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From the Maine RP Delegates: National GOP keeps Maine Delegates in Limbo

PRESS NOTICE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: National GOP keeps Maine Delegates in Limbo

Augusta, Maine, August 10, 2012 – Governor Paul LePage has declared his intentions to boycott the Republican National Convention, taking place in Tampa later this month, if Maine’s rightfully elected delegation is not seated.

LePage’s statement is in response to the recent contest against the Maine Delegation filed by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette, which aims to unseat 40 elected delegates and alternates and replace them with delegates that support Mitt Romney.

Conservative talk show host, Ray Richardson, reported on Friday morning, “The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, in a conversation five minutes ago said that if they do not seat the Maine Delegation at the RNC, he will not go. These folks need to be seated.”

Brent Tweed, the elected Chairman for the Delegation, thanked the Governor for his support. “We were all rightfully elected by Maine Republicans to serve as delegates to the National Convention. I am glad to know that the Governor stands with us. We look forward representing the Republicans of our great state of Maine with dignity and respect in Tampa.”

“The RNC Committee on Contests was scheduled to make an initial ruling on the contest this past Friday,” says incoming Republican National Committeewoman and Maine National Delegate, Ashley Ryan. “Instead, they punted the decision to the Credentials Committee, which won’t meet until all the delegates are already on their way to Tampa.”

“The committee on contests could not find any evidence of widespread fraud,” added Mark Willis, incoming National Committeeman. “The fact is 2500 duly elected delegates went to Augusta and did what they were supposed to do. A handful of people are creating unnecessary stress and strains on the entire GOP because they didn't like the outcome.”


CONTACT: Eric Brakey
Email: MaineDelegates2012@gmail.com
Phone: 207-406-0897

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Maybe the Iowa delegation...

Should make some T-shirts with the names of all of the contested liberty delegates under a big "MIA? Where are THESE Delegates".

We could wear these under our clothes and expose them after we were on the floor.

Would this cause a stir? Would the MSM interview some of us?
I hope so.

I think this might be the only chance for the American people to hear an unfiltered version of the outrageous censorship being perpetrated by the political insiders controlling the RNC.

The Virtual Conspiracy


Time for a good Old Fashion BBQ!!!!!!

TIME TO TAKE The Grand Old Party Back!!!
from these swine!
Old Neo Con Here! Eyes open Now!! MAD as HELL!

the Maine error

they have made is blatatnly cheating for all to see.

please, do Not

give in. And Keep up the good work!
See all of you in Tampa!

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This must be taken to the limit. Play by the rules and get cheated...I don't think so!

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Thank you Ginger and Brent and all Maine


They need to continue the strain, and magnify it

In fact, they need to make the strain into a hurricaine!!

File legal challenges, do what you have to do, get it done.