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In Mississippi, Dress Code Violations and Back-Talk Send Students Straight to Jail

In Mississippi, Dress Code Violations and Back-Talk Send Students Straight to Jail

Takepart.com – Sat, Aug 11, 2012

Talking back and breaking dress codes may be normal behavior for school-aged kids, but in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, those minor infractions land students in jail. According to the investigative findings of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, the county operates a brutal “school-to-prison pipeline," where children face repeated incarceration and abuse for the smallest misdeeds, reports CNN.

The federal agency detailed the results of its nine month investigation in a letter released this Friday. It found the system established by the City of Meridian, Lauderdale County, and Department of Youth Services, "‘shocks the conscience,’ resulting in the incarceration of children for alleged ‘offenses’ such as dress code violations, flatulence, profanity, and disrespect.”

According to the investigation, “Students most affected by this situation are African-American children and children with disabilities.”

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Isn't Being Sent to Jail...?

...slightly better than being in school? They may be doing it on purpose.

Abolish Public Education alltogether.

Apparently it was all a waste of slave dollars anyway.

There's your real government Amerika!!

Flatulence! That would have done me in. Can't stop farting..


Me too!

It's uncontrollable when you're pregnant. How can they send someone to jail for bodily functions?!


Soooo true!