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Can Dr Paul Via Executive Order Issue Debt Free Currency? Would He?

Can he issue competing currency from the Federal Reserve ie.. debt free money? Could he issue say 1 billion silver certificates, into circulation ,or even gold certificates. (if he so chooses.) via an executive order?

Would he? Has anyone ever asked him? (in a past interview?)

JFK did it. (only RP could be wiser in his release of it..ie news conference, briefings with the American People via prime time radio/tv spots etc..)

If anyone has any insight please post!


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Jct: James Buchanan issued first Greenbacks before Lincoln

WillardPhule: The first interest free currency issued by the USA was by Abraham Lincoln. They were called Green Backs. They were backed by nothing and removed from circulation by acceptance as payment of taxes.
Jct: James Buchanan issued Greenbacks in the admin previous to Lincoln's. And the Continentals were interest-free a hundred years earlier. And Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania currency before that. And of course, the Great Iroquois civilization had interest-free wampum beads long before any whites thought of gettting off gold.

I think the only executive

I think the only executive order he would issue would be to repeal all previous executive orders.
Would be nice though if he issued a few like auditing the FED and restraining Congress, but that would be against his principles.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Minting PM coins would be a competing currency, but you'd also

need to repeal the legal tender laws - see Ron's Competition in Currency Act (HR 1098).


Another fiat currency from the Federal Reserve would be competition in the same way that Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Chevrolet once competed for auto sales.

Gold or Silver backed money

I think Ron Paul might issue money only if backed by gold or silver. Otherwise you are into the same thing as the FED, pieces of paper with nothing to back it up.

I do not know how accurate this picture is. Shows US dollar purchasing power over the 20th century.

yes that is what I meant ... metal backed money

either via coins .(preferred) or via silver certificates. etc.


Metals only. No paper.

Thanks samadamscw

Most intelligent comment I've read on this website in the last six months.

interest free currency

The first interest free currency issued by the USA was by Abraham Lincoln. They were called Green Backs. They were backed by nothing and removed from circulation by acceptance as payment of taxes.

You've been had. That JFK thing is a myth. As well, debt free

paper currency is the Devil.

You can "back" it all you want. The eventual result will be similar to FRNs before long. (those used to be backed too)

The problem isn't who issues the paper. The problem is the paper.

You can't print the word "dollar" on something and magically turn it into a dollar.

A dollar is not an abstract thing.

It is a weight and measure of a specific thing - silver.

A dollar is 371.25 grains of .999 pure silver.

That works out to roughly .7734 ounces of silver. (Troy)

Saying a piece of paper can be a dollar, is like saying if you print the words "one cup of sugar" on a piece of paper, that you can bake a cake with it.

The problem isn't that the paper we use isn't good, or whomever issues it is bad, but rather than we use paper instead of the real money the paper was intended to represent.

The dollar will not and cannot collapse.

What will collapse is the paper with the word "dollar" printed on it.

The problem is that we aren't using dollars anymore.

The solution is to start using them again.

This is what Dr. Paul advocates.

But he wants us to be free to use any weight and measure of any substance we want.

He wants the market to work out what is the best substance to use and when, and in what purity, and how much of it.

Of course, he already knows the answer to what it will decide AND WHY it will settle on those choices.

He knows that if the Fed were abolished, and the Mints ceased operations, and individuals allowed to circulate their own money, that eventually, and sooner rather than later, people would be using copper, silver, and gold coins and bars (and perhaps nickel, platinum, and palladium as well).

He knows that the most convenient unit size of a coin will be one that is roughly the size of our old dollars.

Why does he know this?

Because the originals weren't invented in a vacuum by government decree.

They evolved over time to become acceptable by the market.

The U.S. did not create the dollar. It adopted it because it was already in widespread use throughout the colonies before the Revolution. The British Pound Sterling was impractical for daily commerce. The dollar was the ticket.

And it will be again.

The problem is Extorted Theft so called by many TAX

The entire debt issue debt is realy about tax. When debt is created out of thin air that usually is called false debt. If I go up to you and tell you that you owe me and you know that you dont, well thats false debt.

Why is false debt so necessary? With claims of debt one can justify any and every type of immorality in the collection proccess including murder. Generaly its called Extortion.

They need not money when its digitized in secret at no cost. So ask yourself, why the false debt issue of money (by a non government private human who owns a bank corporation? Rothschild.

If they need not money for sure the national debt is about control.
The IRS collections to service the national debt is realy about identifying the non submitters. Its realy about control and locking down in corporate prisons those who can not be controled by immoral extorted theft submission.

Some argue that tax is neccessary to fund every whim they have. I say if you can not collect enough voluntarily that the endeavour is not worth doing as a group. When you have to resort to DICTATORIAL practices of extorted theft called tax well you have a dictatorship.


We agree on all of that, but non-interest bearing notes are not

the solution.

That's how we got here in the first place.

We MUST have competing currencies.

And we MUST reign in federal spending.

The best way to do that last one is to abolish nearly every tax currently in existence. (nearly every one)

Turn off the spigot and you'll see the government shrink faster than a slug with salt poured on it.

Implement competing currencies, and you'll reintroduce what kept them at bay for so long to begin with.

"non-interest bearing"

I understand what you meant by notes and am in agreement, but why is non-interest bearing money a bad thing? I personally feel that a sustainable local economy is the best insulation to the volatility posed in the usury-driven global marketplace. Why is growth the goal? It seems to me that interest rates cause ill-timed fluctuation--something that I was under the impression was supposed to be determined by a resource's scarcity.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

There's nothing wrong with non-interest bearing money.

Because all money is non-interest bearing.

NOTES on the other hand are a different animal.

Notes will ALWAYS result in inflation - interest bearing or not. They will wipe out an economy in short order. We had non-interest bearing notes before the Revolution. There is lots of writing from the time about how wonderful it was. Those were written before inflation took hold. Once it did, it was a plague. A large part of why we have the Constitution, is because of the failed experiment with non-interest bearing paper currency.

Ever heard the phrase "not worth a Continental?"

That's from the inflation that ensued from the issuance of paper "Continental Dollars."

And this was done by the Founding Fathers. Ben Franklin was the original architect of it. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Their solution was Gold and Silver coinage. It worked until we forgot why they did it.

Did a quick search...

and found this gem from the past: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2181910

I believe he also mentions this in one of his books, but I can't remember which one. I think it's in End the Fed.

thanks for that... I did not see that.

so... one would assume he would not issue and executive order to issue anything.

First off you have to realize

First off you have to realize that it is a myth that JFK tried to take on the Fed and/or fiat currency:

Secondly, if Paul did issue such an order there is one thing necessary to have in place: the issuer of the currency (I assume you mean the government) must have "the fear of god" in them about the repercussions for failing to to have the ability to exchange the paper for the metal.