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The R3VOLUTION will be projected in TAMPA!

You know every time I would feel down about the campaign I would come to Daily Paul. Every single time I would find a video or an inspirational story that would put me right back into Freedom Fighting mode. I would like to return the favor. Iv'e been projecting images all over Las Vegas and the reactions have been incredible.

If you use Instagram my ID is s1ckqu3d

If you do not use Instagram you can view them at this link:


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Lets do something real and bold. Put a banner in the sky!

Put a banner up in the sky that spells it out: RON PAUL 2012

Let all the masses see it light up the sky. Now that would be better than all the trash on T.V, wouldn't it!


Yes indeed Harbringer, check out the kite I made. If we got some wind we can get a bunch of them up there a flock of Ron Paul. I love all these ideas. Let's do it!


Where is the kite? Is it with

Where is the kite? Is it with your other pictures? PS: I sent you a PM.


Yes the kite is with the other pictures. PM?


You are going to do this in Tampa too?

Headline says yes but in post there is nothing about you going to Tampa and doing it.... I think it is great idea..


I am flying out to Tampa so I am trying to come up with a more portable version. I wanted to get this out because I know there has to be other people in Florida with projectors. It's fairly easy to do and Very effective. I want to be one of many projectors in Tampa.


Genius! Love it! You ROCK!

Especially loved the "Obamney - OBEY", because, as you know, THEY LIVE! Romney would sell his soul, if he hadn't already, to have this kind of grassroots support.


Thanks TrixxyLeFey. I got the most reaction out of this one. I posted up outside of the Rave movie theaters Town Square in Las Vegas. I must have picked a good time cause therewas tons of people coming in n out. People were saying OMG where is that coming from!? It was very encouraging, others were screaming out Hell yeah! That's amazing! Awsome dude! They were taking pics with their phones. This goes to show how much the American people are sick of the same old sh. All that energy needs a place to go, the media knows this, thus they hide Ron Paul. It's our job to wake up minds. Viva la R3VOLUCION!


Thank You

Thank you everybody for being so supportive,I appreciate your comments. I know there is other people out there that can do this, lets spread the word and try to get as many people in Tampa as we can!


Viva la r3VOLution! The

Viva la r3VOLution!

The revolution will be LIVE!! Thank you for taking ACTION, and posting this for others. We take the message to the people and the streets, we WILL be heard and seen no matter what! We will not be silenced!

Onward to Tampa! See you there!

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

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That is very clever

So simple to do too :-) Project the message for 5 or 10 minutes and move onto another building or another cool object. That is so cool.

10 stars for you!

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

You rock.

No doubt about it.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Project Everywhere, now, not just in Tampa

All the techies out there, do this everywhere, wherever there are huge gatherings. They own the media. We own the streets.

Media bombing!

Media bombing!


We need this happening everywhere!


RP supporters always think

RP supporters always think big! We are the funnest group of patriots in history. Way better than my peace loving hippy mom did! At least our movement is infiltrating DC.

Audio to go with

Add a low cost FM radio transmitter and the possibilities are endless.


A projector
FM transmitter
DC to AC Power Inverter (to power it from your car battery)

... and own the streets. I think they call it "guerrilla marketing".


VERY good idea!



The live audio feed of Ron Paul's Rally speech is broadcasting over FM and at locations all over the city of Tampa the live video feed is projecting on buildings and billboards.

That little $250 FM setup will transmit as far as the eye can see if you set it up on the roof or near the top floor of a tall building, it will easily blanket Tampa.

A black or red Sharpie pen and a transparent lighting gel or a glass slide can be used to overlay the video with the Fm channel you're broadcasting on printed on it (for example: "91.3 FM" in the upper corner of the video). So no matter the distance, people who can see the projection of Dr Paul also know what FM station to tune in so they can hear what they're seeing. Ron Paul in every direction larger than life.

i just wanna know who this is.

She from Nevada...


This baby doll deserves her own thread!

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Packaging versus content?

Well, I think I said it all in my subject: the content is the more important part.

Yes, if we can bring more people into the tent with the packaging, then use it -- however, the content is what matters; but then, (pause), "I'm INT-J and I know it." (Yes, it's an LMFAO reference, my big brain digs music as well as liberty. :)

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How are you projecting that

How are you projecting that on the buildings? Maybe we should all learn how to do this. We could then go and stamp buildings all across the country and it would never be considered vandalism or graffiti.

Looks like you're running a projector hooked up to your car battery: http://statigr.am/p/257555250417492444_190722807


I use a LCD projector plugged into a power inverter hooked up to my battery. Oh and my laptop. I know we can make a more portable version. The police have actually watched me several times from a distance and never bothered me, I bet they were enjoying it.


The equipment

From some chat last night:

s1ckqu3d1: my projector is big n kinda old
[9:22 PM] podekei: me 2
[9:23 PM] podekei: How do you do it portable?
[9:23 PM] podekei: Ohh car lighter?
[9:23 PM] s1ckqu3d1: i use a hitachi LCD, newer tech uses DLP
[9:23 PM] s1ckqu3d1: yeah i use a power inverter from my car battery
[9:23 PM] s1ckqu3d1: its not the best setup but hey

How small can these devices get?

I have

seen projectors as small as a phone. i don't know how bright they are but i'm sure its enough to get the job done.


Don't be so sure.

They might decide to regulate the number of photons emitted and charge accordingly.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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+1 humor

"charge accordingly" for "photons". You got my +1. :)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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amazing stuff

amazing stuff, would you be interested if we could promote any of your imagery with a liberty series I'm working on entitled "Messengers for Liberty". Just released our trailer yesterday at www.messengersforliberty.com

awesome pictures

kind people rock


I just watched the trailer for the film. I can't wait to promote this! I would be honored to be included. I can always email you the original photo for better resolution.