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Messengers for Liberty (new documentary trailer)

Please take a moment to enjoy the trailer for our new Liberty documentary featuring interviews with TMOT, Austrian Economics Professor Robert Murphy and Dr. Ron Paul:


official website:

LIKE us on Facebook and stay tuned for special updates:

We are hoping to release this in a unique way consisting of six one hour episodes...

special shoutout to James Denham (the director) and all of the Ron Paul Grassroots Volunteers of Tennessee!

Joey Fuller

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This is probably the

best video I've seen on RP and the rest of us.

“Messengers for Liberty” is a six hour documentary series about the grassroots liberty movement growing in America today. Learn why these grassroots patriots are speaking out and why liberty has transformed their lives. Join us on this documentary journey to explore these founding principles that once made America free and prosperous.

Episode 1 chronicles the rise of the Ron Paul Revolution and it’s role in taking back America from the police state, socialist, inflationist, war-mongering political establishment that has controlled America for many decades."


6 more days to spread the

6 more days to spread the word about this!

Needs more views..


De criminalize Liberty!

I can get behind this

I can get behind this project.

thanks for everyone's help

thanks for everyone's help with making this possible,
Liberty 2012

kind people rock

looks amazing

when is it expected to be out?

edit: nevermind just read description.. "Join us Sept. 17th, 2012 for the first episode of this weekly documentary series here at MessengersforLiberty.com"

almost 1000 hits!

almost one thousand hits in one day! please share and repost