals. Trust me on this one, you WILL feel more full throughout the day using this method.

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck on your weight loss! The main factor in weight loss is motivation; don't lose that!

(EDIT: Another important fact: raw vegetables hold their nutrition MUCH more than cooked vegetables)

no grains!

Get your carbs from fruit and never ever eat wheat, corn, sugar, or rice. Cut dairy as well if you need to lose (not just maintain). Do this with ABSOLUTELY no cheating, and you will be able to eat as much as you want and be thin in no time, guaranteed. Also meats are NOT bad, especially if you are a type O. Go ahead and eat bacon and eggs...just have fruit instead of toast. Lots of good advice below about going primal and eating your veg. If you're craving a grilled cheese, eat some fish and veg instead and the weight will fall right off, I promise. Take nuts along when you are on the go and can't cook.

what helped me

If you don't buy snack, junk, or desserts, you can't eat them. If this is too hard, only a buy a little bit so you can either have one night of goodness or a very little each day.

portion control. Yeah, but what does that mean? To me it means only put a little on your plate and EAT SLOWLY. After you are done with the portion, wait a bit and ask "can I wait until my next meal without blowing my head off?" If the answer is yes, you are done. To me, this is key. During each meal always be ready to say "can I just stop now?"

After eating less for a week or so, your stomach will begin to shrink. It will become easier to eat less because you won't be as hungry.

Quite frankly, exercise is good for you, but it won't do much for weight loss unless you go nuts.

Best of luck!

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Way to go!

Congratulations! You want to be healthy and you realize that the conventional weight loss advice given by most "professionals" (meaning licensed by the state)is not working or making things worse. You are about to embark on a journey of independent investigation of the available research and apply it to yourself while listening to your own body and responding to its cues directly.

In my opinion you can start with these books and from there you will determine which direction your personal journey will take:

Primal Blueprint by Sisson(as mentioned above)
Starting Strength by Rippetoe
P.A.C.E by Dr Al Sears
Good Calories, Bad Calories by Taubes

Dr. Mercola.com & Mark's Daily Apple are great websites to check into daily

I can't say enough about

I can't say enough about Weight Watchers. I lost 92 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years now and will be running my 1st marathon in September at 51 years old. I was even one of their website success stories.

Overeating is not the source. it is a symptom.

Overeating is a physical symptom of an emotional problem that requires a spiritual solution.

Check out overeaters anon;s twelve steps for spiritual guidance.

Ditto for drinking, spending, etc. compulsively. usually people have multiple symptoms.

You can not pray your way to proper nutrition

Spiritual guidance will not help if you are under-nutrified and your body is signalling you to eat because of it. People are under-nutrified due to eating the wrong foods, having damage to the lining of the small intestine due to food intolerances / allergies which causes mal-absorption, insufficient stomach acid etc.

Nothing wrong with getting one's emotional/spiritual house in order, but you can not pray your way to proper nutrition.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

The how to lose weight is easy...

The why is very hard because it requires addressing spiritual and social issues.

Once done, all aspects of ones life improves...including weight loss.

Recognizing a spiritual deficiency (spirit as in attitude.)

Recognizing a spiritual deficiency (spirit as in attitude) may unveil nutritional deficiencies.

The human body requires 90 nutrients that we cannot manufacture. 60 are minerals which plants collect from soil and water. Senate had USDA study soil in 1936 and found them mineral deficient. Plants need three minerals: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Vegetation can reliably provide 36 essential nutrients. Poultry only requires 20 essential minerals.

Over 90% of American have mineral deficiencies. Stroke or aneurysm is copper deficiency, asthma a manganese, cancer is selenium, diabetes is a low supply of vanadium, chromium, zinc and iodine.

Every time we sweat, or use the bathroom our supply of minerals is depleted.

For healthy livestock farmers know that supplements are cheaper than medical care.

Essential minerals are keys to many biochemical system in the body. The more keys that are present the healthier the organism.

Free includes debt-free!

Nutritional education is critical to the how to get very healthy

Not so much to go from obese to "normal" weight...and that requires creating good relationships with a higher power, yourself, your spouse, your career, your life, etc.

Once you have these good relationships, all aspects of your life will improve. From there people can greatly improve their health with common sense things like consistent exercise and better diet.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals, only then can one strive for anything, including maximizing health (which should be a goal for all of us). Maximizing health requires that we go through a health education about our vitals, about advanced exercise, and nitty gritty details (like your excellent information about minerals).

My point is that most people (especially in this country) try to jump over the social and spiritual foundation, right to the advanced stuff.

You have to learn how to walk before learning how to run. You have to learn how to run before becoming a champion sprinter.

Most people crawl around trying to learn how to be a champion sprinter.

It all starts with the fundamentals. There are no short cuts.

Frankly, the same goes for politics. Most people play arm-chair quarterback to the Presidency, when they don't even really know the fundamentals of the Founding principles, how government works, what is going on overseas, who their representatives are, the massive media propagada machine, etc.

What I like about Ron Paul folks is that they are ahead of the curve on the fundamentals...though far from mastering them.

Likewise what makes Ron Paul so great started with his mastery of the fundamentals of life: good spiritual relationship, good spouse and family relationship, good outlook on life, etc. This allowed him to study hard and be a doctor, to exercise consistently, to take responsibility for his economics, to actually get involved in politics instead of just talking about it, to stay moral and consistent under the pressure of politics, etc.

It all starts with the fundamentals. If you are obese or quite overweight, you need to work on the fundamentals.


People worry about eating too much food (calories). The problem is really with not eating enough GOOD food.

Constantly stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies, tons of seeds and nuts, and pig out. Don't even leave room in your belly for packaged crap. Eat a pound of greens blended in a shake, eat 4 apples, 4 oranges, and 4 bananas all at a time, grind up half a cup of flax seeds and add water and a package of blueberries for a meal.

You'll get lean and mean super fast. I'm serious.

Calories are irrelevant because the metabolic content of food is determined by its NUTRITIONAL value. For example, coke zero makes you fat because the phenylalanine/aspartic acid balance is disturbed which cripples the thyroid and lowers your metabolism (and affects neurotransmitter synthesis, doh!), also phosphoric acid leeches alkaline minerals like magnesium, but Mg is associated with weight loss. This makes it cost much much more in the real world than an actual "calorie-filled" snack of nuts seeds fruits. That's an extreme example but it applies to all food and calorie counting. Dietetics is junk science because it's too simplified compared to the actual biochemistry of food, its physiological effects, and our true nutritional needs which are much higher than currently advertised by the government.

I agree with this and would like to add

dates, almonds, papaya and avocado

Paleo/ Primal lifestyle.

Paleo/ Primal lifestyle. Check out marksdailyapple.com and look at the testimony section first. If that doesn't convince you that you can eat without counting calories, lose weight and be fit then I don't know what will.

I second this

Ignore every other comment and do this.

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What you should do is Eat The Food! (ETF)

That's Matt Stone's advice, from one of my newest favorite websites: http://180degreehealth.com/

The basic premise is that if you 'count calories' or whatever where you end up starving yourself, your metabolism will go down and then you're causing more problems than you've solved.

Otherwise, I could also advise other things, like cutting out wheat and/or gluten, as well as most processed foods and focus more on 'Real Food'; but you probably have that advice from others.

Reconnected your mind to your body, how it's really feeling.

We are too busy filling our days with a lot of nothing that distracts us from paying attention to how our bodies really feel.

As you lose weight, your body is going to go through changes and your needs will change depending on your workout and muscle growth. Sometimes stretching out sore muscles with a lengthening yoga workout would be better than another muscle building work out or walking, to help you muscles recover instead of eating themselves.

Eat every 3 hours, about 20 grams of complete protein per meal & fill up on non starchy veggies. Try to eat whole fresh foods as much as possible, as the chemicals in prepared foods slow weight loss. As you lose weight, you have to adapt to not carrying as much weight and thus not burning as many calories as you did when you had to lug that weight around. So increase fitness instead of cutting calories.

Listen to your body, if it is *really* hungry (stomach growling) eat. If your stressed out, go for a walk or bike ride (according to your fitness level) If it's tired and wants comfort, take a nap.

Most importantly, drink 20 oz of water before breakfast & in between meals. Dehydration is a major cause of metabolism slow down, fatigue, brain fog & mistaken for hunger.

Remind yourself everyday the benefits of your sacrifices to keep you on track. Stay focused, work hard and ask yourself; what would Ron Paul Do? He would go for a morning walk and an afternoon bike ride, that is what he would do! :)

Good Luck, friend me so I can follow your progress!

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Diets don't work

Thanks to my wife, I've changed what I eat--More fruits and veggies, with the occasionally treat--and I've lost almost ten pounds in six weeks with little or no exercise at all.

Its all about changing your taste buds. I started out slowly by eating more fresh veggies and fruits, cutting down on bread and a lot of dairy products (Still gotta have some ice cream now and then!)

Sugar snap peas, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, plus grapes and red cherries are my favs. Now I get the worst aftertaste eating my old foods. They just don't compare to the good stuff.

It takes time, and withdrawal can be hard, but in time, you simply lose the desire for the old stuff. Doesn't mean you can't have some of the old favorites, and you should if you need to,lest you snap and go on a binge. But your tastes will change for the better if you stick to it.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin


Eat Fresh as close to coming from the ground as possible and then be active (walking, bike, etc.)

All crack diet, All the time

You know some of you are smoking it.

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plan meals ahead of time. If

plan meals ahead of time. If you pick 14 meals you like for dinner it would be easier to count calories.

This diet works for all body types and genetics.


It will require a little work which I understand most Americans get queasy at the thought but...

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

www.primalblueprint.com and


and thank me later! :)

It's a Paleo/caveman type of diet which is what all humans should be consuming.

Mark Sisson also runs his blog, www.marksdailyapple.com

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All real food.

Grocery stores suck. If you cannot find a butcher and a veggie stand then stay around the periphery of the grocery store. For fruits and veggies only buy the ones with four digits(conventional growing) or 5 digits beginning with a 9(organic growing), 5 digits beginning with an 8 are GM: yucky. I don't buy any without the little label.

Try to buy fresh wild seafood, fresh whole poultry without additives(never buy de-boned or skinless poultry, remove yourself if you don't want it), or organic if you can afford it. All meat is fine but the less processing, and fresher the better.

Never drink milk or eat yogurt that is not organic. Sheep and goat cheeses are the best for you. Imported cheese is the best, taste and health-wise.

Legumes, olives, and raw nuts are great too.

That's all. Carbs are overrated, over-processed, and GM. I just say no to them.

Oh, never ever buy or eat diet foods. Aspartame, among other things, makes you gain weight. Real, whole, local foods will keep you thin. I have done lots of traveling. In other countries whole local foods are the only thins available. Everyone eats twice as much and sheds the pounds. Americans are not fat because they eat too much. After the US, Mexico than Canada have the largest obesity rates. It is a direct result of GM and processing. Good Luck. 8D

What's Your Bloodtype?

The ratio of meat to carbs is determined by your genetics, and one way to see what your genetics tell you, is through bloodtype. The anti-bodies in your blood don't like certain "foods" and will fight your food, often storing it as fat, taxing your liver and kidneys to get rid of it, or altering your metabolism.

Bottom line: the advice people give that worked for them, may not work for you.

Broad generalization: O's have abundant stomach acid, rapidly produced, and ideal for breaking down (lean, grass-fed) red meat; it goes to muscle. A's have less acid, produced later in the digestive process, and tend to put red meat into fat, but they can digest grains (non GMO) much better than O's. Both need to eat plenty of vegetables.

The medical establishment tends to be biased and ignorant and the schools are run by drug companies--they're collectivists. They often fail to see that O's actually get sick trying to be vegetarians, and A's get sick eating too much meat, because they think blood type only matters for transfusions.

When I see "Eating X causes Y," in a study, "on average," I know they may not be talking about me, because I'm a B, and in the minority. Just because a food is linked to a disease, increasing the odds of having it, doesn't mean that data applies to my blood type, because I'm among the rare 12% (approximate), and my system is different.

Here are a couple of individualists:

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


The blood-type diet has been discredited by science for years. You might as well be saying we should be basing diet on race: Blacks should eat this, and Latinos should eat that, and Whites should drink only juice.

Your blood type has ZERO influence on the behaviour of your metabolism. It's pseudoscience.

Race does play a role. For

Race does play a role. For example, it is an accepted fact that some races are more lactose tolerant than others. Not crediting or discrediting the blood type theory , just saying.

feeling the urge to chime in

Im reading a lot of suggestions and many of them conflict with another. The truth? Many of the advice that you choose to follow could potentially work!

Why is that? Because they may satiate your appetite (vs your current diet) in a way that allows you to consume a net weekly deficit than you are currently eating.

Look, if you wanna just lose a few pounds, you can successfully do this by just eating a little less. it can be really easy depending on what your current diet is. Are you drinking soda for instance? Or did you think something like OJ was a healthier option? If you changed nothing else and cut out beverages with calories (replace with filtered water), you WILL lose fat.

If you are 'trying to get in shape' - IF youre doing this right (a solid resistance/strength training routine) and not doing all the wrong shit (ab crunches, little pink weight arm curls, any type of steady-state cardio), the 'lose weight' aspect comes naturally as a result and shouldnt be something to desperately focus on.

There are some pretty specific things you can do to facilitate fat loss, but any way you slice it it takes serious commitment and having faith in the plan you set forth to do it to realistically achieve it. And im not saying this in a "prepare for hell" kind of thing, but commit to doing it and be strong enough on the inside to have the resolve to stick to your goal.

Fat loss is so much simpler than we've made it out to be. theres just a small bit of education required so that you understand WHEN it is you are storing fat and you can change your habits accordingly.

4 Hour Body

I'd try the 4 Hour Body diet. It's worked for me, my wife, and several people I know. It's similar to the paleo diet that someone else mentioned. Don't have to count calories or even portions as long as you eat the right types of food until you're satisfied.

The idea's time has come.