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Prepare NOW

I got this email a few weeks ago from a trusted friend and now decided to make it public.

I had a call from someone in Brussels this morning, the gig is up and he is in "the know" as an inside advisor to those in NATO, he called to tell me and my wife that we should immediately start hoarding much more food than we have, forget about the gold and silver, get food and ammo. He has been right about everything he has told me for that last 8 years! He said that there has been massive preparation for what will be the collapse of not only the EU, but the US and eventually the BRICs. That this will begin suddenly by the end of fall or early winter, that it the governments have been able to postpone it as long as they could but that they have nothing left to restrain the collapse.

Of course, this will mean several things, one is that this government will implement numerous emergency programs that will include authoritarian measures, ones that will call for more than just a meager form of resistance, second this government cannot provide for the adequate sustenance of the majority of the population, food and fuel shortages will ensue causing massive social unrest and an equally massive response from the government.

I also have other friends in certain government agencies who are essentially saying the same thing to me, one a former Agent, has told me to keep my powder dry and boots on. He is perhaps the most serious man I know and doesn't just say things without a good reason.

I hope he is wrong, but thus far he has had a good track record, in fact it was his advice in 2007 that saved my fortune in 2008.

Thus, playing the game this election year and expecting anything to come of it that is positive is not only pissing in the wind, but will do nothing to make any changes that could possibly divert what is and has been happening. It's simply too late for all that.

So, get your family prepared. How you wish to disseminate such information, if you choose to, is up to you. Many will roll their eyes, but perhaps a few will listen.

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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I've read this a month

I've read this a month ago.

Today, we're starting to prepare on my end, at home.

You all take care.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

When I first saw this, I

When I first saw this, I wrote it off as probably being more fear mongering.
However, after seeing that as of so far, two government departments have bought loads of hollow point ammo,(one of which has absolutely no possible reason to other than this) I am inclined to believe there is likely something to this.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I just went ahead and bought more food

from http://PatriotsHelpingPatriots.com

Survival food that lasts up to 25 years!

I also have a berkey water filter.

Im still preparing and more prepared than 90% of the people I know!

hmm- so many comments so little time

1. Yes it was warned in 2007 about the collapse. Seems to me it happened in 2008 and we just haven't paid the piper yet(though I tend to believe there are a lot more poor that we realize - ebt cards do a good job of hiding the soup lines). The chickens will come home to roost eventually. Its all a fascade - you cant tell me Europe is in such great danger when their debt is a joke compared to ours and yet we are not in danger.
2. Why are some so adamant against being prepared. Forget civil war and food shortages and all that. You should always be prepared for lifes littel quirks. We were without power 10 days here last fall. Never, ever had anything like it. Do you need a bomb shelter and a million rounds - no - but a solid supply of non-perishable food, a pistol for protection and a rifle for hunting will never go to waste and having some silver dimes around can't hurt- hell - they are a solid invenstment even if things miraculously get better.

As to wether this article holds water - just pay attention:
Obama launches $170million bailout of drought-hit farmers and orders government to buy tons of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2187684/Department-A...

Its called hiding in plain sight. How the hell is buying pork,lamb and chicken(dont even know where to begin on catfish) going to help drought stricken farmers? Can you put pork on corn to make it grow??

The Federal Courthouse in Indianapolis is already preparing.

I work in the at&t building across the street from the Federal Courthouse. We've looked down on the roof and see they've not only planted a garden there in the middle but have installed white panels as well; probably under Energy Secretary John Chu's advice about painting the roofs white to ward off global warming. I usually don't buy in to the whole conspiracy sch-peal, but it does make one wonder what exactly is our government up to and preparing for.

Personally, I don't see how the government can just come in and try to gain control over the masses. Seems to me the smartest thing we can do would be to go after those in power and basically eat the rich. Start by talking to local police and remark "If they can do that to us, don't you think they can do the same to you?" Idk. Just thinking out loud, I guess.


No need to hoard anything, I eat the leaves of the trees and wild grasses. I am strong and healthy - currently on a 21 day fast. No blood and no starch in my diet - what do I hoard? Why? There is no reason for a human to hoard food beyond the winter months and herbs, grasses, and fruits will keep me alive and stronger than any of the blood and starch eating zombies.

Did I mention I am pretty stress free if this scenario plays out? No hoarding means no need to defend anything but my person and family if the zombies get hungry enough for human flesh. I am also a good runner and no need for shoes because I do not need shoes to run.

Do not be content being programmed nicely in the matrix. Question everything! The first step is for you to believe that you are this body, this physical being, and nothing more. Next step is to give you an identity, now the ego is up and running. Boys wear blue, girls wear pink. Need to eat meat for protein. You are this religion or that religion and the other folks are bad. You need to be loyal to your nation state. Ad lies infinitum. Who are you really?

Frankly speaking, you get what you deserve. If you kill to eat (any creature), do not be suprised if someone kills you to eat. Karma. I will not even respond to any comments stating I am wrong and we must kill to eat because we have always been doing it. Time for you to listen. Go to Foodnsport.com and tell me you are stronger than the raw fruitarians and vegans you see there. Tell me that meat eaters are healthier and stronger.

First off, how do you know what we ate in the garden of Eden or if you believe we were swinging from trees? Lastly, as Dr. Paul often quotes, "Do unto others as you." Note he says "others" and not humans, this is what the source material says. The same book also states in Genesis that the leaves of trees and fruit are to be used as meat. The last book Revelations on the last page states "the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." Middle of the book, Ezekiel 47 it states: "The fruit of the trees are for food, and their leaves for medicine.”

Good luck with your food hoarding. You will need it. Not the food, the luck. If the zombies do not kill you for the food, the food will kill you. For more on this research Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Sebi, Djehuty Ma`atra and many, many, many other raw foodists and vegans who have already cracked the code. The only reason CFR wonderboy Billy Clinton is still alive, according to him, is he became a vegan. Hmmmm... Why do the bad folks always seem to figure things out first. Common good people. Peace.

"Walls are stronger than the men that defend them."

Ghengis Khan

The wise man see's trouble

The wise man see's trouble coming and prepares for it. The simple go on and suffer..

Well I am giving you a plus!

Laughed all the way through your post. Anyways, I am vegetarian and kind of view all the vegetation and roots out in the wild as potential food. I too have perfect health, abundant energy, and strength.

Would seriously miss cheese, eggs , and milk. You can make your own cheese very easily if you can get some milk of any kind.

But the right combination of vegetables, grains, nuts can provide better protein than toxic antibiotic/growth hormone laced cow or chicken flesh.

Get a book on edible foods of the wild. You just might need it. I gave one to my family members. They regard me as strange, but they have the book and might use it.

My preferred option:

Organic meat. Right now we're getting fresh, hormone-and-antibiotic free eggs from our three (soon to be six or seven) fresh-air chickens. We do give them feed (they're in portable coop/run combos) to supplement the grass and bugs they eat, but other than that, they're completely natural eggs. Much tastier and healthier, too. :D The chickens look unbelievably healthy compared to industrial-farm chickens.

If we ever get a place in the country (a long-term goal), we plan on raising meat chickens as well. Plans for our current yard include a small-scale aquaponics system for raising more veggies and FISH! I need to remind my dad that we need to install rain barrels - I'll feel a lot more prepared with those installed.

I don't follow the vegetarian/vegan philosophy, but I definitely agree that the hormone-laced "meat" that's getting put out is not good.

Nice that you have free range eggs.

Most of my neighbors in the hills where I live have their own chickens for eggs and animals for meat and their own land for crops.

It isn't just the antibiotic and hormones that influence my choice of being vegetarian. I LIKE most animals, birds, insects, and view them as very INNOCENT. I try to do unto all life as I would want done to me, and I would not want to be EATEN! It is compassion on my part, and I am super healthy without meat.

BUT, if a predator HUMAN or ANIMAL attacked me or my family I would kill without hesitation; defend the innocent.

Each to his /her own truth. You have to be true to yourself and live with your conscience in the end.

You will love having a country place. Make sure you get good well water. Rain barrels are a must!

Yep, whatever works. :D

Though, personally, I find chickens to be quite evil. XD Have you seen a "pecking party?" If you haven't, good. It's not pretty, and it's the reason we had to get rid of one of our birds. (I also think cats and fire ants are evil, but that's beside the point. :P) BTW, don't take this as me bashing your viewpoint - I know sometimes humor doesn't translate well through text, so I'm clarifying. I totally understand where you're coming from.

Don't know if we'll ever get a country place, but like I said, long-term goal, definitely something we'd all love. Plenty of space for everything - raising chickens, a big garden, a bunch of fruit trees, and, of course, room to practice shooting.

For you,

a few extra bales of hay in the lawn mower shed ought to do it.

Gosh, why all the downvotes?

That was one of the most hilarious posts I have read. I don't think I will be going all sloth-cow and eating leaves and grass yet though. I am in competition with Imelda Marcos with my shoe collection so it will be awhile before I am without shoes too. Genghis, I can't believe you are not swinging around from tree to tree though. You could maybe get a better selection of leaves that way. And, BTW, Genghis Kahn was personally responsible for the deaths of somewhere between 30 and 50 millions of people(and that was not the easy button-pushing killing, it was the old fashioned head lopping with swords) and personally raped thousands of women(perhaps men too). There is said to be roughly 16 millions of direct descendents of the great Kahn alive today as a result of his rapings. Karma baby. The Monguls surely ate grasses though, along with their horse blood/milk mixture, so maybe your namesake fits like that.

I eat meat, but if I had to kill it I would stop. It is a great contradiction in my life that I avoid thinking about. I feel really weak without meat though.

Do you end up grazing all day to get enough to eat, Genghis? Are you in need of a pedicure often?

Killing to eat? Oh those poor defenseless PLANTS! They can't

even RUN!!

Pick fruit you say? Heavens! How many future fruit trees died - aborted before they had a chance - all so you could eat!!

The inhumanity of it all!

Grass and herbs have rights too ya know!

Spare me your high and mighty righteous indignation.

If you have advice to give based on sound reasoning, so be it. But save your pontificating.

My dad...

was watching Fox News yesterday with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Wisconsin at a rally and said, "The nation is fired up, Mitt Romney for President of the World"!. I have talked about Ron's message and the process of delegation and how President and VP are nominated by those delegates...he just refuses to see Ron Paul for anything other than a man set on bringing about our doom by letting Iran "legally under the Nuclear Non-PRoliferation Treaty" continue utilization of Nuclear. "Anybody but Obama", he said...I thought, "nobody but Paul"!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

"Anybody but Obama" = John McCain thus...

Anybody but Obama = Obama

A vote for Mitt Romney(anybody but Obama) is thus a vote for Obama.

(not really, but it will get them all riled up to hear it thrown back in their faces)

NULLIFICATION MUST BE USED, go to my recent post

we can win this peacefully, seriously RP would have warned us to, you don't think he knows people who know what's going on?, WE ARE GOING TO TAMPA TO END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL< LIBERTY WILL NEVER DIE, No UN Law, no dictator will win against the individual right to Liberty

Yeah OK...

...thanks for the heads-up. I'll be sure to rearrange my life based on your cryptic, conspiratorial email. What balderdash!


you can ignore the warnings


was pretty smartass considering all the signs out there that this guy is probably right and trying to warn us not to caught unprepared. What's the deal? You in denial?


Dispicable response

You don't need to rearrange your life in order to be prepared for the obvious hard times coming to a neighborhood near you.

Maybe the event LL has posted about doesn't happen, but it's undeniable we are facing possible economic, political, or societal disaster in the coming years.

To ignore the warnings and refuse to plan ahead is foolish.

God Bless America, what it

God Bless America, what it once was.

We need to Prep to take over the govt asap when this happens. And expose all these crooks to be exported.

It Never Was That

Since 1913, every single human born here was born into economic feudal slavery. Prior to that we were a nation built upon the genocide of indigenous peoples.

America has never been more than a dream.

But we need to keep dreaming about it, so when everything collapses, as it must, we can re-create America as it should be; a beacon of hope for all mankind.

We need to follow the Swiss

We need to follow the Swiss model. They seemed to do it right.


Has this comment been voted down so many times? What am I missing?


I have a place to run

But my wife of 23 years has changed her mind ... she filed for seperation and booted me from the house that she is about to lose in 1 month. She has no where to go but she refuses to go to NH ... its very hard friends to be awake.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Sorry to hear about these

Sorry to hear about these troubles friend.
The real estate deal I was telling you about up in the north country, fell thru...we continue to look.
We are in fall-back position ATM...but continue doing some of the things discussed here.
Keep doing what you know to be right. NH is your best bet for a state fighting to maintain personal liberties!
keep us in the loop as you are able to work things out.

my friend

That is just so sad...

I pray she opens her eyes and heart.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


This is DISINFO bull$hit meant to scare delegates.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016