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Attention RNC Delegates! Ron Paul beats Obama and Romney with 58% favorability in national poll.

17 August Update:

The Poll #2 results have been posted here:

Give our Ron Paul Republican activists and Ron Paul Delegates the information they need to show all the RNC Delegates in Tampa that Paul can beat Obama and Romney can't. Please "ChipIn" to fund the Paul vs. Obama Poll #3:


New Poll: 45% Vote Ron Paul For President With 58% Favorability. In a new poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research matching up presidential candidates Barack Obama and Ron Paul, 45% of one thousand likely voters across America said they would vote Ron Paul for President.

58% of those surveyed have a favorable view of Ron Paul, while just 36% have an unfavorable view. Compare this to Mitt Romney (50% favorable, 45% unfavorable) and Barack Obama (51% favorable, 48% unfavorable). Ron Paul is viewed in a favorable light by significantly more people than Obama or Romney.

The "likely voters" were asked the following question: "Suppose in this year's Presidential Election you had a choice between Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Barack Obama. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Ron Paul or Democrat Barack Obama?"

The results are: 45% Ron Paul and 47% Barack Obama. (+/-3%)


Top Line Numbers:

National Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters
Conducted August 5, 2012
By Pulse Opinion Research

1) Suppose in this year's Presidential Election you had a choice between Republican Ron Paul and Democrat Barack Obama. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Ron Paul or Democrat Barack Obama

45% - Paul
47% - Obama
6% - Some other candidate
2% - Not sure

2) If the Presidential Election were held today, would you vote for Republican Mitt Romney or Democrat Barack Obama?

48% Romney
46% Obama
4% Some other candidate
2% Not sure More

New poll: 58% Favor Ron Paul For President

3) I'm going to read you a short list of people in the News. For each, please let me know if you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression.

Mitt Romney

24% Very favorable
26% Somewhat favorable
21% Somewhat unfavorable
24% Very unfavorable
5% Not sure

4) Barack Obama

35% Very favorable
16% Somewhat favorable
10% Somewhat unfavorable
38% Very unfavorable
1% Not sure

5) Ron Paul

17% Very favorable
41% Somewhat favorable
21% Somewhat unfavorable
15% Very unfavorable
7% Not sure

6) How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President. do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he's been doing?

34% Strongly approve
17% Somewhat approve
8% Somewhat disapprove
39% Strongly disapprove
2% Not sure

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

James Rushing
Ron Paul Republicans:

"The national telephone survey of 1000 likely voters was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on August 5, 2012. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC is an independent public opinion research firm using automated polling methodology and procedures licensed from Rasmussen Reports, LLC."

# # #

Thanks for the continued support.

Give our Ron Paul Republican activists and Ron Paul Delegates the information they need to show all the RNC Delegates in Tampa that Paul can beat Obama and Romney can't. Please "ChipIn" to fund the Paul vs. Obama Poll #3:

Poll#1 resullts were published on 11 Aug 12.

Poll#2 is funded and ready to be launched on 15 August, with results on 17 Aug.

Poll#3 needs to be funded by 22 Aug to have results on 24 Aug.

The polls show what the RNC Delegates need to know - Ron Paul is America's choice for President.

Harm no one. Let no one harm you.

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ConstitutionHugger's picture

Not too shabby

and without media hype. And without active campaigning. I really don't believe people like Romney. It's a narrative that the media is hoping will become a reality. Hopefully the delegates will turn off the TV and think for themselves.
I'd like to echo what someone wrote below- that if Ron Paul pulls off an underdog at the convention his polling numbers will skyrocket. Unelectable? Try unbeatable.

Bumping for 3rd Poll Donations-deadline only days away!

( :


Bump for president Paul!

Bump for president Paul!

The biggest problem

The biggest problem Ron Paul faces is that of the media narrative that he is unelectable. I really believe that if we can put out a win at the RNC, then his numbers would boost everywhere. Right now, those numbers are hypothetical for a Paul match up. A real match up between Paul and Obama would most likely achieve higher numbers.

A 250/190 is not a win for either

According to electoral college rules if neither candidate hits 270 the election of the president goes to the House, and the election of the Vice President goes to the Senate. In which case we would wind up with a Romney/Biden win.... My brain can't wrap around what that would be like. Anyways, if we are going to quote articles lets make sure they are accurate, can Ron Paul get an electoral count of 270?

Before Donating....

...Please be informed.

Please skim this thread from the beginning first:

Then do as you choose.

Thank you.

I'm not sure what your beef is

James has been upfront about everything and has not done any thing wrong. If you had actually contributed money maybe you'd have a legitimate beef, which you would be able to take up directly with James, but since you obviously aren't, stop pretending like you are speaking for those of US to actually contributed.

And yes, I double posted in the linked article.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

You seem clueless!

And, you are mistaken. Your words are self-evidence for lacking abilities.

I responded to your double posts.

I did not ask for a refund because my contribution was used for the first poll, which was 'pretty much' carried out accordingly, except for dates. And I knew better not to contribute for poll 2 and 3, or I would ask for a refund.

I will not double-post. People can make up their own minds and choose for themselves. I stand by all my statements. The other thread is here:

Solomon, do you know why the results for poll 2, stated by James as conducted on 8/7/12, have not been released? It's been days and he hasn't responded.

If you read the other thread appropriately, you would know what my 'beef' is. (sic)

You and the other down-voters are an example of why I LOVE PEOPLE LIKE RON PAUL!

I haven't written more because I'm trying to be nice.

Parting with one's money

What kind of person thinks it's bad to be informed before doing so?

Need I say more?

Protecting your interests and choice....please vote that back up.

When will we all get it?

The RNC does not care that Ron Paul can win, They do not want stuff to change. They have an agenda and it includes holding all of us down.

The RNC may not get it but

the delegates that can be "educated" may be persuaded that their vote will count and come over to the side of liberty.


I find it rather disturbing to give up the idea, as I read in some comments, that Ron Paul couldn't be the nominee after all the work people have done to support him...
I read in different websites many Ron Paul supporters endorsing now Gary Johnson. What did they stand for then all this time ?
Sorry if my english isn't correct but I hope you get my message right.
A man that stood up for more than 30 years defending your constitution, liberty and defending the people deserves better than picking someone else. He stood strong for you and the values of your country, you guys should stand for him till the end in my opinion.

'Being a patriot is when one loves his country. Being a nationalist is when one hates the countries of others'

Charles De Gaulle

Free People

...never give up. The Americans learned that from the French, the birth place of Liberty. Live free or die.


Not looking for a fight, just curious.

The French Revolution started after the American Revolution right?

Cyril's picture

Yes, that's correct.

Yes, that's correct.

Also, unlike the American's, our French revolution ended up in multiple blood baths, which themselves started VERY shortly after its beginning (1789). I'm talking about real civil wars benefiting a handful of corrupt, there, we French like it or not.

I'm really not very proud, not at all, of the overall outcome of the French revolution.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I couldnt Agree more!

Im in Australia, and I agree, You have to stick with your principles and vote for Paul, this isnt a Political game, this is taking your country back!, and to do that you need solid principles.

Ron Paul deserve's all the support he can get!

Ron Paul's name needs to be made global!!

The world needs to understand how the People of the US have been tricked into following false prophets, and how the Monetary system of the world is crippling the lives of every single one of us!

For Freedom!

The problem isn't Ron Paul's

The problem isn't Ron Paul's supporters, the problem is Ron Paul himself, he is the one who is refusing to put up a fight to become our next president. This is what is turning supporters off, Ron Paul wants his candidacy to fail, supporters blame him for his defeatist attitude and rightly so in my opinion.


Whatever, How about using your brain!

I dont think that, and I know most of Ron Paul's actual supporters do not blame him for anything at the moment either.

He is the only one who has been standing up for us the last 30 years, so get a grip, and stop making up stories to try and change the Narritive, it wont work.

Its Ron Paul, or Ron Paul.

The RON PAUL coffers are full of OUR MONEY....

to pay for these independent polls.... for real....we donate money to RON PAUL already so why doesn't he fund this?

Who knows? This Presidential Campaign was infiltrated.

Who knows? This Presidential Campaign was infiltrated.






Here and Now.

Pssst: http://youtu.be/Muf23Rc7HV8

Wisdom Strategies

Because He Knows

That there is no plausible scenario where he could win the nomination in Tampa - he was more optimistic back before the Washington and Missouri delegate selections where he lost big time in states he absolutely had to win for even the most remote scenario to play out in favor - he pulled in his campaign about that time except to push for whatever delegates could be seized in the few remaining states where delegates were still to be chosen at a convention. But his supporters misread his intention - he was pushing to increase his influence at Tampa not in any realistic hope of actually winning the nomination because Romney locked it up in May.

The poll results don't say that

Ron Paul is a stronger candidate against Obama - in fact there is a four point advantage to Romney - Romney beats Obama by 2, Paul loses to Obama by 2. The secondary question re favorability doesn't detract or change this basic fact about the poll results in the hypothetical head to head races. My pastor would get higher favorability from me than either of these candidates but I would never vote for him for president.

The race is set - millions of dollars have been raised for each candidate - most people are lining up behind one or the other of the two candidates - everywhere except the minute little world of the Daily Paul where reality takes second fiddle to delusion.

The race is set?

The only reason the race would be "set" is because people like you fall in line like the obedient sheep you are, well before anything has actually been decided. You buy the mainstream narrative, and like the majority of most Americans who don't think for themselves, you manifest the reality that the media has laid out for you by believing Ron Paul is out well before he is. This same mentality has been present since day one.

The race will be set AFTER the convention. If Romney wins, so be it. But he only did so with fraudulent methods and underhanded tactics.

What you will notice about Ron Paul supporters is that they don't just line up behind someone because they are told to and because everyone else is doing it. That is the very definition of insanity, my friend.

I'm waiting until the fat lady sings before I accept Mitt Romney as the nominee.

it's not just a mainstream narrative....

This is not a close race. The media isn't lying to make it seem like Romney is going to win the nomination when it really is in doubt. He is going to win. Ron Paul knows this. He has said so multiple times. He is not a "sheep". He just is good at electoral math.

Read The Polls

Romney is trailing in all the major polls. Go here, www.realclearpolitics.com

Romney can't beat Obama. And now, with Ryan dragging him further down, he is done.

Paul is the choice of America and the polls prove it.


Polls and election results

Polls and election results this year proved quite conclusively that Paul was not the choice of America. He was the choice of 10% of Republican primary voters. As I said before, it was not close. Any polls right now are meaningless because he is not going to be the nominee. Plus, your poll shows Romney winning and Paul losing, and I have no clue why you are promoting it as proving that Ron Paul is the only choice.

I see what your saying but

I see what your saying but the results are still valid in making an argument for Dr. Paul. On the surface Romney looks like the stronger candidate however, The argument is that if Ron Paul got Romney's media how much higher could he climb? Romney's had the advantage of press so the likelihood of him climbing much higher is not very realistic. On the other hand press on Ron Paul very likely will give him a boost that would launch him ahead of both Obama and Romney.

I believe if Ron some how pulled of the Rocky story / Underdog comeback and won the nomination, that his popularity would explode.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION 2012 and Beyond. WORLDWIDE. It already is.

And that is all anyone needs to know.

Cheers To The Ron Paul Forces!

Tampa, Florida, 2012.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: United States Of America For World Peace ♥

Wisdom Strategies