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Winning: CNN seeking Reality TV options to save network! (NY post)

Suffering its worst ratings in 20 years, CNN is going Hollywood.

In the past few weeks, the No. 3 cable news channel has started seeking out reality-show ideas and big-name stars not afraid to talk politics. They have even begun working on a late-night talk show, The Post has learned.

Convinced that its current programming badly needs updating, CNN execs have been making the rounds of Hollywood’s top talent agencies — something entertainment networks do several times a year but a first for the old-line news channel.

In a series of conference calls, the network has also been soliciting ideas from the same producers who supply reality shows to channels like Bravo, Discovery and History, according to sources.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/saving_cnn_v4rMBpSz...

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Watch them start broadcasting falling skies, instead!!

Whatever TV program they put on the network, it won't be about the Federal Reserve, that is guaranteed.

Or where it mentions the Fed it will be some durogatory spin of the truth that conveniently leaves out its criminal origins...while propping up a global bank instead.

Here is a suggestion for CNN:

Here is a suggestion for CNN: Make truth telling your number one priority and you will rapidly improve your ratings!



CNN _is_ a reality TV show.



sure they are too big to fail. Anyway their ratings will go up soon when war breaks out