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Justin Raimondo: The Marketing of Paul Ryan

The Romney campaign is making a major effort to reach out to the Tea Party, grassroots conservative activists, and Ron Paul’s libertarian supporters. They’ve not only invited Rand Paul to speak at the Tampa convention, they’ve also scheduled a “Tribute to Ron Paul” video to be shown to the delegates. However, these are mere crumbs: the video is not likely to highlight Paul’s more interesting positions, such as his vociferous opposition to the American empire and its endless wars.


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Poor Ayn. to have this utter shill trading

under her name. And of course he gives an easy score to those who always distort her ideas.

Whatever. Giant middle finger to the Romney campaign.

And another to the GOP.

Justin Raimondo

Always has an interesting and well researched take on things.

I posted about an article about Paul Ryan's smoke and mirrors in pretending to be for small government earlier.


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We weren't even allowed on

We weren't even allowed on the floor of the last convention without goon handlers. A video tribute is more than crumbs. It shows progress. It's not the white house and it's not going to change anything. It is, more than crumbs still.

I agree

Seeing the change in attitude within the establishment over the course of 4 years is pretty nuts. 2008 our delegates weren't allowed on the floor, now we have a tribute video. 2016? The nomination.


.. I always value Justin's take.

Plano TX


A new GJ campaign ad just came out an hour ago -- will post it within few minutes -- it's awesome!

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And Obama is using him as a political football early on....

"If you see him, ask Mr. Ryan to stop blocking farm water. We need to do all we can for our rural communities.(in Oregon)"

Ha ha ha I just can't stop laughing at this creep.

Obama, doing more for rural communities?
The same one who threw everyone in jail for taking rainwater off their "property", it says right?

Total amusement. Obama is pandering real hard to Iowa as though he was already running against Ron Paul. Obama needs to hear from the masses he does not fool you, only way Obama will win is by stealing.